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Justice Delayed ...

There is a saying that "Justice delayed is justice denied."  Which of course means that we all want our injustice righted and as soon as possible.   Whether we are victims or those accused. I am of co

03/24/2012 07:00:00 PM

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Sweeping the cobwebs ...

Over the next couple of days;  I hope to be sweeping the blog, clearing out the cobwebs,  and even changing the name - but not the address.  I began a regional denominational history blog (!) as my fi

03/14/2012 06:20:00 PM

A Universalist's Journey (Site / Info)


Happy Thanksgiving - It is good that there is one special day a year for giving thanks. For although, it may be better to give thanks everyday, and several times a day - it's easy to forget, to rush,

11/24/2011 04:39:00 PM

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Dear Ann and Abby:

Dear Ann and Abby: I used to read your mother's advice columns in the paper when I was growing up, and now, I sometimes read y'all today. Growing up I felt that the column was quaint and old fashioned

08/26/2011 07:21:00 AM

A Universalist's Journey (Site / Info)

From Fun to Study (my spirtual disiple plan- part a)

I gave my talk on D. B. Clayton at this years Universalist Convocation, showing them my 4 inch thick binder of material. Five days later, I find out more "important" information: he gave a talk at a l

05/27/2011 04:24:00 AM

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