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New Facebook Page

I have opened a new page on Facebook, where I will post thoughts and other ruminations, since I am on Facebook more than blogger. Please visit! Not Muslim Anymore Facebook Page ~ A, not muslim anymore

04/17/2013 09:22:00 AM

Not Muslim Anymore (Site / Info)

"You never met a Real Muslim!"

Why is it that whenever someone leaves Islam, they "never met real Muslims" or "really practice Islam" (at least according to Muslims)? Islam is not for everyone. Not everyone leaves Islam so they can

03/26/2013 02:14:00 PM

Not Muslim Anymore (Site / Info)

New Murtad Blog: My New Old Life

I got a comment from Parisa E and have started reading her Blog: My New Old Life. ~ A, not muslim anymore ~

03/26/2013 01:52:00 PM

Not Muslim Anymore (Site / Info)

links Blogs

Yep, still alive and kicking.

Wow, I can't believe it has been over 3 years since my last post. Life has gotten in the way of posting. I think part of it is that it was cathartic to talk about leaving a religion that was such a hu

03/26/2013 01:47:00 PM

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Why is someone else's hymen any of your business?

I was talking with a Muslim friend about a * girl we both know who is in her early 20's. She said "I hope she's a virgin". That kinda took me by surprise! I should have asked her why the hell it was h

01/11/2009 02:53:00 PM

Not Muslim Anymore (Site / Info)