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1st Amendment Games in Indiana

Yes, indeed, we can be too clever for our own ends. We're seeing it now in Indiana, where the poorly drafted and worse defined Religious Freedom Restoration Act has blown up. The Republican legislatur

3 weeks ago

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lgbt discrimination hobby lobby SCOTUS RFRA Indiana anti-gay citizens united Pence

I was wrong on gay marriage; thank heavens

With two common dumb comments we humans often make, one is from the jejune and the other from the lazy. The first is truly stupid and really inexcusable. That is to respond to a concept or fact in the

03/10/2015 12:50:00 PM

Marry in Massachusetts (Site / Info)

same-sex marriage Massachusetts gay marriage SCOTUS assumptions NBC poll Republicans WSJ

Hillary Hovers and Hedges

Hillary Clinton will surely have a states-rights problem come the campaign for Prez. The clearest evidence of that is in — of all subjects — same-sex marriage. This should certainly be a Dem gimme. Ma

02/22/2015 10:05:00 AM

Marry in Massachusetts (Site / Info)

marriage equality same-sex marriage President Bill Clinton campaign Hillary Clinton states rights

Aw, do you need some attention, Roy Moore?

Looking for the dummies and crazies, we invariably find them in the same states — Idaho, Utah, and of course the likes of Mississippi and Alabama. The once and now again Alabama Supreme Court Chief Ju

02/09/2015 07:57:00 AM

Marry in Massachusetts (Site / Info)

same-sex marriage Alabama federal courts Judge Roy Moore

At long last, the Supremes will speak

Okay, kiddies, the SCOTUS seems to be tired of hiding. It shall hear arguments in multiple cases simultaneously to settle the right to same-sex marriage, in April. A months later, likely the end of Ju

01/16/2015 07:02:00 PM

Marry in Massachusetts (Site / Info)

same-sex marriage Supreme Court gay marriage SCOTUS Sixth Circuit