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Gosssman against the wall

Neither has a pol/sales rep/cheerleader personality, Yet it's Steve Grossman v. Martha Coakley for MA Gov. She leads him by perhaps 30% heading to the Sept. 9th primary. Our irony factor is that the t

5 days ago

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Grossman not chat ready

MA Gov-would-be Steve Grossman has lots of smarts and skills, but this social-media stuff doesn't appear to be on his forte list. I sat stunned listening to him lecture about his new ad this evening.

5 days ago

Marry in Massachusetts (Site / Info)

Hangout Massachusetts advertisement election 2014 governor Grossman ads campaign election Treasurer

Cry Havoc...and Blather On

Some benign looking and sounding phrases are the most laden. Consider, if you will, parental rights ... The phrase in newsy yet again, today, this month and season and year because of Justina Pelletie

06/18/2014 06:32:00 PM

Marry in Massachusetts (Site / Info)

courts child welfare Justina parent's rights Pelletier

The Glib, Glob, Globe Really Tries

For the longest time, the Boston Globe didn't really try.  Truth be told, for MA politics, the NYT bureau chief, Fox Butterfield, was the source. It got worse when the Globe was sold and shuffled and

06/06/2014 08:03:00 PM

Marry in Massachusetts (Site / Info)

Boston Globe media Boston politics Massachusetts globe

Liberty Belles and Beaux

Well, there you have it. Pennsylvania finally straggles in behind the rest of the U.S. Northeast in marriage equality. A federal judge today joined the great wind of marriage equality today. Among the

05/20/2014 04:03:00 PM

Marry in Massachusetts (Site / Info)

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