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Universalist Register 1912: Cross and Crown!

Another advertisement from the 1912 Universalist Register was for the “Cross and Crown” system of pins and accessories, to award Sunday School participation. You still see these for sale in old-fashio

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An unexpected source of Universalist prayers

The Optimist’s Good Morning is a book of prayer and written selections, published by Little, Brown in 1907 but it’s originally a Universalist Publishing House title, and so not surprisingly full of Un

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The New Testament and Psalter is in

I wrote about a New Testament with psalter I ordered; it arrived last Wednesday. It could be worse. I can imagine furtive looks about the “faith sharing” helps, and I might agree with you. But they’re

2 days ago

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Universalist Register 1912: Dining with the Universalists

The 1912 copy of the Universalist Register I wrote about had illustrations and advertising in the back. Such fun. One of the images was of one of the locations of the Universalist Publishing House, th

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Selected parts from “Universalist Momement in America” available gratis

Ann Lee Bressler’s The Universalist Movement in America is an important resource in understanding Universalist history — and it’s incredibly expensive. A hard copy is now $90. (I got a reader’s copy a

4 days ago

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