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“The Worship of a Unitarian Church” (1901)

I’ll be refering to this chapter (“The Worship of a Unitarian Church”) from the 1901 Handbook for Unitarian Congregational Churches for a few, scattered blog posts,to consider what habits and attitude

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Worship Unitarianism

Archives search: what is the verb of Universalist fellowship?

When you read the 1899 and 1935 Universalist basis of fellowship, you realize the talk of anti-creedal absolutism isn’t right, or isn’t quite right. But what did Universalist ministers (and presumably

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Universalism Mission and Polity Ministerial practice

That term, “nones”

There’s so much wrong about the hand-wringing and lip-smacking towards adults who declare no religious identity, and it needs to stop. (I was prompted to write this after seeing Dan Harper’s latest bl

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Mission and Polity

Be sure to fund Original Blessing

Easter Monday has a long tradition of being a day of church work: no time to rest after Holy Week and Easter Sunday. But I’ll make it easy for you: pledge money to Original Blessing, the newest member

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Church start

“A little Easter message of hope”

A LITTLE EASTER MESSAGE OF HOPE Written to the young people of the Universalist Church by Dr Charles Hall Leonard, Dean Emeritus of Crane Theological School, Tufts College Mass. An Easter Message — th

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Universalism Holidays Easter

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations