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Be sure to fund Original Blessing

Easter Monday has a long tradition of being a day of church work: no time to rest after Holy Week and Easter Sunday. But I’ll make it easy for you: pledge money to Original Blessing, the newest member

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“A little Easter message of hope”

A LITTLE EASTER MESSAGE OF HOPE Written to the young people of the Universalist Church by Dr Charles Hall Leonard, Dean Emeritus of Crane Theological School, Tufts College Mass. An Easter Message — th

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Holy Saturday 2014

By this point, I’ve estabilshed that I read The Dream of the Rood on Holy Saturday; that is, today. And I have written several old blog posts about it. Join me? I’ll be reading from this one this year

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I can do all things through Christ who strengthened me.

[Paul] had a broad vision and a comprehensive grasp, and his thirty years’ ministry as an ambassador of Christ attests his intelligence not less than his zeal. He was grandly equipped for his work, no

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Theology Holidays Good Friday

It is like a dear home meal…

It is like a dear home-meal, a family supper, where the Elder and the younger brothers meet around their Father’s table. It is like a farewell meal just before a dear one goes away from home on a peri

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