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The sermon fit for reading

There is a practical take-away from this historical episode; keep reading. Abigail and John  Adams, the departing ambassador to Great Britain, and John Murray, the Universalist minister, sailed togeth

5 hours ago

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Unitarianism Universalist history Preaching World Unitarianism and Universalism

Might there be interest in a fellowship united around the Winchester Profession?


1 day ago

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Universalism Universalist professions of faith

Ubuntu Linux for Ministry: a feature for orders of service

So, this hasn’t been a weekly Thursday feature as I intended. Nor is this, properly speaking, a Ubuntu Linux-only feature, as it’s uses LibreOffice Writer, and that’s available for Windows and Mac OS

5 days ago

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Worship Church administration FOSS Ubuntu Linux

“The Poetic Expression of Unitarianism”

I’m going to meditate on the tradition of “lyric theism.” But first, some documents to give some context. From Modern Words of Religion, edited by Carlyle Summerbell (1915) THE POETIC EXPRESSION OF UN

6 days ago

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Unitarianism lyric theism

Saw in Toronto: picture of the church inside on the outside

I saw something clever when Husband and I vacationed in Toronto this summer. We passed by a United Church of Canada parish church — a huge edifice, with what I guess is historically small congregation

1 week ago

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Mission and Polity Religious architecture