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Importing old articles from LowPlastic.com

It has been three years since I’ve added anything to my plastic-use reduction blog, LowPlastic.com, and the domain expires today. I’ve woved the old content to here and will tagging it — if I can — “l

2 weeks ago

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From the “you’re getting older” file

Oasis’s “Wonderwall” was released twenty years ago today. And your back hurts. But this is the version I prefer.

4 weeks ago

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Moving the ministry to RevScottWells.com

From here on, the focus of my writing ministry will be at RevScottWells.com, and that is interpreting Universalist Christianity for today, particularly in practical and popular ways, and identifying a

10/21/2015 07:25:31 PM

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Congregation count at the current UUA Board meeting

The Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Association is in the middle of its October meeting. No great thought on my part, but I did note that there is a net loss of two congregations, per

10/17/2015 04:54:18 PM

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Unitarian Universalist Association UUA growth

Unitarian Universalism is not heresy

I’ll not hide the lede: Unitarian Universalism is not heresy, even when it’s not right. It’s hurtful and vexing that it’s a common assertion that Unitarian Universalism is a heresy, and that it is bui

10/10/2015 06:58:15 PM

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