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Asking Micah Bales’s question: Are we capable of planting churches?

A cautionary tale. I’ve worshipped with Micah here in D.C. so I sawa little of what he described but I’m certainly no Quaker, and (happily) have since gone back to my old church. But the critical mass

22 hours ago

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Quakers Church development Church mission and identity District of Columbia

A service without…

At the risk of austerity-mongering,  it’s worth asking what a small, or new, or fragile church can do without in its worship to make worship sustainable, and to free up money and energy for other part

23 hours ago

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Mission and Polity

Bleg: how does the lectionary or church calendar work in once-a-month churches?

This is a blog-beg for preachers and ministers of any denomination who preach or have preached in churches that meet less than weekly, and who use a lectionary or observe a traditional church calendar

1 day ago

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Worship Christian Church Preaching

Central East: more interim ministers needed than available

Submitted without comment. An unlikely circumstance, given the fact there are far more ministers in Unitarian Universalist Association fellowship than settlements. But there you are. We are in an unpr

1 day ago

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Unitarian Universalist Association ministers

The United Methodist “worship web”

A little lunchtime Googling led me to this page, which has a large selection of United Methodist worship resources. Welcome to the collection of resources from The United Methodist Book of Worship (19

3 days ago

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