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Black Theology Saved The World Once, And It Can Do It Again pt.2

There was a wedding over the weekend. This post is about the sermon. Back in January I wrote a post saying that if the resistance paid attention, Black theology could save the world. I think Bishop Cu

5 days ago

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When You Become Homeless…Church Homeless, That Is

(for those of you who know my religious situation, I am not talking about my other denominational connections. this post is only about Unitarian Universalism) It happened so slowly I didn’t even recog

1 week ago

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The Wheels On The Bus…..(Black Church Memories)

Three weeks ago, after I got off the Red Line at Porter Square, I saw something that I haven’t seen in this area but something which is a Black church staple. A church bus. The church I grew up in had

2 weeks ago

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Black Panther Theology Syllabus pt. 2

The syllabus is live! The non-theological portions of it anyway. The theology sections will come up as I get them vetted. And I am open to suggestions, so if there are books that you feel should be on

04/06/2018 03:35:38 PM

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Unitarian Universalism Is A Bad Spiritual Emergency Room

Before I start, I want to remind everybody that I am an Universalist. I firmly believe that there is nothing anybody can do to separate themselves from the bosom of God. (yes, it’s more nuanced than t

04/02/2018 11:42:56 AM

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