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From “I Can’t Breathe” to “Fuck Your Breath”…Can Liberal Religion Respond?

I begin with two questions… Was Walter Scott mentioned in your UU church Sunday? Will Eric Harris be mentioned in your UU church next Sunday, the 19th? With the release of the video in which one can h

1 week ago

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When It Comes To Encounters With Police, White People Never Believe Black People Without Videotape (and sometimes not even then)

My dear friend Tom Schade posted the following on Twitter a few hours ago: Not just the video; 240+ days of protest since #MikeBrown, led to indictment of #WalterScott killer cop, Michael Slager. #Bla

2 weeks ago

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The Best Predictor of Future Behavior is Past Behavior…What Does UUism’s Past Tell Us?

Angry black woman speaking again… Now that UUs are coming off of the “Selma” high…I think it would behoove us to remember that Selma is the exception in UU history when it comes race and not the rule.

03/11/2015 01:46:27 PM

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When White People Become ‘The Help’ (Starr King, #BlackLivesMatter, and “Selma”

In the Arts & Leisure section of yesterday’s NYTimes, Manohla Dargio wrote something that is probably going to get passed over by many, if not most: What is the more important political issue raised,

02/16/2015 09:32:29 PM

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With Malice and Forethought

So…a member of the Starr King cabal speaks. And while many replies are running through my head (mainly about how ratchety this situation is) , for this post I will concentrate on one portion of the ca

02/12/2015 03:15:15 PM

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