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Pondering Regrets in the New Year

I do not have many regrets in my life, at least in regard to the big decisions: getting married, getting unmarried, having children, attending various schools, working first as a teacher, then as a ps

01/11/2012 04:21:41 PM

Marilyn Sewell (Site / Info)

Ministry kindness connection New Year resolutions regrets truth

The Meaning of Occupy Wall Street

I am weary of hearing well-meaning friends question the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon. They ask, "What do they want? They don't have any clear goals -- how can they hope to bring about change?" I want

01/03/2012 03:34:42 PM

Marilyn Sewell (Site / Info)

Arab Spring greed living in sin Occupy Wall Street OWS prophets stock market

Interviewing Portland Mayoral Candidates

I am interviewing all Portland mayoral candidates in regard to their history and the development of their values.I'm asking questions like, "Can you remember a teacher who influenced you in some impor

12/21/2011 01:57:57 PM

Marilyn Sewell (Site / Info)

Charlie Hales Eileen Brady Jefferson Smith Portland Portland mayoral race

Was Christopher Hitchens Religious?

Less than a year before his death, I interviewed Christopher Hitchens for Portland Monthlymagazine. I didn't want to do the interview. As I told editor Randy Gragg, "I don't like Christopher Hitchens.

12/21/2011 11:39:05 AM

Marilyn Sewell (Site / Info)

Christianity Christopher Hitchens God Is Not Great, Marcus Borg Portland Monthly Randy Gragg

"Raw Faith" Available During the Holiday

Kino Lorber, the distributor for our film "Raw Faith," is making the film available online, plus the DVD, during the holiday period. Find out details: alivemindcinema.com/rawfaith   Share this

12/16/2011 09:06:39 AM

Marilyn Sewell (Site / Info)

Raw Faith the movie