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The Democratic convention at the Universalist Church

I know there’s the joke about the Unitarian Universalists being the Democratic party at prayer, but I just learned that there was an actual Democratic convention held at the (now extinct) Universalist

4 days ago

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Universalist Conventions and Creeds, republished

Years ago, I learned that the best way for me to read an obscure bit of Universalist theology or history was to transcribe it for the web, thus my twenty years of creating web sites. Following on my l

1 week ago

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Universalist history

Examining the Universalist theory of worship

So, what makes Universalist worship Universalist? What keys do we have, if we want to build on a tradition? It turns out that it’s harder to say than in other denominational traditions, including the

3 weeks ago

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What I kinda want for church. Sometimes.

So, I was talking with some friends about what I to see in a Christian church conference, and opined, I’d like to see it coffee morning prayer and communion with sermon a good lecture [with a home-gro

04/20/2016 07:31:28 PM

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Church mission and identity

UniversalistChristian domain updates

I have two closely-named domains that I’m trying to make better use of. Here’s an update. UniversalistChristian.net started out as a mirror of the historical documents I kept at UniversalistChurch.net

04/19/2016 07:34:25 PM

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