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UU congregations: three more days to certify

I’m fond of certification time for the UUA. It’s when I get new data to analyze. But for congregations, it’s an important annual task. Without it, no voting representation at General Assembly. And I’v

1 week ago

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General Assembly Unitarian Universalist Association

Pondering the new House of Studies

So, an interesting bit of news: that a Unitarian Universalist House of Studies is opening at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio “early in 2016.” This was announced yesterday. No, at first I thou

2 weeks ago

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Unitarian Universalists ministerial formation

Holy days after Christmas, lessons and propers

Continuing the long-dormant transcription project of lessons and propers from A Free Church Book of Common Prayer (1929). The Universalist A book of prayer for the church and the home (1866) does not

12/28/2015 06:12:44 PM

Rev. Scott Wells (Site / Info)


Restored link to readings and propers page

About three years ago, I started a project where I compared the one-year lectionaries, with accompanying collects (prayers), of a nineteenth-century Universalist prayerbook and an English twentieth-ce

12/28/2015 02:33:09 PM

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The Christmas service at different sizes

I’ve been thinking about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services, as one does at Christmas. I’ve long thought that a model 40-minute long service could be a helpful resource for churches to have, and

12/25/2015 07:23:28 PM

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