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Painting of the Universalist Church in Gloucester

Over the years, troves of images have been released into the public domain or under liberal licences. The most recent release is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (Search page) Here is “The Church

2 weeks ago

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Twenty Seventeen theme it is

A small blog administration note. I like this theme, but that header image needs to change. And I’ll try out the extra features.

4 weeks ago

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UUA Board packet for January is up

The UUA Board packet went online on January 20 for the meeting this week. (I must have been occupied by something else then.) See https://www.uua.org/uuagovernance/board/packets/board-packet-january-2

01/23/2017 05:09:44 PM

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General Assembly Unitarian Universalist Association

The Parson’s Handbook found online

From time to time, I consult Percy Dearmer‘s The Parson’s Handbook to test the standards of liturgical norms. I don’t always agree with him — little wonder as we come from very different places within

01/08/2017 04:29:34 PM

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A new, favorite minister’s binder

So, ministers: how many of you, particularly in the free traditions, have your own “book” — often a three-ring binder — where you keep sermon and service texts, and perhaps a calendar and other flat i

12/30/2016 03:01:16 PM

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