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A moment with St. Margaret of Antioch

I know today is the feast of St. Mary Magdalene, equal-to-the-apostles, but you’ll forgive me if Iook back two days to St. Margaret of Antioch, a fourth century virgin-martyr who is reputed to have be

6 days ago

Rev. Scott Wells (Site / Info)


Join with the Universalist Christian Initiative

I’m so excited about the soft launch of the Universalist Christian Initiative, and if you’re interested and haven’t yet signed up for the newsletter please follow this link. I publish an update twice

1 week ago

Rev. Scott Wells (Site / Info)


Book give-away

I’m spending part of my summer clearing out books. Duplicates. Those I’ll never read, or never read again. Those that hae a marginal interest to me but might mean more to others. If you read this blog

2 weeks ago

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The unboxing

My mobile phone of three years showed signs of instability after General Assembly, so rather than waiting for it to fail, I decided to get a new one. It arrived today. There’s a custom of photographin

4 weeks ago

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Universalist Christian Initiative at #uuaga

I’m soft-launching my new project, the Universalist Christian Initiative at the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly, which begins today in Columbus, Ohio. It’s mainly about creating re

06/22/2016 09:59:33 AM

Rev. Scott Wells (Site / Info)

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