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“The H. Clearly Stands for Hussein”: Jesus H. Christ, Theological Honesty, and Stephen Colbert

The Colbert Report always makes me laugh uproariously, but a recent segment made my heart sing as well. Its title was "Jesus was a Liberal Democrat," and it made me happy for a number of reasons. Firs

12/19/2010 10:09:41 PM

Celie Katovitch (Site / Info)

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Transformation and Religiously Pluralistic Identity

There is a famous anecdote from the Taoist philosopher Chung Tzu that goes something like this (translation plucked from an online rendering of the larger work it is taken from): “Once I, Chuang Tzu,

11/17/2010 08:19:39 PM

Celie Katovitch (Site / Info)

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