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Spiritual Evolution:Painting the Stars Video

“When I have a terrible need of – dare I say ‘religion’? – I go outside at night and paint the stars. – Vincent Van Gogh Painting the Stars is a video put out by the good folks at Living the Questions

11/12/2013 09:46:37 AM

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Upgrading the Established Church: The Church we Yearn For by Michael Durall

The local church is the hope of the world – Bill Hybels, Willow Creek Community Church Mike Durall has written a very useful book for anyone who dares to take the above statement seriously.  In partic

09/19/2013 04:50:35 PM

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Hammer of the Elder Gods: Celebration Day

So I’ve been out of the blogging habit for a while, but I just had to write a review after watching the Led Zeppelin concert DVD Celebration Day.  The following is a long overindulgent post that only

08/06/2013 10:04:23 PM

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What’s Happening at Church?

My friend Tony just wrote a nice piece about mission and church growth over at Sunflower Chalice. (You can read it here). In it he explores the connection and contrast between church success defined t

01/15/2013 06:12:17 PM

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Worthy Risks: The Faith of Leap by Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost

Some ten years ago (woah… pause to contemplate that I’m in my forties) I came across the book “The Shaping of the Things to Come.”  This was my introduction to the world of Hirsch and Frost.  This was

10/19/2012 04:37:26 PM

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