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In Praise of Easter 

Some will tell you, Easter is about one man, o [...]

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Discerning a Call  - Another Possibility (Site / Info)


The '80s Mixtape Playing in My Head

Yes, I'm a product of the '80s. The music especially keeps bubbling up. *If, in a body prayer to the four directions, the instructions include "Now face west", I will be transported to REM's "Stand."

1 hour ago

Remembering Attention (Site / Info)

that settles it...

In my poll at right the vast majority chose the veneered box with the matching lid over the one that was purposefully mismatched. I should have known that would happen, and I believe you all with the

3 hours ago

Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

Thoughts on Liberal Christianity’s Tension Between Faith and Reason

While watching an interview of John Shelby Spong on Youtube, I heard him articulate an area of tension that I’ve experienced in my own life. It occurred when Allan Gregg inquired: […]

3 hours ago

Crystal St. Marie Lewis (Site / Info)

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Give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above

A couple of choice comments under the Salt Lake Tribune article about closed-door meetings of a gaggle of political leaders from nine states, to talk about the the latest instantiation of the Sagebrus

4 hours ago

fortboise.org (Site / Info)

A Quarterway Home

You’ve heard of a half-way house? Well, this was a quarter-way. For those who no longer needed a locked facility. But only just barely. The quarter-way residents had not been in jail. They’d been wher

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UU Collective (Site / Info)


Time of Renewal, Time of Peace

Easter. Time of Renewal. Time of Peace. Mid-April. Green slowly returning in Maine, an explosion of color in most of the world. April in Paris. Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC and Japan. Magnolias i

5 hours ago

Ramblings of an EdMan (Site / Info)

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Ministry Position Now Open

Opportunity of a Lifetime! We are about to make UU history–  again. We are inviting a UU Minister to join our team–  at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston, Texas! Houston, Texas is the

6 hours ago

How We Do Church Now (Site / Info)


Easter Through a Unitarian Universalist Lens

It's been awhile since I last posted, but I've been rethinking my understandings of the Easter/Passover/Solstice season and am speaking about it tomorrow.  Here it is. EASTER THROUGH A UU LENS By Rev.

7 hours ago

Ms. Kitty's Saloon and Road Show: A New Gig (Site / Info)

20 April 2014 Easter Sunday Worship Service

Please join us at 10:30 AM on Easter Sunday (20 April 2014) for our Sunday Worship for all ages — “Does It Hurt to Bloom?  A Celebration of Easter” by Rev. Barbara Jarrell. The service will include sp

7 hours ago

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church of Shreveport, Louisiana » Announcements (Site / Info)

No Religious Education Classes on Easter Sunday (20 April 2014)

There are no 9:00 AM  Religious Education Classes for children, youth, or adults on Easter Sunday (20 April 2014). You can sleep a little later and still join us for our 10:30 AM Sunday Worship and ou

8 hours ago

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church of Shreveport, Louisiana » Announcements (Site / Info)

pragmatists vs ideologues: on rape culture theorists and Jim C. Hines

I reject rape culture theory for the same reason RAINN does: I'm a pragmatist. I want rape to be addressed in the most effective way possible. When I'm wrong, I'm glad to be corrected because I'm not

9 hours ago

it's all one thing (Site / Info)

rape culture RAINN

SWC: Sources of Wisdom

This weekend, most Christians and many UUs will celebrate Easter, or the story of the resurrection of the prophet Joshua of Nazareth. This is the central event in most Christian traditions, marking th

11 hours ago

I am UU (Site / Info)

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Huffington Post Blog: The Meaning of Good Friday

Check out my latest Huffington Post Blog! “The Meaning of Good Friday”

11 hours ago

RevWho (Site / Info)

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My Easter with Christians, Jews, and Muslims

Susan Katz Miller, author of BEING BOTH: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family, celebrates an interfaith Easter and the bonds that unite families, neighborhoods, and countries.

13 hours ago

Beacon Broadside (Site / Info)

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Lent (Day 40) — we made it…

I did finish Breslin’s book, and I do appreciate his desire to not let the authorities and their short-sighted attempts to keep the whole sex abuse matter quiet for their own political reasons be the

14 hours ago

All-Soulo (Site / Info)

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April 19 – Metamorphosis: Dropping the Ball

It is possible to view life as a juggling act. Work, family, friendships, spirituality, Self-care, other, other, other… Each of the roles we play or commitments we take on represented by a single ball

14 hours ago

Words of Wisdom? (Site / Info)

change choices Metamorphosis

That Estranged Crazy Uncle: Did He Room with M. Night Shyamalan at Overnight Camp?

Part 2      (You can find Part 1 here.) There are a handful of liberal theologians who are applying an eco-theology lens to the Book of Revelation, stretching to find in the text inspiration for care

14 hours ago

irrevspeckay (Site / Info)

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Thanks for asking

Organizing for Action, a.k.a. barackobama.com, wanted me to fill out a little survey, asking How did it go? (about you-know-what). In spite of my dislike of push polls and the like, I gave it a look,

15 hours ago

fortboise.org (Site / Info)

“new means and forms of communication”

This attempt (to activate the voluntary principle in new ways) involved the adoption of new means and forms of communication – the itinerant preacher, the psychic excitement of revivals, the dissemina

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Stone By Stone (Site / Info)


Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations