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Examining the Universalist theory of worship

So, what makes Universalist worship Universalist? What keys do we have, if we want to build on a tradition? It turns out that it’s harder to say than in other denominational traditions, including the

2 hours ago

Rev. Scott Wells (Site / Info)

Worship Universalist history Universalist identity

Broken Brains

I watched “My Beautiful Broken Brain” today on Netflix. I’m still thinking about it. Having a major stroke around 35, and losing language losing the ability to read and write easily. Literally seeing

4 hours ago

Ramblings of an EdMan (Site / Info)

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News brief: UU Humanists describe talks with UUA president about Boy Scouts

UU Humanists express disappointment that UUA has not issued ‘strong and immediate refutation’ of Boy Scouts’ ‘belief in God’ language.

6 hours ago

UU World Editors’ Blog (Site / Info)

Review – Batgirl (Issues 35-50)

It’s over!!! Well, kind of. Batgirl actually has two series starting up soon with two new creative teams, and I think there are two transition issues by the team that’s been working on it. But I don’t

6 hours ago

Spirit of Squee (Site / Info)

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Not Everything Belongs in a Museum

Like so much in our society, the fact that museums have been around for hundreds of years and benefit many causes us to ignore some unpleasant facts about how these objects came to be where they are.

7 hours ago

John Beckett (Site / Info)

Paganism travel Pagan National Museum of Scotland British Museum Elgin Marbles imperialism National Museum of Ireland Parthenon Sculptures

Should U.S. women be required to register for Selective Service? Pagans Speak Out

TWH — Although a signature is still needed by President Obama, it does appears that women in the United States will soon be required to register with Selective Service, making them eligible to be draf

9 hours ago

The Wild Hunt (Site / Info)

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Detained and Deported: Questions about America’s Immigration Dragnet

A Q&A with Margaret Regan Starting in the 1980s, we began to have a policy of detaining immigrants. We didn’t really have detention centers ever since we shut down Ellis Island and Angel Island in the

9 hours ago

Beacon Broadside: A Project of Beacon Press (Site / Info)

History activism Politics and Current Events American Society Race and Ethnicity in America Detained and Deported Margaret Regan

Going from ideas to ACTION

After church on May 15th, we looking forward to the second round of Innovation Conversations for our religious education programs!Everyone is invited to share lunch and take part in figuring out how t

10 hours ago

Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church - Blog (Site / Info)


Why meritocrats care about racism and sexism and don't give a damn about the white working class

Posted this on my Facebook before realizing something: Sometimes I think I should deal with things in race reductionist ways because rich people don't give a damn if you point out that they're rich wh

10 hours ago

it's all one thing (Site / Info)

class and gender class and race gender reductionism meritocracy race reductionism

Struggling to “Speak the Truth in Love” in Election Season: Pluralistic Ethics & Political Polarization

Over the past few decades, many studies have shown a growing political polarization in our country. This widening gap between the right and the left has made finding a middle ground increasingly diffi

10 hours ago

Carl Gregg (Site / Info)


A couple of thought provoking "posters" from Wolfgang Tillmans encouraging people to vote REMAIN

A couple of thought provoking "posters" from  the excellent Wolfgang Tillmans encouraging people to vote REMAIN in the upcoming EU Referendum. More of them are available at the link below: POSTERS BY

10 hours ago

CAUTE — An archeology of morning (Site / Info)

referendum Europe EU Remain Wolfgang Tilmans

Falling Water

Today I had an adventure, and instead of starting my morning walk from the door of my house, I drove across Brighton Avenue, over to a trailhead of the Fore River Sanctuary. Then I walked a short walk

15 hours ago

Finding Our Way Home (Site / Info)

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Delivery from Slavery: Attempting a Biblical Theology in the Service of Liberation—Dick Boer

As many of you will know I value highly the thought of Ernst Bloch (1885-1977), a German Marxist who fully understood the potential revolutionary power of the Biblical text. Thinkers like Bloch are al

16 hours ago

CAUTE — An archeology of morning (Site / Info)

Christianity Ernst Bloch Biblical Theology Christian Atheism Dick Boer Karl Marx Letters from the Road: Ministering in the DDR Politcal Theology Roland Boer secular religion

Again, the knife.

Today at school we had a "round robin" with students moving between work stations to practice for their camping trip next week. At one station, they discussed and agreed upon the rules. At another sta

17 hours ago

Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

Send a Mamas Day Card!

Dear Reader of this message, People have been creating and sending cards for generations because it’s a simple and powerful way to maintain connection and sustain our families. But too often, the Mama

18 hours ago

Blue Boat of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Site / Info)

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“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” ―Elie Wiesel What is the most recent thing you have done to protest injustice?

20 hours ago

Daily Compass (Site / Info)


It’s the Birthday of Spam— Hang the Mourning Crepe

Spam inventor Gary Thueck is still proud of his creation and makes appearances at industry conventions and trades shows where he is fawned over by conscienceless greed heads. On May 3, 1978 Gary Thuer

20 hours ago

Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

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May 3–The Belonging of Privilege

In yesterday’s blog, I tried to explore the universal need that human beings have for belonging and how, once we belong to a group, we experience the privilege, the birthright of being human.  It is o

21 hours ago

Words of Wisdom? (Site / Info)

UU 7th Principle UU 1st Principle Belonging UU 2nd Principle

Watching A Hologram for the King, Looking at Shadow, Wanting Substance

I’m still struggling with what to call my comments on the movies that Jan & I go to see. I’m shy of the word “review,” because it implies a level of expertise I do not bring to the table. I’m inclined

22 hours ago

Monkey Mind (Site / Info)


I'm a Zionist Shegetz?

I suppose I know as much about Zionism and Yiddish as most literate goys who've lived in Manhattan and had a Jewish fiancee, which is to say, more than most people who aren't Jewish and more than some

1 day ago

it's all one thing (Site / Info)

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