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Unrestored religious freedom

The Episcopal Bishop of Indianapolis, Catherine M. Waynick pretty much covers the #1 topic in and around Indiana at the moment, in her pastoral letter to her clergy and people. "The possibilities for

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Two thoughts about free speech

The only people who do not deserve free speech are the people who mock it—but they should have it anyway. "I believe in free speech, but..." is the censor's equivalent of "I'm not racist, but..." The

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censorship / free speech

Land grabber

Early this week, I used the Idaho Conservation League's handy form to blast a short email to "all" with my opinion about the latest instantiation of the Sagebrush Rebellion, H.B. 265, trying to get Id

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Handicapping the religious right

Word is the nation's "Christian right," the political stepchild of Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority and some other questionable parentage, is casting about for who should be the Republican candidate for

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29 March 2015 Worship Service and Religious Education for Children and Youth

Please join us on Sunday (29 March 2015) at 11:00 AM for “How Do You Spell God?” by Rev. Barbara Jarrell. We continue the Season of the Friend — celebrating our Second Principle — Justice, Equity and

8 hours ago

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UU and ACIM - The Spiritual path requires the purification from bull shit

The seventh miracle principle in A Course In Miracles is: "Miracles are everyone's right, but purification is necessary first." The purification mentioned in this principle refers to our mind not our

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Easter Lillies

Each year, we offer the congregation the opportunity to purchase one or more Easter lilies per person to decorate the sanctuary for Easter Sunday. Just as we do with the poinsettias for Christmas, mem

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A Pause While Preparing for the Soto Zen Buddhist Association Board Meeting

One of the signal honors I’ve had in my life has been to be appointed to the governing board of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association. The SZBA is far and away the largest gathering of priests in the Japa

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Truth and Meaning: Community Values

In the past week, our state representative in Lansing has raised the issue of Midland's "community values." You might wonder if you can go somewhere to read an articulation of exactly what those value

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Tiny boxes...

Much of my work on the Froebel book is now complete and in the hands of the publisher, so I am getting ready to start a book about making tiny boxes. Tiny boxes in my mind are not scaled down to a siz

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Easter Egg Hunt (5 April 2015)

We will have our Easter Egg Hunt immediately after the 11:00 AM Easter worship service (5 April 2015). We’re asking parents (and anyone else who can help) to bring a dozen filled plastic eggs to the c

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The Sally vs. The Massagainians—The Basingstoke Riots of 1881

William and Catherine Booth, founders of the Salvation Army. Note— This is one of those stories that got away from me.   What started out as a cute little piece about a quirky bit of history led me do

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Basingstoke Catherine Booth East End London Massagainians Methodism revivalism Riot Act riots Salvation Army Temperance William Booth

29 March 2015 and 5 April 2015 — No 9:30 AM Adult Religious Education Classes

There will be no adult religious education classes this Sunday (29 March 2015) or on Easter Sunday (5 April 2015). On the Sunday after Easter (12 April 2015), we will begin our discussion of The Good

11 hours ago

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How to make a palm cross

I watched a bunch of palm cross how-to videos, so you don’t have to. My bias is to make a palm cross out of a single strip, and to have both arms, the head and of the foot of the cross folded back int

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UU Growth: Alternative #3 to Community Building Strategy

Disclaimer: We are never NOT building a community. Building up the community around what we are doing is an essential part of organized religion. However, we don't have to make that the central piece

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Unleash the Hounds! (Link Roundup)

There are lots of articles and essays of interest to modern Pagans out there, sometimes more than our team can write about in-depth in any given week. So The Wild Hunt must unleash the hounds in order

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March 28 – Foundations: Togetherness

I have 451 friends, and they all hear everything I have to say.  With the stroke of an enter key, I can share with them all what I had for breakfast.  I am so connected.  Certainly our capability to c

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community connection Foundations

The Courage to Stand Up

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.” ―J.K. Rowling When have you had the courage to stand up to a friend or family member? The Da

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Beauty Tips for Hospital Parents

I hope you never have to spend days and nights in the hospital caring for your child. But if you do, well, here are a few of the 'beauty' lessons learned during our stay: *Adequate rest is important f

20 hours ago

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FUUN Youth Group – April 2015

All youth in 9th-12th grade are invited to Youth Group. We meet Sundays 11 AM to 1 PM in the Youth Room (aka Norris House Conference Room). Join us for the beginning of the worship service; we'll go d

1 day ago

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Youth Group