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expression as a measure of educational entanglement...

Yesterday as I walked across the CSS campus, I was corralled by elementary school students asking, "please watch our play." They assured me it would be short, as it was just the first act and more wou

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Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

Five reads about Universalism

I was recently asked by a serious, but still developing, student of Universalism what five books I would recommend. That’s a hard question to answer. While I’ve been reading for a long time on Univers

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Boy in the Bands (Site / Info)


"Do you pray?"

“Do you pray?,” he asked her softly. “I can’t,” she said, “I just can’t. I hate God. How could he do this?” “Praying is nearly impossible when we are in shock and disbelief from a loss like yours,” Da

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UU A Way Of Life (Site / Info)


October 1 – The Labyrinth: Path to Success

When I was in middle school, I had an excellent music teacher who emphasized the importance – no, the necessity – of embracing two specific qualities in order to reach the goal of proficiency: Patienc

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Words of Wisdom? (Site / Info)

The Labyrinth

Time Out

Is a time out a punishment or a gift? Whether adults or children, sometimes taking a moment to just stop doing what we’re doing (especially if it isn’t working) is just what we need to set ourselves o

2 hours ago

Daily Compass (Site / Info)


Occupy Hong Kong, Gene Sharp, and nonviolent revolution

If there is one modern thinker that I think needs larger exposure, it is nonviolent struggle academic Gene Sharp. Now a frail old man in his mid-80s, Sharp has spent the last sixty years studying coun

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Unspoken Politics (Site / Info)

nonviolence Occupy politics protest conflict occupy central umbrella revolution occupy hk gene sharp nonviolent struggle

Occupy Hong Kong: through rain, lightning, and tear gas…

American media accounts tend to focus on the umbrella- now only four days in immortalized as a revolutionary symbol- as a way to deal with pepper spray. What gets left out is that Hong Kong has a subt

5 hours ago

Unspoken Politics (Site / Info)

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Yes, the CDC has confirmed that a patient in Dallas has the Ebola virus. Am I worried? Not so much.  Dallas is a four hour drive from here. The patient is in isolation. We have some of the best medica

8 hours ago

Remembering Attention (Site / Info)

Preaching to the Choir

The frogs will be singing their evening chorus regardless of anything you have to say. But there’s something very rewarding about a wide-eyed audience, so preach away. What are you unable to resist sa

11 hours ago

Daily Compass (Site / Info)


The case of the purloined pixels

It took four years for a seemingly dormant regulation to come to a full boil, but now that it's in the public eye, there is some explaining needed. Start with the mid-Willamette Valley's Statesman Jou

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fortboise.org (Site / Info)

The Journey Into Spirit

Kristoffer Hughes’ new book is really three books in one: his personal story of service to the Reaper, cosmological speculation about what comes after death, and a very down-to-earth, very helpful loo

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John Beckett (Site / Info)

Paganism Death Pagan grief Books bereavement Druidry Kristoffer Hughes The Journey Into Spirit

Will Amending Pennsylvania’s Hate Crime Law Actually Prevent Gay Bashing?

Do hate crime laws prevent gay bashing? Ann Pellegrini, co-author of “You Can Tell Just By Looking” and 20 Other Myths About LGBT Life and People, has a surprising answer.

14 hours ago

Beacon Broadside (Site / Info)

lgbt Ann Pellegrini Michael Amico Michael Bronski Queer Perspectives You Can Tell Just by Looking Brian Sims Center City Center City Philadelphia gay-bashing Hate crime Philly

Message Toolkit for Bold Reproductive Justice

The gathering a couple of weeks ago in Washington, D.C. of nearly 200 reproductive justice advocates from all over the country under the auspices of the All Above All coalition to restore and sustain

16 hours ago

UUWF (Site / Info)


Pain and Suffering

"Pain is Inevitable. Suffering is optional.” Contemporary Japanese writer, Haruki Murakami Last week I had the flu.   High fever, body chills, sweats, coughing, congestion, body aches…<span>  You get

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The Human Spirit (Site / Info)

meditation Buddhism pain spiritual suffering flu sick

Teaching About Ferguson: Not “Optional” for White People

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Call And Response (Site / Info)

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Met the deadline

Not to go all partisan on you or anything, but you could look it up, when the end-of-quarter campaign finance reports come out.

17 hours ago

fortboise.org (Site / Info)

Even When My Heart is Broken

By Rev. Linda Thomson Congregational Developmental Staff – Central & Eastern Regions I don’t know about you, but when I first became involved, as an adult, in congregational life, I thought, “Well thi

17 hours ago

Canadian Unitarian Council (Site / Info)

e-News Staff Voices

Beyond Curriculum: Teaching Science and Scientific Thought (Essential Skills Series)

See Essential Skills for a Modern World for an overview of this series on science and critical thinking skills.  I discuss science and scientific thinking in the post Follow the Ant and curriculum in

18 hours ago

Quarks and Quirks (Site / Info)

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A Summer Memory

for Maggie and Lewis   As the dimming fall welcomes me back, a summer memory feeds me still. We have risen with the sun, the smell of toaster waffles, and the demand that I read to you. Last night’s b

18 hours ago

UU Collective (Site / Info)

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Don't believe everything you think

Today is the last day of September, 2014, and we are finishing up the theme of the month which has been on the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. In October, 2014, the theme of the mon

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UU A Way Of Life (Site / Info)

Principle 4 Seeking Truth