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For Ibrahim

  They say that some see a light On the pathway ahead Before they cross over To what waits beyond   Maybe. It could very well be true.   But one thing I do know as a fact: Some souls carry their own l

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Sermons, Poetry, and Other Musings (Site / Info)

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Save the Date

Save the date for General Assembly, the annual largest gathering of Unitarian Universalists, happening from June 22 to 26 in Columbus, OH. Come, listen and learn with people all across our faith movem

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UUA Top Stories (Site / Info)

Eliot Unitarian Chapel Helps Youth Wake Up to Race

In honor of the Standing on the Side of Love 30 Days of Love 2016 campaign, Colleen Lee speaks up about her awakening to racial tensions close to home. Social justice is a core value of Unitarian Univ

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Blue Boat of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Site / Info)

social justice youth racial justice youth participation experience Featured Youth Issues and Trends 30 Days of Love

Feminist Theology Part 2, Readings

Member Edna Groves Shares her Experiences with Feminism “All I have to do is look at the table of contents in The Feminine Mystique , written by Betty Friedan and first published in 1963, and I quickl

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The Human Spirit (Site / Info)

Feminism Feminist feminist artist Kate Rose Samari's Daughter The Feminine Mystique

Mindfulness (2/10/16)

The word of the day for the first day of UU Lent 2016 is "Mindfulness." When Christians observe Ash Wednesday, these words are frequently said during the imposition of ashes: "Remember that you are du

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RevThom (Site / Info)

Eva Endures

By Christine Byl Eva Saulitis scanning and writing. Source: Family collection “Death is nature. Nature is far from over. In the end, the gore at the [salmon stream] comforts more than it appalls. In t

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Beacon Broadside (Site / Info)

Christine Byl Environment and Conservation Eva Saulitis Into Great Silence

And the Winner is...

Chewbakka in the grip of Foxiebeau! This guy I'm chewing on is Chewbakka. I chose him at the pet store. Once I got my teeth into him, he couldn't be pried loose. Growling at the young saleslady and at

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spirit flows thru -- Alison Rittger's spiritual reflections on finding the holy in the daily - blog (Site / Info)


Facebook Deletes “Following Isis” Group

While the hate group Daesh continues to make headlines for its military and terrorist acts, attacks upon the the Goddess Isis for simply sharing a name with a common acronym for these Islamic extremis

4 hours ago

The Wild Hunt (Site / Info)

Paganism Facebook ISIS Following Isis Daesh

Secret Polyamory: A Single Girl’s Response

I have noticed a new trend in my on-line dating life: being approached by a guy in an open marriage. It’s supposed to be different from cheating because his wife knows that he’s dating, approves of it

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PeaceBang (Site / Info)

The Great Schnozola is Born

One of the interesting things about being raised among the first television generation was that the airwaves were filled with people who had made their bones in an earlier generation, including more t

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Monkey Mind (Site / Info)


Lent for Unitarian Universalists

I started the RevThom blog way back in 2005, more than ten years ago. For several years I posted regularly, everything from sermons to theology to politics to music and book reviews. Then the posts be

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RevThom (Site / Info)

The landscape is shifty

Now that we've finished the first and utterly unrepresentative caucus state, and the second and utterly unrepresentative primary state, what do we have? One win for an oleaginous sop to religious cred

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fortboise.org (Site / Info)

CUC Month

UU Fun Fact Did you know that famous Canadian author, Margaret Laurence, wrote The Christmas Birth Story, after joining the Unitarian Church in Vancouver? The Laurence family next lived in Vancouver,

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Canadian Unitarian Council (Site / Info)

CUC Month

annual report...

I woke up in the night thinking of all the things I need to say in the blog, but in the clear light of early morning, those things have passed, and I'm speechless. Perhaps I'm so wordless because I sp

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Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

Trump, Sanders and Reich

Wilhelm Reich 1897-1957, (not Robert Reich) As we move forward into TrumpWorld, everyone should familiarize themselves with the general argument made by Wilhelm Reich in The Mass Psychology of Fascism

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thelivelytradition (Site / Info)

13 recomendaciones para vivir alegre cuando eres viejo

Hoy cumplo 66 años. He tenido una buena vida y he disfrutado de logros, aprendido de fracasos, descubierto mis defectos y cultivado mis virtudes. Ahora mismo, en plena tercera edad –qué expresión más

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GABRIEL JARABA blog (Site / Info)

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Nose to Nose

You might not appreciate strangers getting in your face, but we can learn things from getting up close that we might never discover from a distance. What have you learned from a close encounter? The D

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Daily Compass (Site / Info)


George Washington’s Ash Wednesday—Murfin Versee

A flurry of calendar coincidences inspire poetry. Note— The Old Man is slowly recovering and reducing his pitiful whimpering.   But still not up to snuff.   So I am reaching into my old bag of tricks

12 hours ago

Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

Poetry Patrick Murfin Ash Wednesday Calendar coincidences George Washington

February 10–Science and Reason: Being Human, Staying Human

In a recent podcast of On Being, Krista Tippet interviewed internationally known psycho-linguist Jean Berko Gleason, “Unfolding Language, Unfolding Life.” Gleason explains that among linguists as amon

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Words of Wisdom? (Site / Info)

UU 4th Principle Science and Reason UU 1st Principle

Smart friends ask me good questions.

In the comments on my last post, my friend Lisa asked me "I'm curious to know why you see yourself as a maker of bad decisions. A decision could be a good one, given all available data, even if the ou

16 hours ago

The Chaliceblog (Site / Info)