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UU Values Upheld as Canada Declares its Commitment to Indigenous Peoples

From the CUC Truth Healing and Reconciliation Task Force On March 29, 2014 Rev. Meg Roberts and then CUC Board President Gary Groot, on behalf of the Canadian Unitarian Council and the Unitarian Unive

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Participate in the Environment Monitoring Survey!

The Environment Monitoring Group has been busy following up from resolutions passed at the Annual General Meeting in May, 2015, and now we need your help and participation. We have created a survey to

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Pausing to Celebrate Advent

I have a confession to make: the older I get, the more of a Grinch I am becoming. Perhaps it’s the stress of the season. Perhaps it’s Christmas displays and commercials that go up in stores the day af

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A Panoramic UU View… Of Our Common Humanity!

This is a picture of my hand on the spot where Mary gave birth to Jesus (aka the Grotto in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem). I do not worship a single person but when I worship, I uphold the h

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I Love Christmas

I love Christmas. The music, the lights, the decorations, the food, even the corny Christmas movies delight me. The religious symbolism resonates for me as well. I treasure the image of love and peace

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Double Cappuccino to Go

Just over a month ago, Katarina and Kynan Cappuccino embarked on their 5 week journey as Child Haven Interns travelling through three countries and staying, in each, at the Child Haven homes that thei

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Richard Reidy (1944 – 2015)

On Novemeber 22 the Kemetic Reconstructionist community was shocked to hear of the death of one of its foremost authors and ritualists – Richard J. Reidy. Richard Reidy received his Master of Divinity

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The Wild Hunt | A modern Pagan perspective. (Site / Info)

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A Special Thank You to our Friends

There is a group of special Unitarians who generously support the work of the CUC directly – Friends of the CUC. With our Friends’ financial support this year, we have been able to do many things besi

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What Are We Not Seeing?

Those who would control us don’t have to enslave us. It’s much easier to simply distract us… and they’re very good at it. We Pagans, who like to think of ourselves as magical people, aren’t seeing the

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ending the derangement of public education...

Some folks simply seem to go crazy, but the derangement of public education in the US has been purposeful and near complete. In 2001, we launched my Wisdom of the Hands program and I started this blog

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Quien tiene un amigo tiene un tesoro: el día que recibí un homenaje en el Aula Magna

El pasado viernes 27 de noviembre, en el transcurso de la IV Jornada de Comunicación, Viaje y Aventura, me llevé la mayor sorpresa de mi vida y la más inesperada: mis compañeros de la Universidad Autó

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A Humanist Holiday Season

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Uh-Oh, World AIDS Day Gets New Poster Boy

Way back in 1984 as America was in the grips of a social panic over the so-called Gay Plague that seemed to threaten us with mass extinction from exposure from the air in jet liners or public toilet s

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World AIDS Day

A disease that was once a certain death sentence can now be managed as a treatable chronic illness. Sometimes hope is built by scientists and activists and a conviction that some things really can be

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It is worth remembering that when we see religious art in museums, what we are seeing has been removed from its original religious setting and purpose, and put into a completely secular context.

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December Recommendations

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December 1–The Sacred: The Separate or the One?

Whatever “sacred” means to you, is it something totally separate from ordinary things or is it inside of and part of all things?  Is it special and extraordinary, or is it common and ordinary?  Is the

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I Had To Answer Love’s Call – Will You Answer It With Me?

I hope and pray that I made the right decision, that keeping to our mission of transforming lives with Unitarian Universalist values of love and hope was a responsible decision for the CLF. You are th

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From Your Minister

For years, one of my favorite hymns of hope has been Carolyn McDade’s “We’ll Build a Land.” It opens with: “We’ll build a land where we bind up the broken; we’ll build a land where the captives go fre

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