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Big Questions and Grains of Sand

“It is our nature not only to see that the world is beautiful but to stand in the dark, under the stars, or at noon, in the rainfall of light, frenzied, wringing our hands, half-mad, saying over and o

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Amendment 1 Worskshop

Next Wednesday, July 30, 6:30-8:30, FUUN will host an Amendment 1 workshop for Unitarian Universalists, presented by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Light dinner and childcare will be

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Blogging Updates

This is just a quick post to say that I've been writing less for this Rev. Cyn blog in part because I've been writing for other locations.  If you want to be reading more from me than you're getting h

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Rev. Cyn (Site / Info)


So you want a female character to carry a gun? Three Flashbang bra videos.

See the draw in the previous video around 4:20. In the next video, it's around 12:25. And this one's all about the draw: I'm sure bra holsters fall under Rule 34, but you'll have to do your own googli

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it's all one thing (Site / Info)

The Lie We Have Been Told

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Building a Better World - Volunteers Needed for ESL Classes

by Alisha LoftinDid you know that Houston has one of the largest immigrant populations in our country?  About 22% of Houston residents were born in another country.  According to the Daily Beast, Hous

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Economic Justice Is Not a Gift

Tipped-Minimum Wage is  $2.13 hour. Some think that’s enough. Watch “The National Restaurant Association: Hard to Stomach” video, produced by Restaurant Opportunities United (ROC United), re-posted on

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Social Insecurity: An Interview with James W. Russell

In a recent conversation with New Books in Sociology, James W. Russell, author of 'Social Insecurity: 401(k)s and the Retirement Crisis', outlined the inadequacies of the 401(k) system and explained a

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Beacon Broadside (Site / Info)

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Loved, versus loving

When I was younger, I conflated the idea that we are all loved with the idea that I was somehow obligated to love all. The former is somewhat simple to accept. The latter is damn near impossible to do

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Loved For Who You Are (Site / Info)

Love Without Exceptions

New Italian Pagan Organization Begins Work For Legal Recognition

On July 11, the Italian organization Unione Comunità Neopagane (UCN) was born after 2 long years of planning. A result of Progetto articolo 8 (Project Article 8), the UCN brings together a diversity o

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The Wild Hunt | A modern Pagan perspective. (Site / Info)

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Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop...

My colleague, the Rev. Cynthia Landrum, has written an essay on the water controversy in Detroit. She grew up in the Detroit area and her parents live there, so she is not an outsider. She now serves

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PowerUp on “Mentoring”

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July 23, 2014

Quote source: Credo Sunday, by Jack Allen Photo by Lorian Kennedy; Design by Melissa Hathaway Tagged: summer serendipity

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How low can you go?

You don't need the story, bar graph, or HuffPo ad load, it's all in the headline: Americans Hate Congress More Than Jar Jar Binks. Give them credit for connecting the dots between FiveThirtyEight's po

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Gosssman against the wall

Neither has a pol/sales rep/cheerleader personality, Yet it's Steve Grossman v. Martha Coakley for MA Gov. She leads him by perhaps 30% heading to the Sept. 9th primary. Our irony factor is that the t

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Marry in Massachusetts (Site / Info)

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balls, again...

Richard Bazeley's students finished crafting their wooden balls. They are not perfect, but they learned some geometry and tool use in their making, and one student came up with the method to hold the

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Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

James Garner—The Long Ride Down an Unexpected Road

Bret Maverick Note:   For the first time in months I missed an entry yesterday as a labored over this entry.   Like other bios it got away from me.   I lovingly lingered over James Garner’s vast filmo

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Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

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A Sign from the Past, a Sign for the Future

I’ve been asked to read the manuscript for a new book about the formation of convert Zen in the West and its principal personalities, and, to write an afterword. As I’m reading I found an interesting

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The New Testament and Psalter is in

I wrote about a New Testament with psalter I ordered; it arrived last Wednesday. It could be worse. I can imagine furtive looks about the “faith sharing” helps, and I might agree with you. But they’re

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Story of the day - Exposed at a young age to too many theme parks

Linda McCullough Moore writes in her short story, "Baby Doll" in her book This Road Will Take You Closer To The Moon, about Margaret who comes home after many years to visit with her family. The scene

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