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Whittling away at limitations

I am not an especially crafty person--my hands are not skilled at transforming what is in my mind or in my vision to the situation in front of me. I cannot paint or draw, can only sew straight lines,

17 minutes ago

Remembering Attention (Site / Info)

Celebrating Life, Preparing for Death

While it is a waste to spend any of our precious hours worrying about an afterlife that may not even exist, humans have wondered what comes after death for at least as long as we’ve been human, and ou

4 hours ago

John Beckett (Site / Info)

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Shoveling while black

It would not surprise me to find out the suburban village I grew up in has an ordinance prohibiting door-to-door solicitation, and I've reached the ripe old age where I like the idea of a "NO SOLICITO

7 hours ago

fortboise.org (Site / Info)

Latest Pathetic Winger Hero

SuperRancher (in his sad, strange little mind) Cliven Bundy is n the midst of his moment. Wingers throughout the country are proclaiming him at once martyr and warrior. He'll plunge to earth all too s

9 hours ago

Marry in Massachusetts (Site / Info)

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There’s No Snoozebar on this Clock

Climate Change: 5 Minutes to Midnight, 15 Years and Counting Down The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a report showing that the effects of global warming h

9 hours ago

Blue Boat (Site / Info)

Environmental Justice Issues and Trends best practices

Have We No Shame?

It is the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings and there’s another “don’t say the killer’s name” story making the rounds. One of the victims refused to appear on an anniversary edition of Meet

9 hours ago

Author Laura Lee (Site / Info)

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Diné bahané, part two

2. The Second World Because of the strife in the First World, First Man, First Woman, the Great-Coyote-Who-Was-Formed-in-the-Water, and the Coyote called First Angry, followed by all the others, climb

9 hours ago

Yet Another Unitarian Universalist (Site / Info)

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Tacks day

Regardless of whether you agree with Robert Reich's answer to the question "Is our tax system fair?" you can be entertained by the artistic talent of Jacob Kornbluth, Rick Symonds and Abby Van Muijen.

9 hours ago

fortboise.org (Site / Info)

Reading Tolstoy in the sun at Ickleton Cemetery Chapel

Whilst out on a long ride on the Pashley Guv'nor on Monday I stopped off to take a look at the Cemetery Chapel at Ickleton. It was a lovely spring day and a splendid place to stop and spend an hour re

10 hours ago

CAUTE (Site / Info)

spring Gospel in Brief Ickleton Cemetery Chapel Pashley Guv'nor Tolstoy

El País y Aznar: masaje con final feliz

En la jerga periodística, un masaje es una entrevista complaciente en exceso con el entrevistado, destinada a lavar su imagen, hacerle quedar bien o ayudar a hacer las paces entre éste y el medio en c

11 hours ago

GABRIEL JARABA blog (Site / Info)

Periodismo Aznar El País

Earth: Our Deep Home Place

The Greater New Orleans Unitarian Universalist cluster gathered in an oak -filled park on Sunday to celebrate Earth: Our Deep Home Place. As Earth Day approaches, I share with you a meditation, my inv

12 hours ago

UU Collective (Site / Info)

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The Blizzard and the Rope: Friends Along the Path, 4

Consider this. Here in New York, we have emerged from what was a particularly cold winter, and especially a particularly snowy winter. But the winter we had here this year was nothing like the winters

12 hours ago

The Liberal Pulpit (Site / Info)

Friends Along the Path

What could possibly go wrong?

William J. Broad, for the New York Times last month: Billionaires With Big Ideas Are Privatizing American Science. “For better or worse,� said Steven A. Edwards, a policy analyst at the American A

13 hours ago

fortboise.org (Site / Info)

ackb: What if we’re not broken? What if we are amazing? What if we’ve been powerful the whole time...

ackb: What if we’re not broken? What if we are amazing? What if we’ve been powerful the whole time...

13 hours ago

Cabaret Church is: (Site / Info)

I Can Smile at the Old Days

At 14 years-old, my grandparents took me to my first big show. We saw the National Touring company of Cats. I can [...]

13 hours ago

The Family Pants - Blog (Site / Info)


explore-blog: Madeleine L’Engle on creativity, writing,...

explore-blog: Madeleine L’Engle on creativity, writing, censorship, and the art of disturbing the universe – spectacular read. 

13 hours ago

RevSean (Site / Info)

Human Relations Commission’s Celebration Dinner

Monica and Roy Greene gifted me with a ticket to the annual dinner of the Human Relations Commission to celebrate human rights achievement in Frederick County. Friend Annette Breiling was presenting a

13 hours ago

uusocialjustice.org (Site / Info)

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Genderqueer Chicago: Spirituality and Religion: A Safer Space Discussion

Genderqueer Chicago: Spirituality and Religion: A Safer Space Discussion: projectqueer: While...

13 hours ago

RevSean (Site / Info)

smartgirlsattheparty: huffingtonpost: Experts told this artist...

smartgirlsattheparty: huffingtonpost: Experts told this artist her dream was impossible. It’s a good thing she didn’t listen. Smart Girl Pioneer / Adventurer / Smartist Alert!

13 hours ago

RevSean (Site / Info)

skinnerhousebooks: sevenand5: "We are the certain and the...

skinnerhousebooks: sevenand5: "We are the certain and the seeking, the lifers and the newcomers, the beloved and the broken hearted, the insiders and the rejected, all of whom have found a home in the

13 hours ago

RevSean (Site / Info)

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations