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Like the Iris of an Eye

“…Love should grow up like a wild iris, but doesn’t, it comes from the midst of everything else, sees like the iris of an eye, when the light is right, feels in blindness and when there is nothing els

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Daily Compass (Site / Info)


October 9–Loss: Light a Candle

In Unitarian Universalism, it is common to hear people say that they are going to “light a candle” for someone, or some event, or some issue that concerns them.  Our central symbol in worship services

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Words of Wisdom? (Site / Info)

loss UU 7th Principle

The Contrarian—The Banishment of Roger Williams

On October 9, 1635 the General Court of Massachusetts ordered Roger Williams, who they considered an obnoxious religious and political crank, into exile from the colony.   Specifically the 32 year old

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Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

religious liberty Providence Separatists Baptist exile land purchase Massachusetts General Court Native Americans Puritans Rhode Island Roger Williams separation of church and state

The Point of Wonder

Certainly there are such things as definite settled answers – perhaps no permanently settled answers, but at least answers that are definite and our best so far. There are times in life when such answ

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The Liberal Pulpit (Site / Info)

Wonder of Wonders

October 2, 2015 – Adirondacks Day 1

After a couple of days in Boston and fortunately missing the hurricane that was a possibility for the coast, it was off to greater New England. First day was in the […]

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high hopes gardens (Site / Info)

Family - Linda Travel - NY

Oct. 11 Service: Spiritual connections and class

Class, like race, is a powerful construction of our mind that shapes our social world and blocks our ability to “love our neighbor as our self.”  What class identify do you carry with you into the wor

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Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson (Site / Info)

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Support for Issues in MD & a Congregation in Kenya

What issues coming up in the MD legislature are important to you? The UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland (UULM-MD) wants to know. Information below is from Dr. Alexa Fraser, who will speak on Death w

11 hours ago

uusocialjustice.org (Site / Info)

Uncategorized UULM-MD Dr. Alexa Fraser Kenya Nanyuki

Letting Go: A Call to Action against Gun Violence

As I lay awake at 3:30am last Friday morning grasping that I am now the closest Unitarian Universalist minister to the headquarters of the National Rifle Association, I realized I would need to revise

12 hours ago

Our Stories - Standing on the Side of Love (Site / Info)

Lost words, lost places

There was a tall building on my route to work that was imploded last Saturday. It was a former hospital whose operations pre-dated my time in Buffalo. Now open sky and a pile of rubble greet my on my

13 hours ago

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Mr. or Mrs. Speaker!

Saw the news on Facebook (via Twitter) before ConservativeHQ got updated, but it'll be the lead story soon enough: never mind the letter and rumors and the weird caloric metaphor of the grassroots bei

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fortboise.org (Site / Info)

Adding Spice to the Slog: Humanities in Medical Training

By Danielle Ofri Photo credit: Luis de Bethencourt This essay appeared originally in PLOS Medicine. For years I dragged around poems in the pockets of my white coat, pressing them into the hands of un

16 hours ago

Beacon Broadside (Site / Info)

Biography and Memoir Danielle Ofri Literature and the Arts Science and Medicine What Doctors Feel

Countdown to the Parliament of the World Religions 2015

[Our Fall Funding Drive is still going on. Your support and your donations are what make our work possible. How much would you pay for a subscription to a magazine or a newspaper? If you like reading

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The Wild Hunt | A modern Pagan perspective. (Site / Info)

Paganism Religion Interfaith Andras Corban-Arthen Angie Buchanan Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions Pagans at the Parliament Rev. Selena Fox Salt Lake City

Readings and Blessings for Yom Kippur

Wild Geese, by Mary Oliver "Tell me about your despair, yours, and I will tell you mine..." You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees For a hundred miles through the desert, re

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The Human Spirit (Site / Info)

Unitarian Universalism Love connection forgiveness joy Yom Kippur recovery reconciliation Amends Confession New Beginning Steps

In Real Life

For all that is our life! by Rev. Andrew Clive Millard Since the beginning of June, we’ve been live-streaming the sermons preached on Sunday mornings.  This is thanks to the discovery by our Communica

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UU Fellowship of the Peninsula (Site / Info)

Life Social Media community embodiment For all that is our life! presence senses

A conundrum

Don’t you like that word? It means a confusing and difficult problem or question. Question: can you combine different types of support for the Fellowship? The simple answer is “Yes!” If you bring or m

18 hours ago

UU Fellowship of the Peninsula (Site / Info)


Why Unitarian Universalist Youth Ministry Sucks

We all know Unitarian Universalist youth ministry is not perfect. In fact, it’s often just a jumbled mess of individuals trying their best to transform the lives of teenagers. Here are the top 5 reaso

19 hours ago

Blue Boat of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Site / Info)

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You already know someone in need of this community. Invite them in.

I have heard from so many families what this community means to them – from finding like-minded parents to form friendships with to a place where their kids are encouraged to think about their own bel

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Morristown Unitarian Fellowship » » Director of Religious Education (Site / Info)

Director of Religious Education

“Practicing Safe Texts”: Misquoting Moses, Misquoting Jesus, Misquoting Muhammad

I try to post about Islam from time to time for at least two reasons. First, it is important to learn about the world’s second largest religion. There are approximately 1.6 billion Muslims in the worl

21 hours ago

Carl Gregg (Site / Info)

Interfaith Islam Ehrman Jonathan A C Brown liberal theology Misquoting Jesus Misquoting Muhammad Study Quran

Putting First Things First: Congregations of Philosophers

In 1931 the Humanist Unitarian minister Curtis Reese looked into his crystal ball and wrote that society was moving “away from religion conceived as one of man’s concerns, and toward religion conceive

21 hours ago

UU Collective (Site / Info)

Religion spirituality class social justice Unitarian Universalist politics values diversity Faith Development Scripture Power Evangelism #humanist #humanism

masks and arrows...

The lower elementary school at Clear Spring School is studying Africa, and the students suggested making African masks from wood in woodshop. They were making paper masks, but upon hearing that the or

21 hours ago

Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)