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August 23–The Garden: How Connected Are We?

Recently I saw the movie The Hundred-Foot Journey.  No spoilers here, but the movie did raise, over and over again, connections between unlikely and unsuspecting people. An Indian family having moved

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Words of Wisdom? (Site / Info)

UU 7th Principle The Garden

Dental Plan! Dental Plan! (Lisa Needs Braces!) Dental Plan!*

FXX, a network many of us did not know we had on our cable package, is playing every Simpsons episode over a twelve day period.  It will likely be the default programming on my TV for the rest of the

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Remembering Attention (Site / Info)

16 Reflections of First Principle now available in paperback and on Kindle on Amazon.com

The paperback book and Kindle edition of 16 Reflections On The First Principle Of Unitarian Universalism: The Inherent Worth and Dignity Of Every Person  are now available on Amazon.com. This book is

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UU A Way Of Life (Site / Info)


cabaretchurch: Art. Compassion. Resistance. Three hours left....

cabaretchurch: Art. Compassion. Resistance. Three hours left. Every pledge doubled. http://www.faithify.org/projects/cabaret-church/

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RevSean (Site / Info)

Art. Compassion. Resistance. Three hours left. Every pledge...

Art. Compassion. Resistance. Three hours left. Every pledge doubled. http://www.faithify.org/projects/cabaret-church/

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Cabaret Church is: (Site / Info)

24 August 2014 Worship and Religious Education

Please join us on Sunday (24 August 2014) at 11:00 AM for our worship service and religious education classes for children and youth. The sermon will be “AVP and You” by Robert Jordan PhD and Kathryn

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All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church of Shreveport, Louisiana » Announcements (Site / Info)

Cabaret Church | Faithify

Cabaret Church | Faithify: We have until midnight to make this happen! We are over halfway. Every...

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Cabaret Church is: (Site / Info)

CabaretChurch art spirit

Fund raising opportunity selling David G. Markham publications books

August, 2014 Fund Raising Opportunity David G. Markham publications has a fund raising opportunity for churches and other organizations which would like to sell DGMP books. Most of the DGMP books sell

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UU A Way Of Life (Site / Info)


How You Can Respond to Ferguson

This week I have gotten many requests to help us here in the Saint Louis area. Often the offers have been for donations of food. This is my response. Thank you so much for your compassionate outreach.

9 hours ago

Rev. Thomas Perchlik's Weblog (Site / Info)

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From Whence Comes Ferguson

Michael Brown – killed by the police years before he or his aggressor were born. TO BEAR WITNESS – AGAIN This blog has published extensively on the inequitable treatment of racial and other minorities

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Blue Boat (Site / Info)

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The fracturing of America

Rick Perlstein's 2008 book, Nixonland: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America occupied a chunk of my summer reading, filling in gaps of the near-history too close to current events to b

9 hours ago

fortboise.org (Site / Info)

Same-sex marriage on hold in Virginia, and other UUs in the media

Supreme Court blocks same-sex marriage in Virginia The U.S. Supreme Court agreed earlier this week to delay an appeals court ruling that would strike down Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage. A consti

13 hours ago

uuworld.org : UUs in the Media (Site / Info)

UUs in the Media

Go Back to School with Beacon Press: Five Must-Read Progressive Education Titles

Whether you’re an educator, activist, administrator, parent, or socially-engaged citizen, here are five progressive education titles to put on your personal syllabus this fall.

14 hours ago

Beacon Broadside (Site / Info)

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Standing on the Side of Love in Ferguson

It is now Day Thirteen after the senseless death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. In the words of UUA President Rev. Peter Morales, “Ferguson is not about Ferguson. It is about the systematic dehuman

14 hours ago

Standing On The Side Of Love » Blog (Site / Info)

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I’m working on making some changes around the house (its back to school time–time for post-summer vacay cleaning frenzy) and personal-life wise (nothing bad, just some post-summer slump recovery), whi

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musings of a kitchen witch (Site / Info)

Paganism blogging

Ferguson, mental health, radical love, and more

Who speaks for Ferguson? Plaidshoes, a twenty-year resident of the St. Louis area, is frustrated by opinionated outsiders and “agitators.” I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to hear people pontifi

17 hours ago

uuworld.org : The Interdependent Web (Site / Info)

Interdependent Web

UUAWL theme for September: free and responsible search for truth and meaning

The UU A Way Of Life monthly theme for September, 2014, will be "a free and responsible search for truth and meaning." Ideas, comments, essays, stories, poems are being solicited for publication that

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UU A Way Of Life (Site / Info)

percival keene

I am in the midst of reading one of Frederick Marryat's books Percival Keene in which he describes the exploits of a young man growing up at the end of the 18th century in England. His books, being ou

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Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

Teddy Gets a Ride

I read on Wikipedia that it was on this day in 1902 that Theodore Roosevelt was the first president of the United States to take a ride in an automobile. Digging a bit deeper I see that in fact that h

19 hours ago

Monkey Mind (Site / Info)


An Outsider at the Crossroads

“I still can’t believe you’re moving there. That neighborhood is dangerous.“ At that point, I had already had this conversation way too many times, with way too many well-meaning friends who simply co

19 hours ago

The Wild Hunt | A modern Pagan perspective. (Site / Info)

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