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Stepping Back, Looking Hard, and Letting Go

Before I write even the first sentence--NO, this is not a personal post. I'm not quitting, nor am I looking to gut any projects. Just another way to look at systems. HUGE news from the gaming industry

1 hour ago

Remembering Attention (Site / Info)

The Beat Goes On

They were law students, English students, clinic workers, community organizers, exchanging their piercings and bright colored sneakers for conservative business suits and sensible pumps. Only a few ha

7 hours ago

UUWF (Site / Info)


Uses of Power that Start with A: Abnegation, Abuse, Avoidance

In my family this week, thoughts are focussed on the use of power by authority figures, and how that leads to trust or to brokenness. Authorities can always wrap themselves in rules, or innuendos, or

8 hours ago

Rev. Meg Riley (Site / Info)

The Center: Faith Like a Chalice 1

We gather in concentric arcs, and the center point of all the arcs is our chalice, the symbol of our Unitarian Universalist faith tradition. Our physical arrangement reflects our spiritual orientation

9 hours ago

The Liberal Pulpit (Site / Info)

Faith Like a Chalice

We’re All In This Together

The alarm clock sounded at 1:00 am Sunday morning, an hour that I am more accustomed to greeting at the other end of my day. I folded quietly out of bed, put on my macaroni-and-cheese yellow “Standing

10 hours ago

The Sand Hill Diary (Site / Info)

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What a sublime end of one's body, what an enskyment; what a life after death — Intimations of mortality and the joys of life on Great Wilbraham Common

Cows and bullocks on Gt Wilbraham Common I was pretty much wiped-out by last week and, on Monday and Tuesday (my "week-end"), I didn't have a great deal of energy to spare. Still, there was enough to

10 hours ago

CAUTE — Just travelling hopefully (Site / Info)

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“Threads” at 30

First broadcast thirty years ago today on BBC2. Back when we thought we’d all be nuked. I mention it now in thanksgiving. Alas, the video, once easy to find, has been pulled down.

12 hours ago

Boy in the Bands (Site / Info)

Art and culture

Autumnal Openings: The One and the Many

Adolph Gottlieb Transfigurations III 1958 Anderson Collection at Stanford University Zhou's Taijitu Diagram from Wikipedia "Taiji" Entry  Fall is my favorite season. Leaves reddening into scarlet spla

13 hours ago

Mediterranean Wisdom (Site / Info)

What To Do With Privilege After Ferguson

When I went to Ferguson I thought I had something to offer. I was wrong. There was nothing for me to offer. When I was immersed in hundreds of voices chanting “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” I raised my white

14 hours ago

UU Collective (Site / Info)


The sermon fit for reading

There is a practical take-away from this historical episode; keep reading. Abigail and John  Adams, the departing ambassador to Great Britain, and John Murray, the Universalist minister, sailed togeth

17 hours ago

Boy in the Bands (Site / Info)

Unitarianism Universalist history Preaching World Unitarianism and Universalism

Observations from Open House

Tonight was open house at the high school. I can now report that: *According to my Fitbit, secondborn's schedule requires at least 5000 steps just to get from class to class. PE class is definitely mo

23 hours ago

Remembering Attention (Site / Info)

This Week's Prayer

From: Perry Montrose In the sacred connection of this community we hold the difficulties and the hope in the world around us. We hold care in our hearts for all the children across our country sufferi

1 day ago

The Liberal Pulpit (Site / Info)


That's All I Can Stands, I Can't Stands No More: Finding Your Still Small Voice In Overwhelming Times

Delivered September 21, 2014 - Rev. David A. Miller © Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito A Unitarian Universalist Association Congregation—Solana Beach, Ca (Lightly edited version)  Som

1 day ago

Shift Happens (Site / Info)

Sunny Side Up with a Side of Racism

Yesterday after church, my family and I stopped at a favorite cafe in Hartford. It’s a funky kind of place with a diverse clientele and a good Sunday brunch. I walked in while my spouse got the baby o

1 day ago

UU Collective (Site / Info)

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Scary bumper sticker

This morning I was behind a car whose bumper sticker read, IMAM AZIZ MUHAMMAD HIGH SCHOOL Home of the Jihadis As I got closer and we waited at the light, I realized I’d misread it. It said, ARCHBISHOP

1 day ago

Sermons in Stones (Site / Info)

religion gone awry crusades jihads

2014-15 Campus Pride Lil’ Purple Backpack Student Leader Resource Guide Now Available – Order Free for Your Campus

2014-15 Campus Pride Lil’ Purple Backpack Student Leader Resource Guide Now Available – Order Free...

1 day ago

RevSean (Site / Info)

Two Weeks Notice: A New Grace for Liberal Religion

When my partner and I were preparing for the arrival of our twins, we made a pact.  For the first two weeks, we would suffer from selective amnesia.  If things got tough (which they invariably did) an

1 day ago

Piedmont Preacher (Site / Info)

A Blessing at the Start of a Ministerial Internship

For my new Teaching Parish Committee   We are artists, not evaluators…   Though there are tools that will be offered, carefully crafted grids for assessment and measurement, guidance for feedback and

1 day ago

irrevspeckay (Site / Info)

Unitarian Universalism Prayers holy Unitarian Univeralism blessing ministerial formation convenantal holy art

Might there be interest in a fellowship united around the Winchester Profession?


1 day ago

Boy in the Bands (Site / Info)

Universalism Universalist professions of faith

As I Sit Here Weeping...

watching Steel Magnolias for the umpteenth time, I wonder-- is there some horrendous life experience Sally Field hasn't acted out yet?   Thank you, Clairee, for breaking the tension.

1 day ago

Remembering Attention (Site / Info)