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You cannot be serious

The Republican Governors Association has taken an interest in Idaho's race for some reason, hoping to keep their current member in his job for a third term. They make a good case for being "uncoordina

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giving thanks in all circumstances.

Dear one, My heart ached for you when you got the phone call telling you that your child had suddenly died. It is a tragedy to lose our children, no matter how old they might be. We always love them,

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Updated List of Youth Events

Last Updated 10/01/14 UNDER CONSTRUCTION This list will be regularly updated with national or regional events brought to our attention by their organizer. If you would like to add an event to this lis

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Youth Trainings/Justice Trips/Cons

Updated List of Young Adult Events

Last Updated 10/01/14 UNDER CONSTRUCTION This list will be regularly updated with national or regional events brought to our attention by their organizer. If you would like to add an event to this lis

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Featured Young Adults YA Trainings/Justice Trips/Cons


  The Green Team will be picking up garbage along the Roanoke River in Explore Park this Saturday (10/4/14) as part of the Clean Valley Councils Fall Waterways Clean-Up. This particular section of the

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Green Team Blog

Lively Deadly at Mic

Many other nations have their own public loonies. As in the U.S., those have voice as politicians or actors or business owners. Our most local, current version certainly includes Scott Lively. He is o

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UUA Board packet for October?

There’s a UUA Board meeting scheduled for October 16 to 19, but the Board packet isn’t up yet. Does this seem late? Surely I’m not the only one who (tries to) read it?

2 hours ago

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Unitarian Universalist Association

World Peace Violin Played at Nobel Laureate Event in Atlanta

[Articles like the one below take time, travel resources, research and money. If you like our work and want to help us continue to share stories about Pagan involvement in global peace efforts and oth

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The Wild Hunt | A modern Pagan perspective. (Site / Info)

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Sunday Services (October 2014)

Services for October 2014 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula theme: Gratitude “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.  It turns what we have into enough, and more.  It turns de

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Why Unitarianism Matters

by Rev. Brian J. Kiely Unitarian Church of Edmonton September 28, 2014 Rev. Linda Thomson who works for the Canadian Unitarian Council in the eastern part of our country has a sermon she uses when vis

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Check Your Stash? 4 questions you might want to ask …

My friend’s grandmother kept everything. She had neat and tidy collections of jars, yogurt containers, elastic bands and bits of string. She even kept those foam trays that your meat comes on from the

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GROW compassionate

Who is the Organization Behind the Building?

By the time you’re holding this edition of the Voice in your hands, there’ll be trenches dug up around our building. It’s not the construction project (it’s only the utilities move), but it’s a precur

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A Panoramic UU View

I have always been drawn to the expansive views in life, starting from the plains in the Midwest, to the horizon line at the ocean, to the sunsets over mountains, and now here in the high desert. Thes

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It Has Been a Busy Month!

It has been a busy month! The Coming of Age program kicked off with a retreat for the youth and leaders at Ghost Ranch. What an amazing group of youth and adults — a big thank you to everyone who supp

4 hours ago

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New Organization for Canada’s UU Music Makers

Canada’s UU music makers are launching a new made-in-Canada organization. The Canadian Collective of Unitarian Universalist Musicians has three goals: to create a national Canadian Collective listserv

4 hours ago

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Cri de Coeur: On Swearing and Godtalk

I probably spend too much time swearing.  And thinking about swearing.  And appreciating particularly clever or inventive swearing.  I mean, I am a seminarian and we are, supposedly, not supposed to s

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Things We Should Talk About as Long-Term Ministers

One of my greatest weaknesses as a pastor is--quite simply--that I am not the most organized person to ever wear a Geneva gown.  It is a problem that members of my church are rather familiar with.  Ov

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expression as a measure of educational entanglement...

Yesterday as I walked across the CSS campus, I was corralled by elementary school students asking, "please watch our play." They assured me it would be short, as it was just the first act and more wou

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Five reads about Universalism

I was recently asked by a serious, but still developing, student of Universalism what five books I would recommend. That’s a hard question to answer. While I’ve been reading for a long time on Univers

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"Do you pray?"

“Do you pray?,” he asked her softly. “I can’t,” she said, “I just can’t. I hate God. How could he do this?” “Praying is nearly impossible when we are in shock and disbelief from a loss like yours,” Da

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