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Love Beyond Beliefs: Or, My Unitarian Universalism

The other day I posted a letter I wrote to a Unitarian Universalist ministerial search committee. In it I pointed out what I consider a terrible problem facing UU churches, particularly smaller ones.

4 hours ago

Monkey Mind (Site / Info)

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Summer Solstice Magic

Margy and I collected ten buckets of seaweed, took our first swim of the season in the bay at Winslow Park, and floated on the water, and even saw horseshoe crabs mating in the shallows.  What a lovel

11 hours ago

Finding Our Way Home (Site / Info)

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Funds released!

“If we just had the money, our committee could…” The UUFP Trustees have released some of the endowment funds for a worthy, interesting, and appropriate proposal. The guidelines state that projects sho

14 hours ago

UUFP Changing the World (Site / Info)

Endowment Planning for the Future

The bit of Jewish liturgy hidden in plain sight in the red hymnal

For reasons too long to go into now, I was tracking down threads in the Classic Reform tradition of Reform Jewish liturgics a couple of weeks ago. Suffice it to say that it was in parallel with some o

15 hours ago

Rev. Scott Wells (Site / Info)

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A Feeling. Mostly.

On the subject of freedom, and speaking of fathers . . . I was seven years old when, at dinner one night, my father off-handedly mentioned that there’s an idea that everything you do is known in advan

19 hours ago

The Liberal Pulpit (Site / Info)


STLT#264, Now in the Tomb Is Laid

Live from New Orleans – it’s Hymn by Hymn with Friends! Today’s guest is the wonderful Rev. Lyn Cox.  Lyn and I sat down to sing, and while it looks on paper as though it would be easy to sing, it’s o

20 hours ago

Notes from the Far Fringe (Site / Info)

Hymn by Hymn

This Saturday: A One Day Zen Sit With Zen teachers James Ishmael Ford & Gesshin Greenwood

Zen in Orange County Join us for a day-long Zen meditation intensive led by Roshi James Ishmael Ford & Sensei Gesshin Greenwood. This event is sponsored by the Blue Cliff Zen Sangha & the Orange Coast

21 hours ago

Monkey Mind (Site / Info)

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Paper Presentation: Unitarian Universalism and the White Supremacist Theological Imaginary

I will be presenting a paper entitled "Unitarian Universalism and the White Supremacist Theoligical Imaginary" at the 2017 meeting of Collegium. Here's the text of the accepted paper proposal:  This e

21 hours ago

Colin Bossen: Writer, Preacher, Organizer (Site / Info)


Permablitz, almost here!

We’ve been getting ready for our Permablitz this coming Saturday–a big permaculture work party where 20 or more people gather to do projects in our yard.  We’ve gathered cardboard for sheet mulching,

1 day ago

Finding Our Way Home (Site / Info)

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Queering Gender

I was only seven, and already I got that it made no sense. I was only seven, and already I got that it made no sense. More than anything that year, I wanted to carry the cross up the center aisle, … C

1 day ago

Another Possibility (Site / Info)

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A hot summer's day spin out into the fens, a few photos and a thought about religious naturalism

Another very hot day but I felt the need to get out on the bicycle so thought I'd head north along the River Cam to Waterbeach and beyond (on the other side of the river from Upware) to sit in the sha

1 day ago

CAUTE — A free-spirit archeology of morning (Site / Info)

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STLT#263, When Jesus Looked from Olivet

Live from New Orleans – it’s Hymn by Hymn with Friends! Starting today and going through next Monday, I will be meeting up with some of your fellow readers at General Assembly to sing the day’s hymn a

1 day ago

Notes from the Far Fringe (Site / Info)

Hymn by Hymn

A Letter to a Unitarian Universalist Ministerial Search Committee

(A real letter to a real Unitarian Universalist ministerial search committee, slightly edited, and with a few additions not thought of in the heat of the original composition. Offered in the hope it w

2 days ago

Monkey Mind (Site / Info)

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The Holy Is The Daily

If what we do matters and has meaning, the sacred is right here, right now, in the muddle and hustle and business of our days, in our messy relationships, in our failings and in our trying and in our

2 days ago

https://revnaomiking.tumblr.com/ (Site / Info)

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My Uncertainty Principle: A Modernist, Or, Perhaps Its a Post Post Modernist Zen Buddhist Priest Reflects on What’s What

Early morning thoughts… I find my heart and mind wandering to the thought of axioms. By axiom I’m thinking of an assertion that a person thinks is self-evidently true. And by a person, I’m thinking me

2 days ago

Monkey Mind (Site / Info)

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Making the most with what you have

This brief blog post exists to frame the one that will follow in a day or two. It will be a tutorial to use newly-released features in some free software to make print items — I’m thinking orders of s

2 days ago

Rev. Scott Wells (Site / Info)

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The White Supremacy Controversy in the UUA: Our Call To Covenant

About ten years ago when I was working on my doctoral thesis on the covenant tradition in the congregational church from the Puritan era through to the contemporary, I blogged quite a bit about my res

2 days ago

PeaceBang (Site / Info)

Unitarian Universalism memories Theological Reflection

STLT#262, Hosanna in the Highest

I begin with a program note: Hymn by Hymn at General Assembly begins tomorrow! I’ll be having breakfast with some of you, singing our hymn of the day, talking about it, and then reflecting on the expe

3 days ago

Notes from the Far Fringe (Site / Info)

Hymn by Hymn

DREAMING OUR FATHERS Norbert Capek & the Unitarian Universalist Flower Communion

DREAMING OUR FATHERS Norbert Capek and the Unitarian Universalist Flower Communion James Ishmael Ford 18 June 2017 Unitarian Universalist Church Long Beach, California A Story Norbert Capek was born i

3 days ago

Monkey Mind (Site / Info)

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A Parable of Past Scribes and Present Possibilities

A parable on a reality that may help us bring more effectiveness, justice, and compassion to education.

3 days ago

Unitarian Church of Los Alamos (Site / Info)