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Ferguson: I Get It.

I am filled with emotion and suspense at what is happening in Ferguson. Not the killing of yet another Black male…. Sadly, that does not surprise me. But the sustained anger, the focused rage that has

4 hours ago

A Jersey Girl in Kentucky (Site / Info)

A source of daily readings

I’ve shortened my morning prayers and vespers to make them more appropriate for use alone, and brief enough to read before and after work. I’ve take out the provision for readings and all but the fixe

6 hours ago

Boy in the Bands (Site / Info)

Bible Daily prayer Christian Church

Dental Plan! Dental Plan! (Lisa Needs Braces!) Dental Plan!*

FXX, a network many of us did not know we had on our cable package, is playing every Simpsons episode over a twelve day period.  It will likely be the default programming on my TV for the rest of the

13 hours ago

Remembering Attention (Site / Info)

cabaretchurch: Art. Compassion. Resistance. Three hours left....

cabaretchurch: Art. Compassion. Resistance. Three hours left. Every pledge doubled. http://www.faithify.org/projects/cabaret-church/

15 hours ago

RevSean (Site / Info)

How You Can Respond to Ferguson

This week I have gotten many requests to help us here in the Saint Louis area. Often the offers have been for donations of food. This is my response. Thank you so much for your compassionate outreach.

19 hours ago

Rev. Thomas Perchlik's Weblog (Site / Info)

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Teddy Gets a Ride

I read on Wikipedia that it was on this day in 1902 that Theodore Roosevelt was the first president of the United States to take a ride in an automobile. Digging a bit deeper I see that in fact that h

1 day ago

Monkey Mind (Site / Info)


Ferguson and the liberal future

I took a break from blogging and — knowing I wouldn’t want get back to writing immediately — prepared several evergreen posts to run this week. (I’ll write about a couple of things I found in Toronto

1 day ago

Boy in the Bands (Site / Info)

Political life

Can You Isolate A Truth?

A recent article in Christian Century talks about Mennonite theologian John Howard Yoder and his history of sexual misconduct. Do Yoder’s violations of his own theological claims undermine the content

1 day ago

Remembering Attention (Site / Info)


After a week of twelve hour days, getting everything set for the first day of Sunday school, I was ready for a break. When Carol suggested we go for a late-afternoon walk at Purisima Creek Redwoods Op

1 day ago

Yet Another Unitarian Universalist (Site / Info)

Bay area, Calif.

Blessing of the Backpacks

        The Rev. Jacqui Lewis, a prophetic voice of our time, says this about the impact of racism on all of us, but in particular, the impact of racism on children and young men of color: “These are

1 day ago

The Well (Site / Info)


  Submitted by Mary-Elizabeth Peggy Joseph is a member of the Unitarian Church of Norfolk.  

1 day ago

UU Fellowship of the Peninsula (Site / Info)

EDITION: September 2014 Advertisment

Nailing Things Together: Boxes Too Small 1

Comedian George Carlin – a muse to whom I often turn – said back in 1972: “You can buy anything in this country. Anything you can think of! You can probably buy a left nostril inhaler if you look arou

1 day ago

The Liberal Pulpit (Site / Info)

Boxes Too Small

From Selma to Ferguson

Reflecting on the killing of Michael Brown by Ferguson police in Missouri has me thinking about Jimmy Lee Jackson, another unarmed man of African descent killed by Alabama State troopers in 1965. We a

1 day ago

Rev. Sam Trumbore (Site / Info)

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B. K. S. Iyengar Dies

I was driving into the office this morning when I learned from NPR that B. K. S. Iyengar died yesterday. He was ninety-five. Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar was born in 1918, and became one o

2 days ago

Monkey Mind (Site / Info)


The Ferguson Challenge: Talking Across Race

I just returned from business travel that required flying in and out of Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) airport. I had to take a taxi from the airport to where I was scheduled to work. Though

2 days ago

irrevspeckay (Site / Info)

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Ferguson: Cynicism and a Smartphone

I have to admit that the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri have triggered mostly cynicism for me. In the US we have periodic paroxysms of piety triggered by events that happen every day but occasion

2 days ago

UU Collective (Site / Info)

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The Sacred in Music

Poetry and music engage us in ways beyond what can be contained in prose alone. Poetry uses language playfully to gesture beyond the more straightforward meaning of most texts, offering the possibilit

2 days ago

Carl Gregg (Site / Info)


Marketa's Czech Fruit Dumplings

Several years ago the photographer, and close family friend, Marketa Luskacova taught me how to make Czech fruit dumplings. I try to make the dumplings most summers, just as I make pierogis most winte

2 days ago

Colin Bossen: Writer, Preacher, Organizer (Site / Info)


Ubuntu Linux for Ministry: a new feature, hopefully helpful

With all the talk about student debt, low salaries, missing employment, unwanted bivocationality and plain-old poverty in the ministry, it makes some sense to address ways of saving money as a way of

2 days ago

Boy in the Bands (Site / Info)

Church administration Ubuntu Linux

Knowing Your Limits

My Nissan Leaf, like all electric cars, has a range. In perfect conditions I might get close to a hundred miles on a full charge. We don't always get perfect conditions, though. If it's hot out (and e

2 days ago

Remembering Attention (Site / Info)