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Margot Adler 1946 – 2014

“I don’t believe in objectivity, but I do believe deeply in fairness.” – Margot Adler The first time I met author and journalist Margot Adler in person, we were having lunch together at PantheaCon in

3 days ago

The Wild Hunt | A modern Pagan perspective. (Site / Info)

Paganism Religion Margot Adler Drawing Down the Moon Passings

Palm Sunday 2014: The Three Americas, and What Has Been Going On, and What's Coming Up Here

Palm Sunday: Occupying The Abandoned Temples of the American Dream Empire First, before getting to the Palm Sunday message, it has been an exciting past month or so here in the 74126 area; we have bec

04/13/2014 06:59:00 PM

The Welcome Table (Site / Info)

The Meaning of Occupy Wall Street

I am weary of hearing well-meaning friends question the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon. They ask, "What do they want? They don't have any clear goals -- how can they hope to bring about change?" I want

01/03/2012 06:34:42 PM

Marilyn Sewell (Site / Info)

Arab Spring greed living in sin Occupy Wall Street OWS prophets stock market

"Why We OccUUpy" (text of my Message/Sermon from the 11/27/11 Social Justice Committee Led Worship Service of the same name)

So.  What does Occupy stand for?  What are their demands?  What are they trying to accomplish?  That seems to be all you hear the media say about the Occupy movement and it kind of makes you wonder if

11/29/2011 05:11:00 PM

meditations (Site / Info)

Occupy Unitarian Universalism

The Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence has extended an invitation to members of their local Occupy movement to camp at their church.  The initial expected numbers are about 12-15 people in

11/05/2011 11:07:06 AM

Transient and Permanent (Site / Info)


The politics Jesus wouldn't do...

"There is no such thing as a "Christian politics." If it is politics, it cannot be Christian. Jesus told Pilate: "My reign is not of this present order. If my reign were of this present order, my supp

04/24/2006 02:45:00 PM

Jesus who?!? (Site / Info)