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Column: Ásatrú Ritual and Climate Change Ethics, Part Two

This is part two of a two part series. Click here to read part one. Transtemporal Care The Ásatrú practice of blót builds a concept of care in three temporal directions: sideways, backward, and forwar

6 hours ago

Paganism climate change donald trump Heathenry Asatru Paris Agreement ragnarok Iceland Asatruarfelagid Vikings Ancestor Veneration blót A.R. Radcliffe-Brown anglo-saxon Eirik the Red Germanic tribes Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson innangarð J. Baird Callicott Jóhanna G. Harðardóttir Migration Age Radbod Thor's Oak Kindred Thorhall transtemporal care Viking Age web of wyrd Willis Jenkins Wulfram wyrd

Column: Cheer Up Sleeping Gene.

Let me save you a couple o’hundred bucks.  Your DNA comes from Africa. You’re welcome. I did the DNA ancestry testing thing; I got curious about it a couple of years ago. My conclusion: my parents did

1 day ago

Paganism testing Perspectives DNA ethnicity genetics

Prayer in public schools takes center stage in Louisiana

LOUISIANA – The state of Louisiana is known for its political conservatism, particularly in terms of religious freedom. According to Pew Forum, the state is 84% Christian, which is 14 percentage above

2 days ago

Paganism news Louisiana U.S. Bossier Parish SB512 school prayer Webster Parish

Pagan John Bennett stabbed by neighbor over ‘noise row.’

ALDERHOLT, Eng. —  John Bennett, a practicing witch, was assaulted by two of his neighbours in Hillbury Park, the residential semi-retirement community in which all three reside, on November 4th 2017.

3 days ago

Paganism news U.K. John Bennett attack Samantha Hathaway

People make offerings to Tutu Pelé as the lava flows

HAWAII — While a Hawaiian volcano continues to spew forth destruction on one Hawaiian island, many forget that it was this same activity that created all the Hawaiian Islands. Destruction transforms i

4 days ago

Paganism news Hawaii U.S. Pele volcano