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Column: Remember the Shield-maidens

In late June, Jade Pichette started the #HavamalWitches hashtag on Facebook. Her explanatory post referenced the Old Norse poem Hávamál (“Sayings of the High One”) and was addressed to women who pract

4 hours ago

Paganism politics Perspectives Heathenry Asatru Iceland Asatruarfelagid #havamalwitches Jade Pichette Poetic Edda

Column: Pagans Join the ‘Ain’t I A Woman’ March

I joined with several hundred people to celebrate Black women at the “Ain’t I A Woman” march in Sacramento, California on July 15, 2017. Several hundred Black women and supporters marched at 9:00 AM i

1 day ago

Paganism Perspectives Ain't I A Woman Black Feminist Movement Black witches Black Women United Sojourner Truth

#HavamalWitches hashtag earns applause and backlash

CANADA – Last June, an online exchange set the stage for the creation of #HavamalWitches, a campaign that has sparked kudos and controversy in the Heathen community worldwide. On June 27, Canadian gyt

2 days ago

Paganism news Canada #havamalwitches Alli Keeley Brynja Chleirich Jade Pichette

Protests sparked after The Satanic Temple memorial approved

BELLE PLAINE, MN – After The Satanic Temple offered to create a monument for inclusion in the city’s free speech area at Veteran’s Memorial Park, the City Council voted unanimously to eliminate the ar

3 days ago

Paganism news religious freedom U.S. Minnesota The Satanic Temple Veteran's Memorial

A conversation with Jason Mankey

SUNNYVALE, Calif –Jason Mankey credits his public visibility as a Pagan to the blog he writes on the Patheos Pagan channel, Raise the Horns. He is also currently that channel’s editor, a position whic

4 days ago

blogging news ritual U.S. Jason Mankey Gardnerian Wicca Patheos Pagan Raise the Horns