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Noted with comment

“The contemporary version of religion is sport. It is sport, with its sacred icons, revered traditions, symbolic solidarities, liturgical assemblies, and pantheon of heroes, which is the opium of the

5 days ago

Theology Terry Eagleton

Two new poems you should read

Blogger Patrick Murfin posted two new poems by Everett Hoagland that you should read — should read. That is, if you’re one of those trying to figure out how to deal with the craziness of the current p

1 week ago

Bay area, Calif. Practical religion

Bath time

We left a large clay saucer (the thing you put under a potted plant to hold excess water) out on the railing of our balcony, and filled it with water to make a bird bath. Many of the neighborhood bird

1 week ago

Meditations Bay area, Calif.

Dealing with attacks again

My hosting service let me know that evil hackers are attacking various parts of my blog. To address this, I’ve implemented “captcha” forms on various parts of the blog. Sorry for the inconvenience, bu

2 weeks ago


April 7, 2017

In a comment, Alyson writes: “I was wondering if you had any practical input on how to teach this subject without making the non-white children in the congregation feel uncomfortable or singled out in

2 weeks ago

social justice Religious Education Marcia Chatelaine