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Assumed identities: A personal history of passing

Brando Skyhorse I want to tell the truth now, about how I passed—and how people passed me off—as an American Indian.

3 days ago

On Earth Day, let me count the ways

Jeffrey A. Lockwood Our love for the Earth is multifaceted and deep.

3 days ago

Genre makeover

Kris Willcox In conventional women’s fiction, writer Olive Higgins Prouty created a bold new type of heroine.

1 week ago

Diverse baptisms

Jim Sherblom The first time, I emerged merely breathless, wet, and cold.

2 weeks ago

UUA leaders alarmed by conflicts reported by religious professionals of color

Elaine McArdle UUA has been asked for help with more than fifteen conflicts this year. Commission on Institutional Change calls for investigation of ‘disparate treatment of people of color by congrega

3 weeks ago