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Religious Liberalism Flowered in Poland but Driven into Exile

Krakow--Cracovia--in the late 16th Century during the rule of Magnate John Saieninius. On November 17, 1599 the Polish magnate John Saieninius, the ruler of Krakow, after listening carefully to a deba

3 hours ago

Unitarianism Poland Radical Reformation Faustus Socinus Polish Brethren Racovian Catechism Jesuits exile John II Casmir John Saieninius Krakow Rakow Sigsmund II Augustus toleration

Mr. Jefferson’s Temple

The Jefferson Memorial at dawn. When Franklin D. Roosevelt laid the cornerstone of the Jefferson Memorial on November 15, 1939 it was just plain good politics.  He was planning to run for re-election

2 days ago

Washington D.C. Franklin D. Roosevelt National Park Service .Neo-Classical .Thomas Jefferson Adolph Weinman Jefferson Memorial John J. Boylan John Russell Pope Pantheon Rudolph Evans Tidal Basin

Mapping the Frontier in the American Mind—Frederick Jackson Turner

A romantic allagory of opening the frontier.  Federick Jackson Turner preferred hard data. Imagine a time when a historian, of all obscure scribblers, was so famous school children knew his name by he

3 days ago

Harvard railroads frontier American History Census of 1890 Frederick Jackson Turner settlement The Significance of Sections in American History Puitzer Prize Turner Thesis University of Wisconsin

A Whale of a Tale—Blowing up Blubber

Early in November 1970, a 45-foot long, 8 ton sperm whale beached itself near Florence on the central Oregon Coast.   This turned out to be fatal for the unfortunate whale which, which, based on its s

4 days ago

Youtube beached whale Dave Barry dynamite Florence Oregon George Thorton KATU-TV Moby Dick Oregon Highway Division Paul Linnman sperm whale Walter Umenhofer

Armistice Day 1918—The Long Winding Road to an American Holiday

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that finally ended the meat grinder horror of the Great War which ushered in the era of industrial scale warfare.   The aftershocks of the carnage ar

6 days ago

The Great War World War I IWW Woodrow Wilson Bonus March Dwight Eisenhower American Legion Armistice Day Veterans Day VFW Centralia Washington Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Wesley Everest