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Emma Lazarus—The Outsider Poet Who Stole Fame

Emma Lazarus as a young woman. Emma Lazarus was just 34 years old when she penned the lines of poetry that might be the most familiar verse to millions of Americans.   Odds were stacked against her ev

9 hours ago

Emma Lazarus Statue of Liberty New York City Ashkenazi assimilation George Elliot German Romanticism Henry George Newport Rhode Island proto-Zionism. New Colossus Sephardic Jews

Women’s March Six Months Later—La Lucha Continua in Woodstock

Exactly six months ago today millions of women—and more than a few supportive men this geezer included—marched on Washington and in cities, towns, and villages across the United States and around the

1 day ago

resistance Tree of Life UU Congregation Woodstock Square Cathy Johnson Democratic Party of McHenry County Idivisible McHenry County Progressives McHenry County. Women's March 6 Month Anniversary March

The Novelist as Character—Hemingway Invents Himself

Ernest Hemingway at his trusty Underwood #5 portable hunt-and-peck typing in the great outdoors with a pile of already completed pages on his make-shift desk.  Just as he imagined himself--the writer

1 day ago

suicide Cuba World War I World War II Spanish Civil War Paris Agnes von Kurowsky Ernest Hemingway Hadley Richardson Key West Lost Generation Martha Gellhorn Mary Wash Nobel Prize Pauline Pfeiffer

On the Moon Once Upon a Time

Neil Armstrong about to set foot on the Moon as he makes a carefully crafted quip. As Americansand countless others around the worldstayed glued to their televisions, Astronaut Neil Armstrong became t

2 days ago

donald trump Richard Nixon Apollo 11 Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin Michael Collins Moon landing NASA Neil Armstrong One small step USS Hornet

A Soggy Grave and Resurrection for the Mary Rose

The Mary Rose as depicted in the Anthony Roll, a survey of all of King Henry VII's ships, after her 1636 reconstruction . The distinct carrack profile with high castles fore and aft. Although the numb

3 days ago

France England Henry VIII Alan Bax Alexander McKee Battle of Saint-Mathieu Battle of the Solent Brittany Carrack Edward Howard foundering Henry VII Mary Rose Mary Rose Museum Portsmouth salvage