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Lighting 286 Candles on Washington’s Cake—Part I

That's a lot of candles, Sir. Today is George Washington’s Birthday except it isn’t unless you live in Virginia, Illinois, Iowa, or New York.   Those are the only states that still mark the occasion a

2 hours ago

George Washington Birthday Braddock's Campaign Continental Congress Fairfax Resolves Ft. Duquesne George Mason Jumonville affair Martha Washington Mt. Vernon Seven Years War slavery Virginia Blues

Green Sanctuary Screens Chasing Ice at Tree of Life UU Congregation

The Green Sanctuary film series returns after a hiatus with a showing of the 2014 Emmy winning film for News and Documentaries Chasing Ice at the Tree of Life Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 5603

1 day ago

climate change environment Tree of Life UU Congregation Andy Meyers. Chasing Ice documentary film Emmy Award Green Sanctuary Committee James Balog

What’s a Broke King to Do?—Pawn Some Islands

King Christian of Denmark, Norway and Sweden was in need of the services of a pawn broker. You know how it is .   An unexpectedexpense arises, say your 30 year oldrefrigerator goes on the fritz.   Mon

1 day ago

dowry King Christian I of Denmark Norway and Sweden King James III of Scotland Margaret of Denmark Orkney Islands pawn Shetland Islands

The Inept, Foolish, and Knavish all get Presidents Day Honors

45 Presidents are celebrated today--the good, bad, indifferent, and the Deplorable Donald. Presidents Day this year may not make your heart leap in your chest.   Especially when you realize that in ad

2 days ago

Abraham Lincoln Barack Obama donald trump best Presidents Federal holiday George W. Bush George Washington Presidents Day worst Presidents

Internment—World War II Disgrace May Not be a Thing of the Past

Japanese-American families being hauled to internment camps in a U.S. Army truck. With President Trump’s controversial Muslim Ban and the radical right clamoring for the Muslim Registry that The Donal

3 days ago

Supreme Court donald trump Franklin D. Roosevelt 442 Regimental Combat Team Executive Order 9066 George Takei Imigration internment Japanese Internment McCarran Act MUslim registry World War II