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First Rail Passengers Roll on the Good Ol’ Swansea and Mumbles Railway

An early photo of open car horse drawn service on the Swansea and Mumbles Railway.  Probably a vary pleasant hour or so on a lovely spring day, but undoubtedly miserable in Wales's snowy winters. Over

3 hours ago

horse cars King Edward VII Mumbles Railway & Pier Company overhead electrical tram service passenger service steam locomotive Swansea and Mumbles Railway Swansea Improvements & Tramways Company Wales

Dr. Koch, the Consumption Bug, and the Cup Cake Downfall

In the 1938 weeper Three Comrads Margaret Sullivan dies beautifully, with self-sacrificing heroism of consumption in a mountain sanitarium leaving behind her grieving husband Robert Taylor, and his su

21 hours ago

anthrax bacteria cholera consumption Dr.Robert Koch Four Postulates Hedwig Frieberg microbiology Nobel Prize for Medicine scandal The Blue Angel The White Plauge tuberculosis

Otis Lift Bows on Broadway

The passenger car installed by Elijah Otis on Broadway in 1857 was not as elaborate as this post-Civil War model, but it did the job. On March 23, 1857 Elijah Graves Otis, a former Yankee itinerant ja

1 day ago

New York City Crystal Palace elevator Elijah Graves Otis Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations Inc lift safety brake Otis Brothers Phineas T. Barnum railway brakes robot turner Yankee tinkerer

Pocahontas—Death of a Princess With Murfin Verse

Pocahontas imagined as a Powatan "princess" with facial features based on her from life 1616 English portrait. On March 21, 1617 Rebecca Rolfe, the 22 year old wife of John died, probably of smallpox

2 days ago

abduction conversion to Christianity Disney Elizabeth Warren England Jamestown John Rolfe John Smith King James I lineage Matoaka Murfin Verse Pocahontas Powhatan Rebecca Thomas Rolfe Virginia

Tree of Life Social Justice Committee Supports Local Jewish and Islamic Institutions

A wave of Events like this Jewish cemetery desecration motivated the Tree of Life UU Congregation Social Justice Committee to reach out to local synagogues and an Islamic center.  After a devastating

3 days ago

Tree of Life UU Congregation Anti-Semitism arson Congregation Tikkun Olam Islamic Center of McHenry County Islamophobia Jewish Congregation of McHenry County Social Justice Committee vandalism