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May Day Proles, Protest, and Poetry

Well it is the last day of April, a Sunday no less.   So this is the wind-up of our National Poetry Month posts which this year shamelessly celebrated and promoted the poetry of resistance.   Tomorrow

21 hours ago

UUA May Day UUSC National Poetry Month Murfin Verse Patrick Murfin Alfred Hayes Chicago Fights Back David McIntire International Labor Day lOVE Resists RISE Up! Robert Pinsky

Liberation Poetry—Empowering Voices

Today I want to sample from the second bookmy friend Everett Hoagland sent me the other day.   The first, you may recall was Resisting Arrest:   Poems to Stretch the Sky edited by Tony Medina.   Liber

1 day ago

National Poetry Month Tony Medina Askia M. Touré Black Arts Movement Jill Nechinsky Liberation Poetry Collective Liberation Poetry: An Anthology Martin Espada Neil Callender Tontongi

The Original Tree Hugger’s Holiday—Godfather to Environmentalism

Not your parent's environmental movement--youth and people of color lead the mass People's Climate Change March in New York City in 2014. Tomorrow will be the second huge world-wide protest in week in

2 days ago

Earth Day resistance National Poetry Month People's Climate March Alan Keitt Arbor Day Claude Monet Kathleen Lohr Machines of Loving Grace Naomi Shihab Nye Richard Brutigan trees

Covering Guernica—A Poet Protested

Guernica as Picasso painted it. On April 26, 1937 German and Italian war planes bombedthe market town of Guernica, a Basque village in northern Spain.   It was one of the first mass bombings of a civi

3 days ago

Civilian bombing Colin Powell Gregg Mosson Guernica Pablo Picasso Poems Against War Shock and Awe Spanish Civil War tapestry United Nations War in Iraq

Gut Check Time—Resisting Arrest: Poems to Catch the Sky

“After an overnight at the gas station, Monday was my day off from the day job.  After a four hour snooze, I got up and took the wee dog on a long walk through the elegant and promising spring.  When

4 days ago

black lives matter National Poetry Month Allison Joseph Francisco Goya James E. Cherry Mike Brown Rachel Eliza Griffithx Resisting Arrest: Poems to Stretch the Sky Rita Dove Tony Medina