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The Last Invasion of Britain Was a Comic Opera Farce

The whole saga of The Last Invasion of Britain is told on the panoramic Fishguard Tapestry from beginning to end and is on display in its own museum in the Welsh village.  Captioned in Welsh and Engli

13 hours ago

Wales Battle of Fishguard Cardigan Bay French Directory Jemima Nicholas Last invasion of Britain Louis Lazare Hoche Pembroke Yeomanry Robert Tate United Irishmen War of the First Coalition Wolfe Tone

Never Underestimate the Power of a Pamphlet—Communist Manifesto

Marxists love this kind heroic imaginary.  You can pretty much define the sect by who gets added to these founders in a Mt. Rushmore-like row. The pamphlet as a literary form and polemical tool owes i

1 day ago

Social Media Martin Luther Karl Marx Bolsheviks Common Sense Communist Manifesto Federalist Papers Friedrich Engels lit tables Pamphlets Revolutions of 1848 Socialist International Thomas Paine

Presidents Day Hangover—The Often Hungover Franklin Pierce

Franklin Pierce has been called the most handsome President.  After that the accolades taper of dramatically Yesterday, as noted was the Presidents Day  Holiday.   You might have hoped to have escaped

2 days ago

democratic party President Mexican War U.S. Senate alcoholism Benjamin Pierce Bowdoin College Franklin Pierce Jane Appleton Jefferson Davis Nathaniel Hawthorne New Hampshire

Presidents Day Among the Ashes

Finding it hard to get into the spirit of the day, Bunky?   Are pictures of George and Abe, fly-over panoramas of Mt. Rushmore,   your kid’s cherry tree and log cabin school projects magneted to the r

3 days ago

Barack Obama donald trump Federal holiday B Presidents George W. Bush Lincoln's Birthday Presidents Day Three Day weekend Washington's Birthday worst Presidents

William Wells Brown—Abolitionist, Novelist, Polymath…and Footnote

William Wells Brown in 1847 at the time of the publication of his first book of memois. His life was as compelling as any character her ever created—up from illiterate slavery to international celebri

4 days ago

Boston kentucky novelist Civil War Frederick Douglass abolitionism Buffalo New York St. Louis Europe Elijah P. Lovejoy fugitive slave playwright Riverboat Underground Railroad William Wells Brown