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Loving Judy is Not a Test of Sexual Orientation

I fell in adolescent lust for Judy Garland in her post-War Technicolor MGM musicals like Meet Me in St. Louis and never got over it. In the 1996 flick My Fellow Americans —which by the way seems downr

1 hour ago

A Star is Born CBS TV Dear Mr. Gable Francis Gumm Judy Garland London Paladium Louis B. Mayer Meet Me in Saint Louis MGM MIckey Rooney Palace Theater The Wizard of Oz Vidapone Vincent Minnelli

Yesterday or Today the Sun Shines on Summer Solstice

At dusk on Midsummer's Eve young women neo-pagans launch miniature rafts with burning candles in Baltic areas like Estonia. Note— Earlier this week in my Father’s Day/Summer Solstice post I noted that

1 day ago

Christianity Unitarian Universalists Summer Solstice MIdsummer bonfires Maypole neo-paganism St. John's Day Stonehenge Sweden Midsommar

Kaiser Wilhelm’s Ditch Still Busy

The Nord-Ostsee-Kanal, better known as the Kiel Canal connecting the Baltic and North Seas across Jutland is the busiest waterway in the world despite an aging infrastructure. What is the busiest man-

2 days ago

World War I World War II Germany Denmark Baltic Sea Jutland Peninusula Kaiser Wilhelm II Kaiser Wilhelm Kanal Kiel Canal Nord-Ostsee-Kanal North Sea Otto Von Bismarck Schleswig-Holstein

Juneteenth—The Joyous Celebration of Emancipation

Junteenth is now the largest and most widespread of all of the local Jubilee celebrations of Emancipation. Note:   For some reason there has been a surge in interest over Junteenth this year, at least

3 days ago

Texas Civil War emancipation Freemen Galviston Gen. Gordon Granger holiday. Jubilee Days Juneteenth slaves

Summer Solstice/Father’s Day—A Slightly Out of Sync Murfin Verse

The Green Man or Oak King of Midsummer. Two years ago Father’s Day fell on June 21, which was Summer Solstice.   Such calendar coincidences move me to the commission of poetry like a prune juice and X

4 days ago

Poetry Murfin Verse Patrick Murfin Summer Solstice Calendar coincidences Father's Day Green Man Litha MIdsummer W.M. Murfin