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TaglineAn ongoing, eclectic commentary on Unitarian Universalism, after retirement from active ministry--as I see it, practice it, and love it, with sidebars on life, love and the pursuit of happiness.
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I Never Got Over Those Blue Eyes: an elegy

I'm listening to Wednesday morning folk with Merianne on KMUN this morning and singing along to some of my favorite songs....and reminiscing about what life was like with The Best Boyfriend Ever, back

3 days ago

A Reflection for PRIDE Sunday

REFLECTION ON CHANGES IN ME Rev. Kit Ketcham PUUF, June 11, 2017 Pride Service             Talking about sexual orientation and gender identity was a huge NoNo when I was a school counselor in Colorad

06/11/2017 11:53:14 PM

The Backside of Beltane

THE BACKSIDE OF BELTANE Rev. Kit Ketcham, with Monica Van Steenberg May 14, 2017, PUUF             Thanks, Monica, for your help with this service and for speaking about your own experience of Beltane

05/14/2017 06:45:17 PM

April 16, 2017

WHAT DOES RESURRECTION MEAN, ANYHOW? By Rev. Kit Ketcham, April 16, 2017           As Allie and I worked together on this Easter service, we noted the many ways human beings celebrate this time of yea

04/16/2017 09:39:10 PM

Nevertheless, She Persisted

NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED Rev. Kit Ketcham, March 12, 2017 PUUF             I have never thought of myself as a persister.   I was an adventurer, as you heard in the story I read to the kids about a

03/12/2017 06:03:27 PM