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TaglineAn ongoing, eclectic commentary on Unitarian Universalism, after retirement from active ministry--as I see it, practice it, and love it, with sidebars on life, love and the pursuit of happiness.
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March 11, 2018

WHAT DO WOMEN WANT? Rev. Kit Ketcham, March 11, 2018             Not long before he died, Dr. Sigmund Freud reportedly said “ The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet

1 week ago

#MeToo---and you?

#ME TOO------AND YOU? Rev. Kit Ketcham, PUUF, Feb. 18, 2018 This thing has gone too far. It has terrified people, driven them out of their workplaces and even professions, made them afraid to speak up

4 weeks ago

My UU Journey: a reflection

MY UU JOURNEY REFLECTION PUUF, Jan. 28, 2018             As a preacher’s kid, growing up in a household that was quite God and Jesus oriented, I got to be an expert at winning those Sunday School cont

01/28/2018 11:08:24 PM

January 14, 2018

THIS IS OUR GREAT COVENANT:   Shared Ministry at PUUF Rev. Kit Ketcham, Jan. 14, 2018             Before I launch into my sermon for today, I want to take a moment to express my horror and outrage at

01/14/2018 12:05:50 PM

The Origins of Christmas

THE ORIGINS OF CHRISTMAS Rev. Kit Ketcham, with Siv Serene Barnum Dec. 10, 2017             This is the time of year when that tired old War on Christmas rhetoric gets dragged out of the tattered deco

12/10/2017 09:00:10 PM