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The Suburbanization of Liberal Religion

Once upon a time, Unitarianism was an urban religion. Our most prominent and successful churches were in the cities, embedded in the urban culture and community where they were. Yes, there are many ex

07/01/2018 05:53:00 PM

Families Belong Together: A story

There was confusion about whether the June 30 rally against family separation at the Rhode Island Statehouse was going to happen. It had been on MoveOn's list, and then it was off the list, and then a

07/01/2018 11:51:00 AM

What I See Going On in the UUA

There is a national popular movement going on. Trump precipitated it, but it is widening and deepening to challenge many linked oppressive systems. It is not a shallow, or narrow, movement. It is not

06/25/2018 06:42:00 PM

Congregational Accountability and White Supremacy Culture

The subject of Congregational Accountability came up again at the UU Ministers Association Meeting, again. It always comes up, because the problem never changes and is never solved. What is meant by t

06/22/2018 02:57:00 PM

When systems thinking goes haywire

"Systems thinking" is an essential component of a progressive worldview. When analyzing a difficult situation, a systems thinker sees how all of the components fit together, rather than focusing on fi

05/26/2018 08:49:00 AM