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The Buried Narrative in the Sources Statement

In the 20th Century, the Liberal Protestant denominations of Unitarianism and Universalism were challenged from within by a Religious humanist movement which questioned the existence of the God of the

08/11/2017 03:50:00 PM

More on the Sources

The main problem I see with the Sources is that they hide the theological dispute that has shaped contemporary Unitarian Universalism: the Humanist rebellion against liberal Protestantism, a historic

08/08/2017 09:00:00 AM

The Sources of our Living Tradition: A Critique

The Six Sources portion of our bylaws needs to be examined again. I think the Sources statement are a mess, more confusing and confused than wrong. First of all, they are ahistorical. They do not desc

08/07/2017 12:49:00 PM

The 8th Principle

An Eighth Principle has been proposed. “We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association, covenant to affirm and promote: journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to buil

06/27/2017 08:53:00 AM

Recovenanting Task Force Report

People have asked where they could get a copy of the ReCovenanting Task Force Report. Until it is published in the proceedings of the GA, enjoy this copy of it in draft form. The actual delivery may h

06/26/2017 03:38:00 PM