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Our War on Citizen Children

Our government has declared war on citizen children whose parent(s) are undocumented even though they may have lived and worked  here for many years. Also, a temporary protective status (TPS) granted

1 day ago

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MA Criminal Justice Improved by Grace Pirez

The near passage of the Criminal Justice Reform bill in Massachusetts marks a major shift towards a progressive penitentiary system. With an impressive 27-10 vote in favor of the bill, Massachusetts i

3 weeks ago

Child Poverty Criminal Justice Reform

Supporting and Renewing the Children’s Health Care Program (CHIP)

Yes, Promise The Children, working with many others, succeeded in protecting some children’s health care by stalling the demise of our Affordable Care Act. Now, we must renew the expanded children’s h

4 weeks ago


Curb Gun Violence: Fix NICS

It’s time to raise your voice about whether or not to cub gun violence. To find your elected official’s contact information: Text (520) 200-8660 with your zip code as message, or email him or her. Sev

12/11/2017 06:31:08 PM

Action Alerts Curb Gun Violence

Massachusetts Criminal Justice Reform

Reforming the criminal justice system is a concern at the forefront of many activists’ minds. Since its creation, the American criminal justice system has broken up countless families through its hars

11/14/2017 08:45:45 AM