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Rape and Assault

We need more publicity for those who speak out about rape and assault. We must believe in what the victims tell us. Regardless of their income, we must demand investigation and then punish  those who

4 weeks ago

Criminal Justice Reform Child Health Care

The REAL/Promise The Children Partnership

Promise has written a recent news articles about the decrease in public school funding and the increase in students that is making teaching so difficult today. Fortunately, there are many charities th

10/06/2018 11:40:56 AM

Preschool Education: Preschool & Grades 1-3 Child Literacy

The Right to Life + Guns

The right to life is trumped by the right to bear arms. Those believing in life should consider joining these organizations. Their 501©4 designation, allows them to lobby for stronger control on ammun

09/18/2018 02:53:57 PM

Action Alerts Curb Gun Violence

Join us in supporting The REAL Program in Lynn!

Promise the Children is partnering with The Real Program of Lynn to help enable their free children’s literacy program to thrive and flourish! If you’re interested in supporting these efforts, please

09/10/2018 10:10:20 AM

Action Alerts Child Literacy

Public School Funding

Children are back in school, and parents are scared. This article is about the variation in funding for public schools. The next article will discuss the fear of gun violence in public schools. Parent

09/04/2018 08:36:05 AM

Action Alerts Child Poverty Education: Preschool & Grades 1-3 Child Literacy