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Links of Buddhism Become Western: Noting Dorothy Hunt’s Golden Chain

The Golden Chain is a beloved gatha within the Shin or Pure Land Buddhist communities, principally with those associated with the Buddhist Churches of America. Golden Chain I am a link in Amida Buddha

13 hours ago

Buddhism Dorothy Poulton Hunt Golden Chain Shin Buddhism

Saving Everyone: A Zen Reflection

          Saving Everyone: A Zen Reflection James Myoun Ford A talk delivered at the Blue Cliff Zen Sangha in Long Beach My friend the poet Martin Nakell dashed off a small poem inspired by the four v

1 day ago

Religion Buddhism wisdom Zen bodhisattva bodhisattva vow

Zen Master Raven Tells Us How to Die

  One evening toward the end of a meeting, Mole said, “I’ve heard that Zen is for old folks to teach them how to die. What do you think of that notion?” Raven said, “It helps young folks that way, too

2 days ago

Religion Buddhism wisdom mysticism Zen literature koan dream Robert Aitken Zen master Raven

Recalling the Faithful Fool Kay Jorgensen

          I’ve just learned the Reverend Kay Jorgensen died today. She had just turned eighty-six. A Unitarian Universalist minister, she was co-founder with a Franciscan nun Carmen Barsody of the Fai

3 days ago

Religion justice Love wisdom revolution Faithful Fools Kay Jorgensen street ministry

Endless Gratitude: A Zen Priest Pauses and Reflects on Community

        Yesterday evening the Zen priest Gesshin Greenwood and her husband Gensan Thomson came over to our condo where, they, Jan Seymour-Ford and I outlined the schedule for our upcoming inaugural Bl

3 days ago