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Love Beyond Beliefs: Or, My Unitarian Universalism

The other day I posted a letter I wrote to a Unitarian Universalist ministerial search committee. In it I pointed out what I consider a terrible problem facing UU churches, particularly smaller ones.

4 hours ago

Religion Unitarian Universalism spirituality unitarian universalist wisdom

This Saturday: A One Day Zen Sit With Zen teachers James Ishmael Ford & Gesshin Greenwood

Zen in Orange County Join us for a day-long Zen meditation intensive led by Roshi James Ishmael Ford & Sensei Gesshin Greenwood. This event is sponsored by the Blue Cliff Zen Sangha & the Orange Coast

21 hours ago

Religion Buddhism Zen koan sesshin Zen retreat

A Letter to a Unitarian Universalist Ministerial Search Committee

(A real letter to a real Unitarian Universalist ministerial search committee, slightly edited, and with a few additions not thought of in the heat of the original composition. Offered in the hope it w

2 days ago

Religion unitarian universalist ministerial search

My Uncertainty Principle: A Modernist, Or, Perhaps Its a Post Post Modernist Zen Buddhist Priest Reflects on What’s What

Early morning thoughts… I find my heart and mind wandering to the thought of axioms. By axiom I’m thinking of an assertion that a person thinks is self-evidently true. And by a person, I’m thinking me

2 days ago

Religion unitarian universalist philosophy Buddhism politics wisdom awakening mysticism Zen modernist buddhism

DREAMING OUR FATHERS Norbert Capek & the Unitarian Universalist Flower Communion

DREAMING OUR FATHERS Norbert Capek and the Unitarian Universalist Flower Communion James Ishmael Ford 18 June 2017 Unitarian Universalist Church Long Beach, California A Story Norbert Capek was born i

3 days ago

Culture unitarian universalist Unitarian Flower Communion Father's Day Willa Cather Father Norbert Capek