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A Zen Priest Watches as Kali Swallows the World

Until I’d discovered Ramakrishna through the writings of Aldous Huxley and Christopher Isherwood and their associates, my idea of what gods looked like was informed by my conservative Baptist upbringi

21 hours ago

Religion wisdom awakening mysticism Zen Kali

Zen Teacher David Loy Points to the Intimate Universe

The Universe is not a place where evolution happens, it is the evolution. It is not a stage on which dramas unfold, it is the unfolding drama itself. Loyal Rue, in Everybody’s Story If the universe is

1 day ago

Religion awakening mysticism Zen critical thinking ecology David Loy ecological consciousness

San Francisco Buddhism: Passing Memories of Convert Buddhists From Before the 1960s

It was 1969. I threw my lot in with the English Zen priest Houn Jiyu Kennett, who’d just arrived in the San Francisco Bay area and after a brief stay at the Zen Center in San Francisco opened a small

2 days ago

Religion Buddhism 1960s Eugene Wagner Nevil Warwick Samuel Lewis San Francisco

In This Moment: A Passing Thought on the Necessary Contours of Modernist Buddhisms

The Christian theologian Karl Barth said that one needs to preach holding the Bible in one hand, and a newspaper in the other. That reminds me of a recent flurry of thoughts and comments on various co

3 days ago

Religion Buddhism awakening mysticism Zen modernist buddhism

The Zen of You & Me: A Review

I’ve just finished reading Diane Musho Hamilton’s The Zen of You & Me. The subtitle is “a Guide to Getting Along with Just About Anyone.” Me, I’m not really a fan of self-help literature. So, not exac

4 days ago

Religion Culture Buddhism wisdom awakening Zen psychology Diane Musho Hamilton