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Faith of the Heart Mind: 20 English Translations of the Xinxin Ming

    As the Wikipedia article on the Xinxin Ming tells us: “Xinxin Ming (alternate spellings Xin Xin Ming or Xinxinming) (Chinese: 信心銘; Hànyǔ Pīnyīn: Xìnxīn Míng; Wade–Giles: Hsin Hsin Ming; Japanese:

2 hours ago

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Fingers Pointing to the Moon: A Small Reflection on Zen Buddhism, Zen Christians, and Christian Nonduality

      The direction of my life has been following a path laid out by the masters of the Zen way. The practices of shikantaza and koan introspection have opened my heart into a path of presence and gra

1 day ago

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Two Cheers for Democracy: A Small Reflection on Bastille Day

      I find Bastille Day well worth marking. Perhaps especially so these days… Together with the Fourth of July it is one of the great markers of the beginning of a longing for a more or less genuine

4 days ago

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Eighteen Books: Essential Reading in Soto Zen Buddhism

  On one of those Zen pages on Facebook, in this case one focused on the Soto school someone asked for a pointer to an introductory book. People offered their views. Some even seemed helpful. And it s

6 days ago

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Enter D. T. Suzuki: Zen’s First Serious English Language Interpreter

      Teitaro Suzuki died on this day in 1966. He was 95 years old and wildly acknowledged for his critical part in the migration of Japanese style Zen Buddhism to the West One could fairly say that w

6 days ago

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