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Three Pointers on the Zen Way: One by a Buddhist

Where were you when I planned the earth? Tell me, if you are so wise. Do you know who took its dimensions, measuring its length with a cord? What were its pillars built on? Who laid down its cornersto

1 day ago

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Happy birthday, Beantown!

        There used to be a joke about Unitarians. It went, that as unlikely as it would be, if the Unitarians were ever to embrace a creed, it would no doubt be (in the pre-inclusive language of the p

2 days ago

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The Problem of Our Suffering: A (Modernist) Zen Buddhist Meditation

  I’ve found myself tangled in a conversation with the always wise Dosho Port. He is wondering what a modernist Buddhist might be. And as he is aware I worry about that issue a lot, kind of like a dog

3 days ago

Buddhism wisdom Zen critical thinking Buddhist modernism Buddhist soteriology naturalist Buddhism secular Buddhism Stephen Batchelor

A Zen Buddhist Tries to Define God

When I was in seminary, and so much smarter than I am today, I was asked what I thought that word God meant? I replied that God is a hole in the language into which we throw all our hopes and fears. T

4 days ago

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The Three Steps on the Spiritual Path, Or, Maybe Five. A Zen Reflection on Dionysius the Pseudo-Areopagite

According to the late fifth early sixth century Syrian monk we know as Dionysius the Pseudo-Areopagite, himself drawing heavily upon Neo-platonism, there are three steps to the path of holiness. As a

5 days ago

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