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Thank You, Mr Stoker! A Small Meditation on the Vampire

    Bram Stoker’s gothic novel Dracula was published on this day in 1897. It was a significant cultural marker. Now, vampires had long been part of the cultural matrix. There were even other vampire n

12 hours ago

Culture Bram Stoker Dracula vampires

A Brief Zen Buddhist Catechism

        I am quite fond of the idea of catechisms, those presentations of a religious tradition’s core teachings through a simple question and answer format.  The Christian church invented the idea. I

1 day ago

Religion Buddhism Zen Buddhist catechism Zen Buddhist catechism

A Flash of Lightning in a Summer Cloud: A Zen Reflection on Passingness

        The Diamond Sutra is one of the standard texts within the Zen schools. With the stories of the Buddha’s awakening and Bodhidharma’s coming to China the story of Huineng, the “sixth ancestor” c

2 days ago

Buddhism wisdom Zen Diamond Sutra Diamond Sutra Gatha Prajnaparamita

Four Essential & Brief Zen Meditation Manuals

  Here are four critical meditation manuals within the Zen tradition. They arranged in chronological order from sometime at the beginning of the twelfth century to the early or middle eighteenth centu

3 days ago

Buddhism Zen zazen Zen meditation fukanzazengi Zazen Yojinki zazen wassan zazengi Zen meditation manuals

Today is Harvey Milk Day

    American politician, San Francisco City Supervisor, and civil rights activist, Harvey Milk was born on this day in 1930. He would have been eighty-eight today, but in 1978 he was assassinated toge

4 days ago

politics gay rights Harvey milk