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Principles of Seated Meditation: Ch’ang-lu Tsung-tse’s Manual of Zen Meditation

  The Tso-chan-i is attributed to the eleventh century Chan monk Ch’ang-lu Tsung-tse. It may be the earliest of the “mature” Zen texts on seated meditation. And would be the foundation for Eihei Dogen

1 day ago

Buddhism Zen zazen Zen meditation Manual of Zen Meditation Tso-chan-i

Awakening in the West: Zen, Marcus Aurelius, Stoicism, and Learning to Fall

    For some today is a day to mark the life of Patrick, the Romano-British missionary bishop to Ireland. Whose fortunes in various circles has declined to drunken parades featuring gallons of green b

3 days ago

Religion philosophy wisdom Zen Stoicism Marcus Aurelius

Zazenkai: A Day of Zen Meditation with James Myoun Ford, Gesshin Greenwood, & Jan Seymour-Ford

      Zazenkai Join us for a day of Zen meditation Saturday 28 April 9am to 5pm at the Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church in Costa Mesa, California Zazen, Practice Interviews, Liturgy, Dharma

5 days ago

Uncategorized Zen zazenkai meditation retreat James Ishmael Ford Gesshin Greenwood James Myoun Ford Jan Seymour-Ford one day Zen retreat

On The Death of a Tyrant: Or, Reflections on the Ides of March

      Be fearful of exalted rank, o soul. And if you are unable to subdue your aspirations — doubtingly pursue them and with precautions. And the more you rise, the more examining, the warier be. And

5 days ago

Culture Caesar death of Caesar Ides of March tyrant

Encountering the Mysteries of Our Hearts: A day long Zen Retreat

      To Touch the Heart, to Touch the Mind A day long Zen meditation retreat in Costa Mesa, California, with the Blue Cliff Zen Network.  Join us for an all day Zen retreat on Saturday the 28th of Ap

5 days ago

Religion Uncategorized Buddhism Zen Zen retreat Orange County zazenkai James Ishmael Ford Gesshin Greenwood