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Telling Stories, Finding New Worlds: Gateless Gate, Case 46

    “Master Shih-shuang asked, “How will you step forward form the top of a hundred-foot pole?” Commenting on this, another ancient master said, ‘Even though one who is sitting on the top of a hundred

1 day ago

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Recalling James Luther Adams, Liberal Religion, & Liberal Christianity

        What is now many years ago when Jan & I first moved to New England’s rocky and lovely soil, Jan wanted to go to the Cambridge cemetery to put a rose on Henry James’ grave. I was more than happ

4 days ago

Uncategorized Liberal Christianity Liberal Religion James Luther Adams

Come Closer: A Few Words to a Zen Priest Being Installed as a Unitarian Universalist Minister

      As most who follow my blog know, I am a Zen Buddhist priest within the Japanese-derived Soto school. But, and I hope that’s also clear, I am also an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister. And

5 days ago

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The Reverend Mr Ford’s Day in Court: Juror Number Four’s Tale of Theory & Practice

    Okay, I took advantage of the standard offer to put off responding to my jury summons. I had the opportunity to set it at a date that seemed without conflict. Well, assuming nothing untoward happe

1 week ago

Uncategorized justice crime and punishment jury jury trial

She Might Be a Saint: Recalling Dorothy Day And Her Way of Nonviolence, Voluntary Poverty, Prayer, and Radical Hospitality

      Dorothy Day was born on this day in 1897. In my youth there were two Catholic Christians who particularly influenced me. The first of these was Thomas Merton. He occupies my dreams to this day.

1 week ago

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