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THE BIRDS OF HEAVEN: A WAY OF FAITH IN ZEN James Myoun Ford Blue Cliff Zen Sangha Long Beach, California Among my memories of studying with the late British born Soto Zen priest Houn Jiyu Kennett, was

8 hours ago

Religion faith Buddhism awakening mysticism Zen

Shinran Shonin’s Confession

Over at Project Gutenberg I stumbled upon S. Yamabe & L. Adams Beck’s translation of the Buddhist Psalms of Shinran Shonin. Shinran Shonin was born into Feudal Japanese nobility in 1173. However, like

1 day ago

Buddhism wisdom awakening mysticism Nembutsu Pure Land Shinran

On Dropping the F-Bomb: A Preliminary Report of a Zen Experiment in Small Truths

A bit more than a week ago I declared to everyone on Facebook that I would try to expunge Anglo-Saxon epithets from my vocabulary. While I was thinking in the moment of the range of epithets that we E

1 day ago


INTIMATE, INTIMATE: On Friendship & the Spiritual Life

INTIMATE, INTIMATE On Friendship & the Spiritual Life James Ishmael Ford 19 February 2017 Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach Long Beach, California You may have noticed Valentine’s Day was ob

2 days ago

spirituality wisdom friendship awakening mysticism Buddha bodhisattva friend

What’s a Friend For? A Small Meditation on Zen’s Inside Joke

One of those things I love about Facebook are those little factoids that one can pick up. Of course you always have to be careful. So, there is a meme going around my circles right now with a picture

4 days ago

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