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Coming of Age

Join us as this year’s Coming of Age class shares with us their journeys and their credos.

4 days ago


Seeking Transformation

Open heartedness. Compassion. Spiritual maturity. This is your soul on church . . . 

1 week ago


Hope Is Hard to Come By

Join us as we explore where we, the people of hope, turn to when hope seems far away. What gives us strength? If the path towards hope is hard to find, what gives us direction or light needed to move

2 weeks ago


The Topic of Transformation

I am an ex-smoker. I had my last cigarette about eighteen years ago, after several half-hearted attempts at quitting. I did it through the willpower method, sans the assistance of gum or patches or hy

2 weeks ago


A Panoramic UU View of … Transformation

During the weekend of April 6-8, you may see a crowd of High School youth camping out in our church building. Do not be alarmed! These High School Youth will be participating in our UU District High S

2 weeks ago