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Black History Is American History

By Lori L. Tharps Black history is American history. It’s not separate. It’s not different. We were there for all of the good, bad, and ugly that made this country what it is today. From the Revolutio

21 hours ago

History American Society Race and Ethnicity in America Lori L. Tharps Same Family, Different Colors

Stand Your Ground: Do-It-Yourself Security for the Privileged

A Q&A with Caroline Light Ordinarily, the duty to retreat obligated you to first try to avoid a violent confrontation before meeting force with force, unless you were threatened in your home. Starting

4 days ago

History American Society Politics and Current Events Race and Ethnicity in America Caroline Light Stand Your Ground

A Day without Immigrants: How the Undocumented Keep America’s Job Economy Afloat

By Aviva Chomsky The rise in undocumented workers over the past several decades has gone along with a rise in the invisible, exploited labor that they perform. The generally unacknowledged work that t

5 days ago

activism American Society Politics and Current Events Race and Ethnicity in America Aviva Chomsky Undocumented

The Trouble with Truffles

By Lisa Kotin I will never understand how lovers can buy one another chocolate for Valentine’s Day. If I eat chocolate, the last thing I want to do is to get romantic. I just want to hole up in the ba

1 week ago

Biography and Memoir Lisa Kotin Literature and the Arts My Confection

Because They Were, I Am: My Discovery of Black History Month

By Rashod Ollison It was February 1988, and I was in the fourth grade, the new kid at Fair Park Elementary in central Little Rock. I was nervous, of course, because I was the new kid. And nobody wants

1 week ago

History Race and Ethnicity in America Biography and Memoir Progressive Education Raymond Douglas Soul Serenade