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Honoring the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

“It is our common tragedy that we have lost [Martin Luther King, Jr.’s] prophetic voice but it would compound the tragedy if the lessons he did articulate are now ignored.” So wrote Coretta Scott King

2 days ago

History activism American Society Now More Than Ever Race and Ethnicity in America Martin Luther King, Jr. Where Do We Go From Here? Stride Toward Freedom The King Legacy Why We Can't Wait

Fifteen Facts about Mental Health that Show Why We Need to Save Talk Therapy

What has gone wrong in the field of mental health care? In recent decades there has been a decline in the quality and availability of psychotherapy in America that has gone unnoticed—even though rates

6 days ago

Science and Medicine Enrico Gnaulati Saving Talk Therapy

Why We Teamed Up to Edit “Bullets into Bells,” a Poetry Anthology on American Gun Violence

By Brian Clements, Alexandra Teague, and Dean Rader: All three of us are poets and professors. We all also write prose. Our jobs rely on and live in words. And yet, there are no real words to describe

1 week ago

American Society Politics and Current Events Literature and the Arts Bullets into Bells Brian Clements Alexandra Teague Dean Rader

The Best of the Broadside in 2017

2017 has been ragged and turbulent, charged with a fraught political climate spawned by a divisive presidential election. 2017 witnessed assaults on progress in racial justice, backlashes against envi

2 weeks ago

Religion History American Society Politics and Current Events undocumented Lori L. Tharps Race and Ethnicity in America Same Family, Different Colors Progressive Education Feminism, Gender, and Sexuality Kindred Literature and the Arts All the Real Indians Died Off Dina Gilio-Whitaker Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Christopher Emdin For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood Aviva Chomsky An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States Gayle Wald Shout Sister Shout

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s "A Christmas Sermon on Peace" Still Prophetic 50 Years Later

By Martin Luther King, Jr.: This Christmas season finds us a rather bewildered human race. We have neither peace within nor peace without. Everywhere paralyzing fears harrow people by day and haunt th

3 weeks ago

History activism American Society Race and Ethnicity in America Martin Luther King, Jr.