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Tagline"These studies are outcomes rather than realised objectives. In making the journey, I have no aims. These studies are intellectual footprints, not blueprints" — H. Fingarette
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Komorebi & Ibrahim ibn Adham in the Beechwoods on the Gog Magog Hills

This morning Susanna and I thought we’d go together to visit the Beechwoods where I went last week (see this post). Our decision to go was taken whilst the morning was still decidedly overcast and gre

3 days ago

autumn colour photos sufism Fuji X100F Beechwoods Local Nature Reserve Gog Magog Hills Abou Ben Adhem Babraham Edward Fitzgerald Ibrahim ibn Adham komorebi Leigh Hunt Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

“More dangerous than an unanswered question is an unquestioned answer” — a meditation on the need to leave behind the old Unitarian doctrine that “God is One” and move from IS to FLOWING

READINGS  The text foud on postcards that were distributed to first time attenders to the Unitarian Church in Cambridge during the late 1950s and early 1960s   Guide by A. R. Ammons           You cann

5 days ago

Wittgenstein Address Cambridge Unitarian Church A. R. Ammons Earl Morse Wilbur Ontology of Motion Thomas Nail Joseph Priestley sea of faith unity of God

An autumn spin up the Gog Magog Hills to the Beechwoods Local Nature Reserve

This morning I took a spin up the Gog Magog Hills to the Beechwoods Local Nature Reserve on my trusty Raleigh Superbe to enjoy the splendid autumn sunlight and colour.  It was as perfect an autumn day

1 week ago

autumn colour photos black and white photography trees Raleigh Superbe woods Fuji X100F monochrome beech trees Beechwoods Local Nature Reserve Gog Magog Hills

Beings do not exist at locations, they occur along paths—An address written for Tal’s Naming and Welcome, 7 October 2018

The cover art here is entitled Brownian Motion READINGS From Always Coming Home by Ursula K. Le Guin STONE TELLING IS my last name. It has come to me of my own choosing, because I have a story to tell

1 week ago

Lucretius Alchemist Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier Address Ursula K. Le Guin Heraclitus DNA Andreas Libavius Brownian motion naming pedesis phlogiston Talitha Hope Annan Tim Ingold

All five, very short, morning reflections on the philosophy of Epicurus broadcast on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire broadcast during September 2018

Talk 1—Losing our fear of the gods (Hear the talk for a limited period of time at this link. The piece starts 18 minutes into the programme and finishes three minutes later.) In the 3rd century BCE, t

1 week ago

ataraxia BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Cambridge Cambridge Unitarian Church Epicureanism Epicurus Memo...