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Can the U.S. Have an Honest Conversation About Guns and Mass Shootings?

Are we ever going to get to the point in the conversation about guns and mass shootings to point out a few things….. 1. The vast majority of mass shooters (and all of the school shooters) are white me

4 hours ago


Getting To Write Your Own Story?…..Priceless (Black Panther, Wakanda, and Unitarian Universalism)

What would Unitarian Universalism look like if people of color were allowed to write the story of it? One of the reasons that Black Panther and Wakanda are such a phenomenon in many circles is because

2 days ago

Theology Unitarian Universalism Pop Culture UU Theology History race UU history UU Ministry UUs of color questions UU congregations racial minorities

Was Black Panther Mentioned In Your UU Congregation Today?

I was going to write another post on what I think Wakanda has to teach Unitarian Universalism, but the longer I’ve thought about it, I need to take a step back. One thing I know is that the Florida sh

4 days ago

Unitarian Universalism Pop Culture Worship white fragility questions UU congregations

“Don’t tell me what’s possible. Tell me the truth.”…One Thing Wakanda Has To Tell Unitarian Universalism

There are so many things that Wakanda could tell Unitarian Universalism. This post will talk about one. For those of you who’ve seen “Black Panther”, you will know that the title of this post comes fr

5 days ago

Unitarian Universalism racism race misc. white fragility UU politics UUs of color UU congregations racial minorities

What Does It Mean To Be Welcoming? And Are People of Color Included?

So this past week has been the week of stories related to UU churches seemingly going out of their way to be explicitly unwelcoming to people of color–particularly visitors. What is it going to take f

1 week ago

Theology Unitarian Universalism UU Theology race hospitality UUs of color UU congregations racial minorities ushering