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“When You Deny Black People Their Humanity, All Things Are Possible”

Story time… On my father’s side, the family is from Mississippi. (both of my grandparents were born there)  Yet, if asked, my father will tell you that he never set foot in the state of Mississippi un

1 week ago

Unitarian Universalism UU racism History race Liberal Religion black lives matter #blacklivesmatter misc. US history UU congregations African Americans liberal theology dehumanization

The Kids Are Not Alright (Charlottesville #3)

I need you to do some reflection, my white liberal friends. How many of you, in your heart of hearts, believe that the Civil War was fought over state’s rights? How many of you, in your heart of heart

08/17/2017 04:51:46 PM

Unitarian Universalism racism History race black lives matter US history questions African Americans racial minorities Reconstruction Slavery post-Reconstruction

Tiki Torches May Look Funny. This Is No Laughing Matter. (Charlottesville #2)

They surrounded a black church on Friday night, friends. I know the pictures could cause one to laugh and want to mock them; a group of (mostly) men carrying cheap outdoor accessories. If that’s all t

08/14/2017 05:42:27 PM

Unitarian Universalism UU race misc. US history UU congregations Charlottesville

Charlottesville Is Why White People Need To Read A Book (or, the Violence of “This Is Not Us”)

I was cursed at birth. My birthday is February 12. So that means I share a birthday with Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. So I was destined to be bitten by the history bug. Charlottesville. If you

08/13/2017 04:39:11 PM

Unitarian Universalism History

Someday We’ll All Be Free…But That Day Ain’t Today–the Prelude (Ferguson, Unitarian Universalism, and Me)

It’s Anniversary Day. I was going to try and explain why I’ve been having a crisis of faith in Unitarian Universalism since August, 2014. But I’ve figured out that I can’t really put it into words. I

08/09/2017 01:09:32 PM

Unitarian Universalism ferguson Mike Brown Black Empowerment Controversy