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When You Can’t Call For Help

I’m housesitting for some friends not too far from my house. No big deal. Except that it is. If something goes wrong, I can’t prove that I have cause to be in the house. So I can’t call for help. Lest

3 days ago


The Care and Feeding of Black Children’s Souls pt. 3

A lot of my UU friends happen to be religious educators. So when I read articles or studies about black children and education, I think about them. It so happens that just as GA was ending, Georgetown

1 week ago

Theology Unitarian Universalism UU UU Theology race Liberal Religion black lives matter UUs of color questions UU congregations liberal theology racial minorities dehumanization

No, Virginia…..All Black People Don’t Look Alike (GA Reflection #1)

Well…GA is over. I’m actually kinda sad about that.  anyway….. Situation #1– After the Service of the Living Tradition on Thursday night, while talking to a friend, a woman comes up to me and says, “I

3 weeks ago

Unitarian Universalism

Pharaoh’s Army Drowned In The Red Sea…or More Unitarian Universalist Nonsense

Somedays the only thing that keeps me half-way in Unitarian Universalism is Aretha Franklin singing gospel.  anyway…… News came out yesterday that UUA officials who RESIGNED from their positions were

06/16/2017 04:41:53 PM

Unitarian Universalism UUA #blacklivesmatter UU politics UUA Administration African Americans

These Things Wouldn’t Happen If You Just Listened To Black Women

I’ve gotten to talk to the bestest friend a couple of times over the past few days. And since bestest friend is also a UU of color, part of our conversation was about the Atlanta survey. In all the go

05/30/2017 06:28:16 PM

Theology Unitarian Universalism UU Theology UUA racism race Liberal Religion UU Ministry misc. UUs of color UU congregations liberal theology racial minorities