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First Meditation On Forgiveness (Of Our Spiritual Strivings pt.2)

I have been a Universalist all of my life. I was a Universalist before I knew the word “universalism” existed. I think it’s important to point this out because this post is about forgiveness. I am als

3 weeks ago

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Trauma and Change

Some of you may remember that before Black Panther consumed my life, I was doing research on the concept of continuing trauma. Science has shown us that trauma changes the genetic makeup of people. Le

4 weeks ago

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Of Our Spiritual Strivings

I’ve been re-reading UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray’s letter which was published on her Facebook page Saturday night. (Actually I’ve read it a few times, because I read a paragraph and stop t

4 weeks ago

Theology Unitarian Universalism UU Theology racism race UUs of color racial minorities

The Valley of the Shadow (#ArethaHomegoing Reflection 2)

Some things about Aretha’s homegoing didn’t really hit until the next day. Rev. Jesse Jackson’s words was one of them. Linda Brown died earlier this year (in March, if I’m remembering correctly). Her

09/07/2018 05:20:28 PM


Crowns and Church Fans (#ArethaHomegoing Reflection 1)

Multiple streams of the Black church flow through me. I grew up in the evangelical/conservative wing of the Disciples tradition. My mother, her sister, and her brother grew up Methodist. And while non

09/04/2018 04:32:38 PM

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