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Baseball in a Time of Politics

Perhaps you hadn’t noticed that the pitchers and catchers of Major League Baseball have gotten back to camp, back on the field, back on tv. Perhaps you’ve been so busy with politics — and so concerned

02/15/2017 04:25:48 PM


Arian Evangelists? How Did I Not Know This? Does Everyone Else Have This in Hand?

Historians debate two models: continuous and discontinuous. I've done enough gardening, tended enough children, done enough genealogy and genograms, to believe there is no such thing as radical discon

09/19/2016 02:04:12 AM

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August 26, 2016

Today I did something I haven’t done for a year or more — I read the UU (Unitarian Universalist) World soon after it landed in our mailbox. I did not read it out of duty or professional commitment; fo

08/26/2016 12:34:03 AM

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Does Pentecost Have a Role in Unitarian Universalism?

Pentecost -- all of us liturgical Christians know its meaning on the calendar. But what does it mean to us Unitarian Universalist Christians who understand Jesus of Nazareth as a historical figure… a

05/13/2016 04:35:21 PM

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Beyond Categorical Terrorism

Kudos to Rachel Maddow for blurring out the face, and refusing to repeat the name, of the young man suspected of joining a prayer service in South Carolina for the purpose of killing the leadership of

06/19/2015 12:19:52 PM

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