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How to Get the Real News

Source: How to Get the Real News

07/29/2017 01:40:13 AM



Just a bit late getting to this, thanks to my wife’s birthday at the same time. Henry Thoreau has just turned 200. Walden was one of my high school summer reading books, and immediately changed my lif

07/14/2017 12:26:05 AM


Scrap notes

My religious community seems to be replaying an experience from the mid 20thcentury by committing a great deal of time and money to eradicating white supremacy in our culture. My life nowadays does no

04/30/2017 11:27:53 PM

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March 31, 2017

It’s been ages since I thought there was any point in writing about polity among the Unitarian Universalists. Nor does my return to the topic, at this cataclysmic moment, indicate either a sense of ho

03/31/2017 01:31:47 PM

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Baseball in a Time of Politics

Perhaps you hadn’t noticed that the pitchers and catchers of Major League Baseball have gotten back to camp, back on the field, back on tv. Perhaps you’ve been so busy with politics — and so concerned

02/15/2017 01:25:48 PM