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Entrustment Ceremony

Entrustment Ceremony (by Rev. Anthony Makar) The transfer of parental rights from one family to another in an open adoption is bittersweet. The role of a ritual, called an entrustment ceremony, to hon

2 days ago

Spiritual Growth and Development adoption Relationships and Communications Worship Arts Entrustment Ceremony

Wonder Woman and Loneliness

As the 2017 blockbuster movie Wonder Woman begins, we hear her voice with its exotic accent, she speaks of wanting to save the world but learning things the hard way. When finally we see her, it’s the

1 week ago

Feminism Sermons and Homilies Spiritual Growth and Development Social Issues Relationships and Communications wonder woman Vocation and Calling Justice Society of America loneliness William Moulton Marston

Respecting Nature’s Wildness

A little more than 163 years ago, our Unitarian Universalist spiritual ancestor Henry David Thoreau spoke about wildness. “Our village life would stagnate,” he said, “if it were not for the unexplored

2 weeks ago

climate change god Sermons and Homilies Spiritual Community Social Issues Stewardship science and religion Vocation and Calling Henry David Thoreau Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Irma the Apocalypse Vaclav Havel wildness

Sticky, Tricky, Tangled: The Immigration Issue

Reading Today’s reading comes from the Rev. Daniel Groody, Roman Catholic priest and scholar: A few years ago I was working in Mexico at a border outreach center that offered material and pastoral sup

2 weeks ago

Unitarian Universalism Jesus Sermons and Homilies Spiritual Community Social Issues Occupy Wall Street immigration inherent worth and dignity xenophobia Undocumented Immigrants Vocation and Calling 53%ers Adam Zagajewski AJC Aviva Chomsky Dom Helder Camara General Assembly 2012 HB 56 HB 87 I am the 53% illegal immigration Jeffrey Kaye migration Nathan Deal Rev. Daniel Groody Rev. John Fife Rev. Peter Morales

Home is the Present Moment

Today we begin a new worship series that takes up the question of “home.” But by “home,” I’m not talking about a mere physical place where a person might happen to sleep, and nor am I talking about th

08/20/2017 07:33:36 AM

mindfulness Home Stories Sermons and Homilies Spiritual Community Spiritual Growth and Development science and religion World Religions Life Skills Relationships and Communications Health and Wellness Zen monkey mind the Buddha