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Who said it best?

45 years ago last month. President Richard Nixon: And I want to say this to the television audience. I made my mistakes. But in all of my years of public life, I have never profited - never profited f

4 days ago

The first degree

Today's Friday letter from the president of my alma mater up north recalls the first graduates, 122 years ago, in 1896, and celebrates 578 graduates ("to receive a combined 587 degrees," go figure) on

5 days ago

Swan songs

NYT proposes to my morning viewing that it's breaking news that George H.W. Bush is having a state funeral, but actually, no. He had a good, long life, some worthy accomplishments, some less-worthy th

1 week ago

Life is a social medium

That quip came to mind as I swam in it this morning, late getting going on the monthly edition of the blog. Is it original? It felt original, but I would be a bit surprised to actually be the first pe

1 week ago

Pants afire

Rudy the red-nosed shyster was talking about Michael Cohen, fresh out of his pleading guilty to lying to Congress, but this "legal" observation is evergreen: “He has so many different versions of the

1 week ago