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Not president's day

Mike Pence spent his holiday weekend working, to reassure European leaders that we have not gone totally crazy over here. It's a rate equation: does our vice-president have enough fingers to stop all

1 day ago

The fiduciary rule seems likely

Catching up on my reading, here's a timely update and amplification to the issue brought up on the 7th. The NYT editorial board reports on a decision from the U.S. District Court for the Northern Dist

2 days ago

Back to school

Newly minted SecEd Betsy DeVos' first day at school didn't go too well. First there were the protesters, "leftwing fascists" reminding us of "the totalitarian left" as Professor Gingrich put it, but s

3 days ago


That headline is from rancher, retired investigative reporter, and now weekly paper owner/publisher Les Zaitz. And the lede from a man who knows something about dark underbellies, David Neiwert, on Fa

4 days ago

There's no upside. It's a mess.

It's not so much the message(s), as the framing . I mean, imagine this line delivered to a well-oiled after-dinner audience: "This administration is running like a fine-tuned machine." The script need

5 days ago