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Crazy coming home to roost?

After three full doses of Clement Leroy "Butch" Otter in the big chair, Idaho has an open race for Governor, and no shortage of interested parties. Republicans have a big leg up, thanks to knee-jerk v

10 hours ago

This just in

Hey, the Department of the Treasury turned in its homework on the new tax bill, only a week or two late! They got it done in one page! They came up with exactly the same answer as the Joint Committee

1 day ago

Net neuterality

Correspondence from Idaho's junior Senator always emphasizes how much he "really appreciates" hearing from me, closing with this stumbling bit of comma-spliced dangled before the Very Truly Yours: "Ag

1 day ago


Last week's op-ed from Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein: How the Republicans Broke Congress: "In the past three days, Republican leaders in the Senate scrambled to corral votes for a tax bill that the Jo

2 days ago

Asymmetrical warfare

Paul Krugman: "[T]he Republican Party has become an extremist institution with little respect for traditional norms of any kind." Can I get a little fact-checking with that? In between the cat videos,

3 days ago