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Single ladies need not apply, presumably?

From the endless stream of fundraising, yet another lottery for dinner... with the Veep! No, not Julie Louis-Dreyfus, I would sign up for that, this is for the "real" VPOTUS of the day. Dinner. With h

22 hours ago

Old-fashioned Montana politics

Here it is election day in Montana, a special to replace Ryan Zinke who's moved to D.C. to be Secretary of the Interior, and the intertubes are burning up with "body slam" headlines. It seems the aspi

1 day ago

Sickness upon the land

The CBO score of the AHCA ( Gesundheit! ) is out, some weeks after the House passed it and that big celebration of the President's legislative non-achievment. How can we put this charitably? There is

2 days ago

Ask your mother

RT picked up the story summer of 2015 when the Idaho County GOP chair came up with the bright idea to have more Bible in our public schools, and gave the Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta, the last word:

2 days ago

2 + 2 = 4

What's two or four million million dollars one way or the other? Is the administration's budget proposal really based on a $2 trillion math error? Doesn't seem too far-fetched for stiff lower lip Mick

4 days ago