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The mother of all bombs

There's been a lot said, a lot being said, what is there for me to add? It's pretty obvious we're in a world of hurt. All of the supposed "principles" the Republicans espoused when they lacked executi

1 day ago

Live steam in Boise

In case you missed Union Pacific No. 844 coming into town last Saturday (as I did), check out the bird's eye view from Dan Dunn, shared via Facebook. Love the goose escort for the drone at one point.

3 days ago

I'll tell you the other thing is (unintelligible)

Another one out of the park from Seth Meyers' "A Closer Look," helpfully framed by HuffPost. "We have a president who can't get anyone to do anything, so he signs, you know, executive orders. And... t

3 days ago

Congress on the blower

Called my Representative, Mike Simpson, at (202) 225-5531 to encourage him to do the right thing in regard to improving legislation in regard to healthcare insurance. The way forward is fraught, and c

3 days ago

Void where prohibited

Leading the parade in today's political spam, a message from no less than you-know-who with an invitation to Join me in Georgia. Says there: "You’ve been one of my most active supporters, and I wanted

3 days ago