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Current events quiz

Q1: What do Global Endeavour Inc., in the Grenadines; Black Sea View Ltd, Global Highway Ltd, Leviathan Advisors Ltd, LOAV Advisors Ltd, Lucicle Consultants Ltd, Peranova Holdings Ltd, and Yiakora Ven

2 hours ago


ticketmaster® (as they style themselves) has added a new feature to their gouge-pricing business model (13.6% add-on at the end of the process in this latest instance): social engagement . They starte

1 day ago

Range war redux

Rep. Rob Bishop is chairman of the Natural Resources Committee, giving him, as he puts it, "a responsibility to conduct oversight of Department of the Interior and its nine constituent bureaus that ar

3 days ago

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

How made for America is this? Some of us still remember Honest Abe's birthday (the 12th) and our first president's (the 22d), the one who has the capital and a state and a mess of counties and a stree

3 days ago

Dodgy expertise

This story's a little stale, but I just stumbled on it yesterday, and it's an interesting look at two ways of leveraging science. The way of the World Health Organization's International Agency for Re

4 days ago