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Why we can't have nice things

Down south here, where we're not all just getting along, cultural observer and sometimes apologist for the right, David Brooks, fires for effect on the current state of Republican politicians. The hea

1 hour ago

Can't we all just get along, eh

Still trying to figure out what "populist" means, exactly, but the current administration in this country hints that it's mostly awful. Is it more than inciting nativist mobs? Our neighbor to the nort

2 hours ago

Burning down the house

Here is required reading for narrow-minded lawmakers who think their experience in accounting, manufacturing, or whatever proves that the private sector solves problems better, so we don't need so muc

19 hours ago

Until we figure out what the heck is going on

The first travel ban was ordered on January 27, before being blocked by a federal appeals court. The second one was ordered on March 6. So to begin with, 150 days ago, the president wanted a 90-day ba

21 hours ago

Strange bedfellows

George Rasley is exhorting his followers with the Conservative HQ trumpet, toward the same end (sort of) of stopping the Senate version of the AHCA, albeit in a different direction: he's calling all c

22 hours ago