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Swearing on Oath

TIL there are 13 Oath brands for which I might manage privacy settings, thanks to my path into Yahoo! being blocked by a modal demand that I accept new terms of surrender. INDIVIDUALLY?! Before I get

15 hours ago

The hard road toward legitimate unity

Ezra Klein's description and think piece, on the eve of an election likely to have profound consequences for our future: The rigging of American politics. "Political systems depend on legitimacy. In A

2 days ago

Good news and bad news

The Pew Research Center's latest sampling of the Zeitgeist leads with how little partisan agreement there is, but there's one thing that (almost) everybody agrees on: we're open-minded. 90 and 96% of

3 days ago

Don't be evil (until the price is right

On the road to three internets, this jolly tidbit from the NYT Editorial Board (with links to The Intercept from the original): "...Google is working on a search engine for China known as Dragonfly. I

3 days ago

Litmus test

It astounds me to get drawn into this ridiculous drama, but let's all have a look at Senator Elizabeth Warren's DNA test results because our president* is a flaming racist? Who knew that there was a u

4 days ago