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Suspicious language

Our quirky visit to Europe just completed (with the arrival of our checked luggage Thursday evening) involved 7 languages in 3 countries, counting the touchdowns in Munich to change planes. German, Ro

1 day ago

8 divided by 292,226 is... not a lot

The Daily Beast's terse report of Judge Wood's terse order says that only 8 items out of nearly 300,000 seized from Michael Cohen by the FBI are protected by attorney-client privilege. I read through

1 day ago

Bad news

It was a relief to be out of the mainstream of US political news for a while. Not terribly surprising that things seem even worse than before as we catch up. "We were the leader of the free world," no

2 days ago

Live and learn

A friend's "thought for the day" yesterday, from James Joyce kicked off the season. With a gentle rewrite to make it serve for all of us: "One's errors are the portals of discovery." Then today, from

2 days ago

Serendipity abundance

There are inevitable slights and bruises in travel, and away from home, they capture more attention. But we go to encounter the new, the longed-for, the imagined, and we always find less, and much mor

6 days ago