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Thanks for asking

The RNC sent me a "Trump Agenda Survey" the other day, just the usual engage-and-solicit sort of thing, but 13 questions to guide my attention and thinking, that's nice. The simple Agree/Disagree/Not

1 day ago

Q and A

Let's go back to yesterday's question in the Rose Garden: “Why haven’t we heard anything from you so far about the soldiers that were killed in Niger?” No answer was given. The press is now devouring

3 days ago

Political (non)performance

It was some performance out in the Rose Garden today. A few lies about the tax "reform" from the big man, and then Mitch McConnell had a chance to do obeisance. He sang of the greatness that was the n

4 days ago

Updates good and bad

It feels a bit strange taking computer advice from "Kim Komando" ("America's Digital Goddess®" no less), or one of her lieutenants, but seems likely useful content to know that Windows10 is changing "

1 week ago

Paul Ryan is a big fat liar

Most politicians barking for public consumption will make some attempt at genunine arguments. In their fundraising, they're not so delicate. This just in from "Team Ryan" (a joint fundraising committe

1 week ago