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The man with silver bullets

In his nearly-end-of-session legislative newsletter, right-wing man Rep. Ron Nate is stumping for H206, "still awaiting a hearing in the Senate Local Government and Taxation committee." The idea, as h

8 hours ago

Stop me if you've heard this one

Jeanette works as a volunteer at the Boise Public Library! once a week, handling the considerable weight of donations it receives, and turning them into good things like tens of thousands of dollars t

9 hours ago

We're all in this together

The NYT front page was gentler on the debacular week than it might have been, but "Trump ensnared in Fiery GOP Civil War," "Paul Ryan emerges bruised" and "Health Defeat Leaves Backers in Political Ja

1 day ago

The buck stops over there

So, #45 cold-called WaPo reporter Robert Costa to complain about how the Democrats sunk his healthcare initiative. Seriously. It's Chuck Shumer's and Nancy Pelosi's fault. "There's something preposter

3 days ago

Ok, one more

TrumpCare was written in secret on the back of a napkin. Obamacare had: 79 public meetings. 181 experts testify. 121 accepted amendments. — Indivisible Guide (@IndivisibleTeam) March 24, 2017

3 days ago