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The cost of stupidity is still going up

And yet, after millions in damages, Oregon standoff defendants agree to pay back a measly $78,000, after "very involved negotiations by both sides." Neither of those two "sides" included the Bundy boy

15 hours ago

We want to hear from you, not very much

After today's swamp creature fundraising luncheon in Boise, a fresh Team Ryan email hit my inbox at 4pm, subject Have a question for Paul Ryan? Oh yes I do! More than one, actually, so I started filli

16 hours ago

Political capital

The Speaker of the House's "Team" says he "has a plan to re-work [sic] our tax code so that it works for you." Our tax system hasn't changed for 31 years. Not only is it out-of-date, but it's onerous,

21 hours ago


Safe to say there is nothing like it in the whole world. Drove up into the hills on Sunday afternoon, expecting... not too much trouble, but some, probably. There was none. Boise to Horseshoe Bend, to

22 hours ago


Heard tales... and warnings. All the rental cars in town are apparently spoken for. Some eastern Idaho farmer had to run off some yayhoos who thought they'd camp out in a planted field . And at the ga

4 days ago