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UUs bring heaven to people with their seven principles

Linda said she believed in deprivation. She complained of feeling anxious much of the time. She told me her doctor told her she was suffering from "generalized anxiety disorder" and prescribed Klonapi

1 hour ago

seven principles

How to UUs respond to the racism at Charlottesville with moral authority?

Rev. Marlin Lavanhar at All Soul's Church in Tulsa Oklahoma gave a wonderful sermon on Sunday, 08/20/17 entitled "Charlottesville: It's not so black and white." It is well worth listening to and shari

1 day ago

racism Principle 1 Worth and Dignity moral authority

August 21, 2017

1 day ago

Lack of security contributes to UU unhappiness

Dear UU A Way Of Life: I don't find UUs an especially happy group. If anything I find them the opposite. They seem ready to argue over every little thing and they aren't good at resolving conflict whi

2 days ago

happiness Church Growth organizational functioning

How are UUs happy?

Osho teaches that there are four stages of well being: pleasure, happiness, joy, and bliss. Pleasure is when we scratch an itch or engage in some other tension reduction like eating when we are hungry

3 days ago