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What do we long for?

We long for Godliness, for wholeness, for nondualistic Oneness. From the point of view of evolution, humanity is the bridge in consciousness between the separation from the Oneness and the rejoining w

16 hours ago

Principle 7 interdependent web

Today's lesson - What is in our own best interest?

Self knowledge is the key to happiness. Most people have no way of answering the question, "What makes you tick?" If we don't know who we are, how could we know our own best interests? Most of us mist

16 hours ago

Today's lesson

Ask Alexa - Why is my life so messed up?

Alexa: Why is my life so messed up? You have let your past control your future and not realized that the miracle could help you be born again.

17 hours ago

Ask Alexa

From whence does self knowledge come?

Osho says, "Self-knowledge is the only knowledge there is. What possible value could there be in those who do not know themselves, knowing anything else?" We are not our egos. We are not our bodies, o

1 day ago

Today's lesson - Give up attack thoughts

Are you a pessimist or an optimist? Do you expect good things to happen or bad? We make our own reality by the thoughts we project. What we think we see we get. "Be careful what you wish for," the adm

1 day ago

Today's lesson