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May 18, 2017

Hope and Hopium, or Where are the Princess Bride & Westley When We Need Them? Part II If you haven't read Part I, please do so before you continue. As Paul Harvey used to say, and now for the rest of

6 days ago

Hope & Hopium, or Where are the Princess Bride & Westley When We Need Them? Part I

As someone who played soldier through much of his childhood, it's a little embarrassing to admit how much I love The Princess Bride . Now it's true that I had much more admiration for Ulysses than Ach

1 week ago

Finding My Voice, Part 2

Okay, I don't expect to have it this bad. I do know climate scientists to have received death threats, but I am only likely to receive the curses of an annoyed reader. No, what is held me back is fear

2 weeks ago

Finding My Voice, Part I

I started this blog to guide Unitarian Universalist ministerial candidates through the fellowshipping process. Much of the material here is useful for anyone preparing for an interview. My ministry ha

2 weeks ago

Hello again, naturally

Long time since I've posted.  Physics continues to outrun politics, but there is a glimmer of hope for solidarity--inter-racially, intergenerationally, and interfaith. Not enough people yet realize th

06/26/2013 07:42:00 PM