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“You’ll Be Back” (Hamilton song by song, 7)

I’ve been looking forward to this. “You’ll Be Back” is the first song from Hamilton that I heard, and it was so incisive and funny that I was immediately won over. I had to hear the rest. It is the “l

1 day ago

music Hamilton imperialism

“Farmer Refuted” (Hamilton song by song, 6)

What is a composer to do when his subject’s most dramatic actions were frequently . . . the writing of political pamphlets? Not exactly nail-biting action, right? “The Farmer Refuted” is a pamphlet Al

4 days ago

music Hamilton

“The Schuyler Sisters” (Hamilton song by song, 5)

Even in the 1770s, rich people went slumming. So says Aaron Burr, and why should we doubt it? Major General Philip Schuyler’s daughters are rich, but they want to be “downtown . . . at the college,” w

5 days ago

music Hamilton

“The Story of Tonight” (Hamilton song by song, 4)

How will our lives appear to the people of future generations? How will our story be told? Hamilton repeatedly raises these questions. It’s a historical drama about history itself. Of course Miranda f

6 days ago

music History theater Hamilton

“My Shot” (Hamilton song by song, 3)

The challenge of writing about a historical event is to make the audience feel what people felt before the event had reached the conclusion we all know about. During the American Revolution, no one kn

1 week ago

music Hamilton