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Ghost Ship drawings

A year ago tomorrow, 36 people died in the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland. At the time I did these two drawings in my sketchbook (a third didn’t scan right and I’ll add it later). I was haunted by the sto

1 week ago

economic justice art journal drawings

What’s revealed by a few phone calls

Yes, yes, condolence calls don’t bear much scrutiny and it’s time to stop analyzing what each of these poor people had to endure, or what they appreciated, about a call from our 45th, in chronology an

10/20/2017 05:08:20 PM


Unreality-based leadership

I know there is a long list of things to worry about that Trump is doing vis-a-vis Puerto Rico alone, yet this little exchange may be what frightens me the most. (Transcript from the Washington Post.)

10/09/2017 10:25:49 AM

politics donald trump pathological lying

Colony Collapse Disorder (print)

Joy spotted a sign for an etching workshop here in Oaxaca (grabado en metal, in Spanish): three days, five hours a day, various techniques. Investigation confirmed that the artist was willing to reach

07/27/2017 09:02:45 AM


San Marcos Tlapazola

A Mexico first for me: yesterday, in order to get from Tlacolula (home of a huge Sunday market) to the small town of San Marcos Tlapazola, we and our friend Jacki took one of the ubiquitous tarp-cover

07/17/2017 09:48:05 AM

Mexico Oaxaca San Marcos Tlapazola