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I’m at the annual meeting and conference of Unitarian Universalists, General Assembly: this year, in New Orleans. Instead of bringing knitting to occupy my hands through the many meetings and workshop

3 days ago

art journal drawings

“Cabinet Battle #1” (Hamilton song by song, 25)

I didn’t even know what a rap battle was until I heard Hamilton, and now I’m trawling through YouTube looking for the ones I like best. Insult humor has never done much for me before, maybe partly bec

1 week ago

music Hamilton plays

“What’d I Miss?” (Hamilton song by song, 24)

We’re in Act II! I’m curious about the way the chorus gives the date this time, not in its usual straightforward way, but stuttered–“Se-se-seventeen, se-se-” until Burr cuts in and completes it. Anyon

1 week ago

music Hamilton plays

Non-Stop (Hamilton song by song, 23)

Maaaaan, this song is non-stop! The repeated figure on the piano propels it forward, with the “Awwww!”s and “Non-stop!”s of the ensemble periodically giving it another push. Even though it’s episodic,

1 week ago


“Dear Theodosia” (Hamilton song by song, 22)

Parents, doesn’t this line capture perfectly what happens to you when you hold your child for the first time?: “There is so much more inside me now.”* Alexander Hamilton sings it to his baby son, and

2 weeks ago

music Hamilton plays