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“Take a Break” (Hamilton song by song, 26)

I don’t do too well without deadlines. I imposed one on myself for this series; I would write about every song before I went to see the show. But then it became clear that I wasn’t going to make it, a

3 weeks ago

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Suggested slogan for Paris

(Consider this backdated a week. I have been too tired from full days of museum-walking and street-exploring to do much blogging.) In case Paris decides it needs a new slogan, I suggest “It lives up t

07/01/2018 02:02:39 PM


Language challenges

(Catching up on blogging–this was written during our stay in Paris a week ago) Joy and I both had a decent knowledge of French back in college, but that was a long time ago. Being in Paris is re-activ

06/30/2018 05:10:11 PM


Genderqueerness at the art museum

We went to the Musée d’Art Moderne with the express purpose of seeing a mural called “The Electricity Fairy” by Raoul Dufy. Joy’s discovery of this mural’s existence was an occasion for amazement, sin

06/24/2018 04:59:23 PM

Art gender Anton Räderscheidt

Impressionism Day

Today, our third full day in Paris, the schedule was: Musee de L’Orangerie, with its two oval rooms immersing the viewers in Monet’s water lilies. There are lots of other Impressionist paintings as we

06/22/2018 06:10:33 PM