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Free and clear

I acquired my first student loan in 1986, when I started college. I acquired my last one the year I completed seminary, 2000. As of this morning, eighteen years after graduating, I still owed tens of

3 weeks ago

money student loans

Before the service begins

We went to church last night, in a quiet spot amidst the glitz and noise of the New York theater district. Bruce Springsteen seems to have the same goals for a performance as I do for a worship servic

03/30/2018 09:14:47 AM



Catsitter is in place, redeye is behind me, and I’m in New York, where the public radio stations play classical music and the taxi drivers play the public radio stations. This one does, anyway. I’m gr

03/27/2018 06:12:12 AM


Marching for our lives

Joy and Indigo are out of town for spring break, but I won’t follow them until Monday night, since I have an all-day training to go to on Monday. So I enjoyed a quiet morning at home alone today (Satu

03/25/2018 03:03:03 AM


Political misconceptions: Three-fifths of a person

Today’s political misconception is the one about enslaved African-Americans being counted as three-fifths of a person in the United States constitution. It’s true; it was spelled out in Article 1 unti

03/07/2018 06:32:36 PM

History countering racism