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“Alexander Hamilton” (Hamilton song by song, 1)

I’m sorry to add to the sorrows of anyone who didn’t wangle a ticket, but I’m very excited: we are going to see Hamilton in July! Around the time we got tickets, my mom asked what she should give us f

5 hours ago

music theater Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda

Thank you to the UUA Board

I keep trying to write long pieces about this and feeling like others have said the same thing better. So I will just put it in two sentences. I am thrilled that the UUA Board has committed significan

3 days ago

Unitarian Universalism White Supremacy

Too many books / What are you reading?

I usually have about three books going at once: one in the car, one or two on the nightstand, one in Spanish for my weekly class. Right now, though, it’s out of control. Currently actively, if slowly,

2 weeks ago


Magical thinking and white supremacy

When my daughter was very little, three or four years old, there was a conversation we would have all too often. I tried not to nag about minor dangers, preferring for her to learn safety through expe

2 weeks ago

White Supremacy BLUU

Study leave in progress

I am in the midst of a week’s study leave. As usual, I didn’t really clear my desk before this “break from usual responsibilities,” much less write the reflection and eulogy I will need for Sunday, so

3 weeks ago

Uncategorized grief History