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Printer help sought

Here’s a problem I have EVERY time I cancel a print job: it doesn’t cancel. Usually it then gets stuck and won’t let me print anything else; sometimes it just ignores me and after wasting ink on what

1 week ago


If I were a poet, like Derek Walcott

If I were a poet, then I could probably make a poem of this story: Some poems of Derek Walcott, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, appear on the website Poem Hunter. Someone comments on one of t

1 week ago


Are you practicing Lent?

I’m using the three-part approach to Lent that I’ve used before: give something up that drains my spirit: Facebook add something positive that feeds my spirit: draw every day, preferably before breakf

2 weeks ago

Uncategorized Spiritual practices

More grid drawings

I’m loving exploring this idea from different angles. When does a grid stop being a grid? What is it then? The tension between the formal rules of the grid and the movement that arises through and in

02/19/2017 11:27:40 PM


Grid drawings from the sketchbook

I keep drawing these grids in my little 4×6 sketchbook. I’m experimenting with how to change the shape and flow of the squares; in my view this next one went off the rails, but the two people who have

02/10/2017 10:27:55 AM

art journal drawings