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Open letters to advertisers on vicious hoax sites

As long as lawmakers and courts insist that what James Madison had in mind with the Second Amendment was unlimited weaponry for the likes of Nikolas Cruz and Adam Lanza, we’re going to have to hit the

1 day ago

Gun Control gun violence

My approach to bullet journaling (maybe some of it will be yours)

I don’t want to become another bullet journal user who blogs about bullet journaling, but the same sorts of questions about “bujo” (as it is mercifully abbreviated) keep popping up among my friends, a

5 days ago


Question: What is 14?

Answer: The number of days after InfoWars host Alex Jones published his “final statement” asserting that the killings at Sandy Hook were a hoax (11/18/16) that Donald Trump appeared on Jones’s show to

5 days ago


Lenten practices for 2018

Each year for the season of Lent, since 2011, I have undertaken three spiritual practices: one subtractive, one additive, and one giving. This year, as I have done a few times before, I will subtract

1 week ago

Art Spiritual practices White Supremacy

The struggle against procrastination, continued

My friend Dan Schatz teased me about my tiny little strike against procrastination, but darn it, it works. I have stuck with it and gradually added two other habits. One is taking something downstairs

1 week ago