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A colleague, whom I consider a front-line soldier in the fight for racial justice, asked a question on Facebook and tagged me. I needed a minute to contemplate her important question. Here it is: "Loo

04/22/2018 11:03:10 AM

Dismantling Racism Part 3: Pray Don't Prey

I'm pretty sure this was not meant to happen, because when I stopped to take the pictures, there was a place behind the skeleton of the barn where some new construction had begun. Later, I saw some me

04/15/2018 07:52:14 PM

Sympathy for the Devil

Am I crazy? I can't believe I'm away from network and cable TV, and I'm going to watch a four-part series on Netflix called Trump: An American Dream. I'll just give it a try, I think, as I download th

04/09/2018 08:54:52 PM

When are we all Stormy Daniels???

our daffodils! Of course we'd never be a porn star or have sex with Donald Trump. PTL!  Nor am I planning to share any further photos here, at least none of Stormy with or without Donald. Maybe some k

03/27/2018 10:36:55 AM

Dismantling Racism. Part 2

After writing about Dismantling Racism   and continuing to think about the topic, all the while driving by this barn, which has been slowly deteriorating over the ten years I've owned my farm, but whi

03/22/2018 06:39:49 PM