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What You Don't Want to Know....

Seth and Pupcake after his birthday dinner Keeland, whose nickname is "Pupcake," couldn't come to Seth's party at Chuck-e-Cheese because she's terrified of Chuckie. She's twelve, like Seth was before

3 days ago

Deportation: Does Anyone Care?

Pansy Valdez When I returned from the hotel breakfast buffet, Keeland and Pansy were still sleeping on the bedroom side of the suite, but Eric was awake, looking at the news on his phone, and looking

3 weeks ago

Happy Thanks-taking Day!

I enjoy the traditions of this day! The third Thursday in November is a national holiday that is secular and all-American (except for the original "Americans") But the myth of the first Thanksgiving i

11/23/2017 11:15:35 AM

There But for the Grace....

Days like this, it is so good to go to the local Amish store and chat with Alfred and his daughters. It's not that the Amish are perfect or exempt from the challenges of living; in fact some things, l

10/03/2017 03:26:12 PM

How are you, Beloved?

Swing built by Big Daddy for Pupcake. I loved sitting in it and thinking about how strong and sturdy he made it, of her day dreams as she watched him at work... and I loved the drink holder her made f

09/25/2017 07:03:20 PM