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What is Wrong With Us?

Guest Post by Ben Soule What are we doing?  Our country is perfecting the response to mass shootings.  We have moments of silence.  We lower flags.  We send thoughts and prayers.  We give blood.  We h

10/04/2017 09:05:44 AM

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Not in Our Town

We should delude ourselves no longer: it was not that many years ago that the Westboro Baptist Church, spewing their hate-filled rhetoric, came into town. It is a somewhat-regular occurrence that whit

08/16/2017 08:05:31 AM

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Number 208

Guest Post by Ben Soule The day after the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly ended my wife Deb and I were still in New Orleans. Most of the other delegates had already flown out and

07/11/2017 05:21:57 PM

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Don’t Piss in My Ear and Tell Me It’s Rain

My father-in-law, Dick Soule, was a colorful character.  He had many sayings – some of them made more sense than others – all interesting, some timely.  And maybe none were more timely than the one I’

02/07/2017 03:17:26 PM

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A Legacy, Sprung from Welcoming the Stranger

Reinhard and Margarethe were once strangers in this country. They had met at a tuberculosis sanitorium in Germany; he from the former East Germany and she from the Black Forest.

01/26/2017 05:39:13 PM

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