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Guest Post by Ben Soule The day after the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly ended my wife Deb and I were still in New Orleans. Most of the other delegates had already flown out and

2 weeks ago

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Don’t Piss in My Ear and Tell Me It’s Rain

My father-in-law, Dick Soule, was a colorful character.  He had many sayings – some of them made more sense than others – all interesting, some timely.  And maybe none were more timely than the one I’

02/07/2017 03:17:26 PM

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A Legacy, Sprung from Welcoming the Stranger

Reinhard and Margarethe were once strangers in this country. They had met at a tuberculosis sanitorium in Germany; he from the former East Germany and she from the Black Forest.

01/26/2017 05:39:13 PM

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Things to be grateful for

I guess there is one thing that I can be grateful for on this Inauguration Day:  Donald J. Trump got me back into blogging.  After weeks of feeling increasingly ill, after nights of tossing and turnin

01/20/2017 06:20:31 AM

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Just Yesterday

No one could remember when the last time was that this had happened; all they could do was talk about Lincoln's assassination; all I could do was watch them, and watch the TV.

11/21/2013 05:01:40 AM

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