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David’s blog has moved.

See   https://medium.com/@davidbreeden7/fake-news-sense-and-sensibility-82a2fd5e5d6b    

08/31/2017 08:36:41 AM


#Charlottesville and Getting Real

I spent some time in the Czech Republic not long after the Wall fell. One day I was sitting in a small park with a statue at its center. The statue showed a Soviet soldier protecting a woman—presumabl

08/17/2017 08:54:14 AM

social justice Unitarian Universalist racism community politics values diversity Power conflict #Humanism #Charlottesville

On the Suppression of Knowledge

This week a New York Times headline reads “Scientists Fear Trump Will Dismiss Climate Change Report.” The article includes a link to the 693 page report, and can be found here: https://www.nytimes.com

08/10/2017 08:04:55 AM

Religion social justice Unitarian Universalist community politics values Faith Development conflict Environmental issues #Humanism #globalclimate

#Epicurus and Atomic Moderation

Working out the implications of what it means that “mind” is a function of the brain is perhaps the greatest challenge—both medically and philosophically—of the twenty-first century. People are workin

08/03/2017 08:03:31 AM

Religion relationships Unitarian Universalist humanism values Faith Development

Steal Your Fire, Drink Your Tea

In the late nineteenth and into the twentieth-century a good many Unitarian congregations sponsored Prometheus Clubs. These were forums for dangerous ideas—some new ones, such as quantum mechanics, an

07/27/2017 09:31:06 AM

Religion spirituality Unitarian Universalist community values Faith Development Scripture #Humanism #mythology