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TaglineTo those who see the world in black and white, gray is an evil idea and color is madness.
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Mark Fisher on Class Reductionists

I reread Exiting the Vampire Castle and was struck by this (italics mine): I’ve noticed a fascinating magical inversion projection-disavowal mechanism whereby the sheer mention of class is now automat

1 day ago

class reductionists

The Mobbings of Mark Fisher, Freddie deBoer, and Leftists who Criticize the Identitarian Left

I can't say for sure that Mark Fisher killed himself because he was mobbed by the identitarian left, but I suspect it, and I'm not alone in that. I can't say for sure that Freddie deBoer broke because

2 days ago


Leslie Lee III on class reductionists

"If any class-reductionist leftists actually exist they would still be 100 times more helpful to black people than neoliberals." —Leslie Lee III

2 days ago

class reductionists

The shortest history I've ever written of Privilege Theory

A comment I left at Facebook: Privilege theory comes from Kimberle Crenshaw's fusion of bourgeois feminism with Derrick Bell's Critical Race Theory, which comes from the black churches. It ignores the

3 days ago

privilege theory

Paul Robeson rejects identitarianism

"Here was the first understanding that the struggle of the Negro people, or of any people, cannot be by itself. That is, the human struggle. And so ... my politics embraced also the common struggle of

4 days ago