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On Milo Yiannopoulos and Samuel R. Delany, and why child pornography is a real crime, not a thought crime

Yiannopoulos and Delany have similar histories, but because their politics are different, some defenders of one will attack the other for his sexual views. Delany talked about his past here: a convers

1 day ago

Hate Crimes Samuel R. Delany

"Privilege" has been neoliberalized and "inequality" is next

The Ford Foundation made a vapid video that discusses inequality in identitarian terms, focusing on race and gender almost exclusively. Doug Henwood shared it on Facebook, where Michael Pollak left th

1 day ago

privilege theory neoliberalism

Tidying up: An apology for Julia Sparkymonster, Micole Coffeeandink, and Mary Dell

April 2015/February 2017 Dear Julia, Micole, and Mary, Like most artists, I try to keep track of online mentions of my name. Often the results are nice. Perhaps the nicest was when I saw someone prais

2 days ago

The Socialism of Fools, Part 2: The Logic of Antisemitism is the Logic of Identitarianism

Previously: The Socialism of Fools, Part 1: Antisemitism and Malcolm X, Derrick Bell, and Louis Farrakhan • “Antisemitism is the Socialism of fools.” —a saying of German social democrats at the end o

4 days ago

Feminism antiracism identitarianism antisemitism privilege theory racism = prejudice + power

Antisemitism, the Socialism of Fools, Part 1: Malcolm X, Derrick Bell, and Louis Farrakhan

Malcolm X accepted the antisemitism of Elijah Muhammad's Nation of Islam when he was with them. Forward, a Yiddish newspaper, wrote in 1963: When Malcolm X was asked whether the Black Muslims are anti

5 days ago

antiracism identitarianism antisemitism derrick bell Malcolm X / Malik El-Shabazz