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TaglineTo those who see the world in black and white, gray is heresy and color is madness.
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Red Son Superman versus Sovietman! plus their suits for Poser and DAZ

I read Superman: Red Son too long ago to remember why it disappointed me. I suspect I wanted to either read a fun story in an alternate world or a profound commentary on capitalism, communism, liberta

4 days ago


Waku, Prince of the Bantu, Marvel's first major black hero

I've noted often that in the 1960s, Marvel was better with race and DC was better with gender. Marvel was better at race in the 1950s too. Their first black character to win cover status and an on-goi

4 days ago

comic book heroes of color

On the public domain Superman, plus a free Fleischer Superman for Poser and DAZ

Max Fleischer made Superman fly—literally. Before his Superman cartoons, Superman was limited to running faster than a speeding locomotive and leaping tall buildings with a single bound. But animating

5 days ago

Superman public domain characters Poser and DAZ

Are Mickey Mouse's spats and gloves racist? The argument against.

I love Ty Templeton's cartoons, but I think he and the people he's siding with are wrong about Mickey Mouse's spats and gloves coming from the minstrel tradition. Here's the cartoon: The Gloves are Of

1 week ago

Mickey Mouse antiracist excess

Four and a half Golden Age female superheroes in modest costumes

The most famous female superhero of the Golden Age of comics, Wonder Woman, shows a bit of skin. Perhaps the next most famous, the Phantom Lady, shows even more. But just as costumes for men ranged fr

2 weeks ago

Feminism superheroes sexism cosplay women kicking butt