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TaglineTo those who see the world in black and white, gray is heresy and color is madness.
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Addressing class reduces racism. Addressing race increases it.

Race reductionists say ending poverty won't cure racism. People who want to end poverty agree—some racists will be racists until they die. But there is evidence that ending economic inequality reduces

18 hours ago

class and race race reductionism class trumps race

Private schools focus on race instead of class because it's cheaper

How Much Do You Pay for College? - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education:  Addressing class inequality is more expensive than addressing racial and gender inequities because low-inc

19 hours ago

Education class and race class trumps race

Which groups are more privileged than you? A handy list.

All numbers are for US median household income in US dollars, rounded to the nearest dollar. Note: Many people say education explains income. They fail to note that education is expensive, so it's eas

1 week ago

Hinduism Judaism privilege theory handy list Asian American income

An update on the gentrification of fandom

Neil Gaiman shared this, making it one of my most popular tweets: In 1960, you could buy 10 comic books or three 35 cent paperback books for about $1, the minimum wage. Today, an hour's work at minimu

2 weeks ago

fandom privilege theory People of Privilege

Did anyone ever say women are destroying science fiction? No.

 I shared this on Facebook and Twitter: Has anyone in the last fifty years actually said women are ruining science fiction? When I was a boy in the early '60s, one of my first faves was the ubiquitous

2 weeks ago