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TaglineIf you read charitably, this is the blog of the real Will Shetterly. If you read through a thick ideological lens, this is the blog of the straw Will Shetterly.
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Shetterly's Iron Fist guide—which episodes to skip for a better overall experience

Iron Fist's greatest problem is the writing, which means you have to blame Scott Buck, the show runner. There's enough material for a good eight episodes, but it's stretched out for thirteen. A dedica

8 hours ago


Three and a half things I believe about writing and "cultural appropriation"

1. "Write what you know" does not mean we should limit our writing to our history. It means we should research the things we don't know, and we should research the things we think we know. When we get

17 hours ago

cultural appropriation

Using Jessica Valenti to rant about Clinton feminists, and a question about all men

A Facebook friend shared Trump did to Merkel what men do to women all the time | Jessica Valenti, which has the subhead, "Men constantly ignore women – but most of the time no one notices it. Except,

2 days ago


What you lose if you make Iron Fist or Dr. Strange Asian

I get why some fans wish Iron Fist or Dr. Strange had been Asian. If no one else had argued they should be, I probably would have. Old comic books have no shortage of white male heroes. But. Let's be

3 days ago

movies colorblindness

Why antiracists misunderstand Hugh Davis "defiling his body in lying with a Negro" in 1630—or the New York Times gets it wrong again

I thought What if the Court in the Loving Case Had Declared Race a False Idea? - The New York Times makes an interesting argument, but Brent Staples bolsters it with a common shallow assumption. I rea

2 weeks ago

gay rights antiracism class and history