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TaglineTo those who see the world in black and white, gray is an evil idea and color is madness.
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Women show more gender bias than men in Implicit Association Tests

There Are Problems With the Gender-Bias IAT, Too -- Science of Us: There Are Problems With the Gender-Bias IAT, Too -- Science of Us: "As Greg Mitchell and Phil Tetlock put it in a book chapter that i

1 day ago

gender sexism Project Implicit

Is there any evidence that Bernie Sanders ultimately helped or hurt Hillary Clinton's campaign?

There are two narratives that annoy me because I see no evidence for them. The first is the Clinton camp's insistence that Sanders hurt her chances of winning. The second is the authoritarian socialis

1 day ago

Hillary Clinton neoliberalism Bernie Sanders

A reminder that Obama could have passed single-payer in 2009 if he had wanted to

Crossing National Public Radio (NPR) Off My List for Health Care Coverage | naked capitalism: “Cobble together the votes” is sloppy language that conflates two arguments: First, a sin of commission: T

2 days ago

universal health care

Emma Bull's take on how the writers should handle the change of gender on Doctor Who

I wrote, They don't need to do more than have the doctor glance in a mirror and react visually, or say something casual like, "That's interesting." Emma wrote, I remember when he complained about neve

4 days ago

Dr. Who

Speech, not skin or gender, matters most when recasting characters

On Twitter, talking about the new star of Dr. Who, John Bullock said, Oh hang on. I'll accept a lady doc, black doc, gay doc, trans doc... but make the doc not British and I'm out. Some lines you don'

5 days ago