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A little about Warpship Victoria

Warpship Victoria will appear daily for week, and then the schedule will be Monday through Friday. Here's the first page: If you'd like to read more, click for Page 2.

2 days ago

Warpship Victoria

A warrior in the whisper wars

I've spent the last few days dealing with an unpleasantness that may never go public but is undoubtedly fodder for fandom's gossip mill. For now, I'll share this bit from a letter I sent to address it

3 days ago

respect gossip hoax hate crimes mobbing

Two black people on the Titanic in fact and a third in folklore

The Titanic had at least two black passengers, and more if you count one passenger's children. The story of Joseph Laroche is in Was a Black Man on the Titanic? His white wife and their daughters were

6 days ago

class and race history vs folklore

An article to cite when you want to show Fox News, the Mirror, and the Daily Mail are unreliable

Media fooled by fake news item about married twins: While more reputable sites like the New York Times or Washington Post don’t appear to be running with this nonsense story, many other widely read ne

1 week ago

On Charging Bull and Fearless Girl, and the ethics of creators

Re: 'Charging Bull' sculptor says New York's 'Fearless Girl' statue violates his rights | US news | The Guardian Putting Fearless Girl in front of Charging Bull made a clever mash-up, but as a creator

2 weeks ago

Ethics street artists