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TaglineTo those who see the world in black and white, gray is heresy and color is madness.
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Dear readers who are disappointed that I'm a democratic socialist who believes in free speech, civility, and the presumption of innocence

I periodically get angry messages from people who say they loved my novels and hate that I oppose identitarianism, censorship, and mobbing. Okay, they don't use those words. Here's the most recent exa

11 hours ago

Feminism Universalism

Three men falsely accused after Weinstein's fall: Sam Seder, Matt Taibbi, Mark Ames

In times of moral panic—which often begin with a valid concern—the worst people will exploit the panic to attack their opponents, knowing guilt will be assumed by everyone who's been caught up in the

12 hours ago

moral panic

Woody Allen and Soon Yi Previn: basic facts

Dylan Farrow's Why has the #MeToo revolution spared Woody Allen? asks a question that implies an answer she does not want to hear. Abusers tend to have more than one victim. When no one else is speaki

2 days ago


This video about editing the first Star Wars has good points about effective storytelling in all forms

Lucas, like most of us, was at his best when he had to carefully consider the opinions of other people. The first Star Wars would have failed if he hadn't had a smart producer, Alan Ladd Jr., who forc

2 days ago

star wars story elements editing

What Samantha Geimer says about Roman Polanski and why his haters ignore her

My curse is to see a third side in polarizing issues. The result is getting hated or ignored by people on both sides. I'm saddened to see the same thing happens to Samantha Geimer: the people who clai

1 week ago

Roman Polanski