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STLT#175, We Celebrate the Web of Life

Sometimes a hymn sits next to our principles, or waves from across the room at them, or bumps into them in the hallway as they’re rushing to a committee meeting, or left a cryptic email, or BS’d its w

13 hours ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#174, O Earth, You Are Surpassing Fair

Remember back when the news was bad and I was singing happy cheerful hope-filled hymns?  It was hard; I struggled to get past my own fears and anger and see the message those songs at those times held

1 day ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#172, Siph’ Amandla

This is another freedom song from South Africa, from during the time of apartheid. It’s got energy and power and a sense of urgency that is compelling and captivating. And while it isn’t the only thin

3 days ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#171, N’kosi Sikelel’ i Afrika

I started this post thinking it was random thought day here at the Far Fringe, but as I write, I realize I do have some thoughts, largely because what I have learned about the song. So here goes: Firs

4 days ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#170, We Are a Gentle, Angry People

The downside of this spiritual practice is that it demands attention even on days when attention is hard to give. And more often than not, it is demanding the exact kind of attention I want to hide fr

5 days ago

Hymn by Hymn