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STLT#387, The Earth, Water, Fire, Air

This is not the chant I thought I knew. And thank all that’s holy that no one else was around, because I was blissfully singing the chant I know (very similar, but not exact – the version I know inclu

19 hours ago

Hymn by Hymn Singability: Simple/Easy Mood: Welcoming Range: Low Genre: Chant

STLT#386, Alleluia Chaconne

Next on the Countdown, it’s the original one hit wonder. (I’m apparently channeling the late Casey Kasem right now… a throwback to my misspent youth.) While a working organist, composer, and teacher m

1 day ago

Hymn by Hymn Mood: Moderate Range: Moderate Tune Recordings Available Singability: Choir or Soloist Singability: Moderate

STLT#385, Gloria

I feel like I should be writing something elegant and insightful and perhaps a bit humorous about Taizé , about glorias, about chants and canons. Just yesterday I spoke of how this practice has never

2 days ago

Hymn by Hymn Range: Moderate Singability: Simple/Easy Mood: Joyful Tune Recordings Available Genre: Round Genre: Taize

STLT#384, Alleluia

Yay! Another alleluia! Today’s is made better for two reasons: First, my colleague and friend Amy Zucker Morgenstern wrote this in the comments for yesterday’s Alleluia: The word doesn’t really mean “

3 days ago

Hymn by Hymn Range: Moderate Mood: Joyful Singability: Moderate Genre: Round

STLT#383, Alleluia Amen

I love alleluias. Sure, the word means “praise the Lord” and I’m not big on the word “Lord”, but as a word of praise, it’s gorgeous and lyrical and pretty much no matter how its sung, I am in. This on

4 days ago

Hymn by Hymn Range: Moderate Singability: Simple/Easy Mood: Joyful Genre: Round