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Big Day.

Seven years ago, I was trying to figure out what direction I was headed in, trying to hear God’s voice, trying to figure out what was actually next for me. I look back at those posts from 2010, and I

8 hours ago

Women discernment Musings Answers

STLT#238, Within the Shining of a Star

Oh my goodness. It’s the morning of my ordination. Just think – tomorrow, you’ll be reading the words of The REVEREND Kimberley Debus… how about that? Anyway, on to today’s carol, which is a light lit

8 hours ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#237, The First Nowell

I am of two minds this morning (that is, of the minds that are focusing on this and not my ordination tomorrow): The first mind is so glad this traditional English* hymn is in our hymnal, lyrics unabr

1 day ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#236, O Thou Joyful Day

Regular readers will note that I was excited that this was the title I’d be singing on the day of my ordination. However, I forgot to adjust the spreadsheet for Light of Ages and of Nations and Amazin

2 days ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#235, Deck the Hall with Boughs of Holly

This is not the first drinking song to appear in our hymnal. And I’ll wager it won’t be the last. But it may be the most familiar, even if the drinking words were changed. You see, this is an old Wels

3 days ago

Hymn by Hymn