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STLT#142, Let There Be Light

It is easier to write about things you care deeply about, whether for good or for ill, than it is to write about things that are, well, fine, and don’t really bother you one way or the other. Such is

3 hours ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#141, I’ve Got a New Name

Y’all, this song brings up the same commentary about aspiration, and the same commentary about cultural appropriation, and the same commentary about gender inclusion, and the same commentary about zip

1 day ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#140, Hail the Glorious Golden City

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Holy cow this is a terrible hymn. Technically, it’s not terrible – the tune is a favorite – Hyfrodol, made fresh by Peter Mayer in 1064, Blue Boat Home (which will get its day ne

2 days ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#139, Wonders Still the World Shall Witness

Is it cheating to just say “ditto”? Yesterday I talked about these aspirational hymns, that by and large (except for some tripping over language – today’s is the binary “sons and daughters”) are prett

3 days ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#138, These Things Shall Be

We now enter what we might call “The New Eden” section but which we actually call “In Time To Come” – this section is very aspirational, very “kingdom of heaven.” Which, I suppose, is needed, and help

4 days ago

Hymn by Hymn