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STLT#211, We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

Later this morning, I am leading our congregation’s Teach In on White Supremacy, joining over 600 Unitarian Universalist congregations around the country in examining the larger cultural systems that

15 hours ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#210, Wade in the Water

I’m feeling at a bit of a loss this morning. On one hand, this is an important code song from the Underground Railroad, a warning to follow the river and keep an eye out for the friendly folk.  As Wal

1 day ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#209, O Come, You Longing Thirsty Souls

In the first semester of a masters of divinity program at Union Theological Seminary, you are required to take a course in the Old Testament (with New Testament in the spring). Along with thrice weekl

2 days ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#208, Every Time I Feel the Spirit

This is one of those hymns that make you go “huh!” (And that isn’t a bad thing.) First “huh” – it’s a Pentecost song, most definitely, stuck in the Worship section. And I go “huh, is that so we’ll use

3 days ago

Hymn by Hymn

STLT#207, Earth Was Given as a Garden

Hmm. I’ve been staring at the screen for longer than is helpful, thinking about this hymn and what to say about it, wondering what it really is I feel about it that’s quantifiable. There’s something a

4 days ago

Hymn by Hymn