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The Fine-Tuning Argument for God’s Existence, Part One

A while back on this web site I posted a series in which I debated with myself about the existence of God. “Pastor Chris” and “Dr. Schriner” argued about various aspects of this topic, including the c

2 days ago

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My Series on Abortion and the Bible

Earlier this month I posted info on another blog of mine, Did God Really Say THAT!? A Blog about the Bible, and I recently completed a three-part series on that site about Abortion and the Bible. Supp

1 week ago

abortion Biblical literalism Biblical inerrancy Punishment in the Bible Abortion and the Bible Exodus 21

Divine Inspiration: Living Reality or Decrepit Dogma?

Those who are interested in communication between theists and atheists may want to check out Did God Really Say THAT!? A Blog about the Bible. If you do not believe in God, you may have friends or rel

3 weeks ago

clarifying religious disagreements family religious disagreements Biblical literalism divine inspiration Theist-atheist communication Biblical inerrancy

An Atheist Talks to Her Mother

I’ve recently run across a letter from a young atheist to her religiously devout mom. It’s poignant and well-expressed. See: Roger

03/18/2017 09:18:06 AM

Atheists Theists family religious disagreements the closet atheist

Arguing about God’s Existence: Which Side Won the Debate?

This is an updated summary of a debate about the existence of God in which I took both sides of the argument. For the full text of the debate, see the previous several posts. If someone cannot argue f

03/14/2017 10:16:38 AM

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