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An Atheist Talks to Her Mother

I’ve recently run across a letter from a young atheist to her religiously devout mom. It’s poignant and well-expressed. See: Roger

1 week ago

Atheists Theists family religious disagreements the closet atheist

Arguing about God’s Existence: Which Side Won the Debate?

This is an updated summary of a debate about the existence of God in which I took both sides of the argument. For the full text of the debate, see the previous several posts. If someone cannot argue f

1 week ago

atheism Theism Daniel Dennett Theism vs. Atheism Steven Weinberg fine-tuning argument for theism Atheists Theists intelligent design

Pastor Chris Has the Last Word

This is the next-to-last installment of a series in which I debate with myself about the topic, Resolved: That a Personal God Created the Universe. When I make this presentation I wear an ecclesiastic

12/06/2015 01:52:17 PM

Uncategorized Daniel Dennett Theism vs. Atheism the argument from design religous disagreements fine-tuning argument for theism

Wrapping Up a Case for Atheism

For the past few weeks I’ve been sharing the text of a presentation in which I debate with myself about whether a personal God exists. In the previous installment, the theist, “Pastor Chris,” conclude

11/23/2015 12:51:42 PM

Uncategorized Daniel Dennett fine-tuning argument for God clarifying religious disagreements Theism vs. Atheism religous disagreements religious differences Steven Weinberg

The Pastor Strikes Back

My recent posts are based on a presentation I sometime make in which “Pastor Chris” debates “Dr. Schriner” about whether God exists. (I take both sides, wearing an ecclesiastical stole when Pastor Chr

11/07/2015 01:07:42 PM

Daniel Dennett arguing about religion clarifying religious disagreements Theism vs. Atheism the argument from design Bradley Monton mind-body problem origin of life Your Living Mind: The Mystery of Consciousness and Why It Matters to You