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Foxie Now Boxie?

Boxie Foxie isn't being fed as much My one and only’s oldest son, who is staying at our house, sometimes calls me Boxie because I look puffy to him, and he attributes this look to my being overfed.  

08/12/2017 01:48:34 PM


August 07th, 2017


08/07/2017 01:59:52 PM


My One and Only Speaks from the Pulpit

Foxie listens to his one and only's talk Several months have passed since I mused in this space about speaking from the UU pulpit in San Luis Obispo. Instead of hearing me, the congregation must have

08/07/2017 01:21:20 PM


Appearing Soon at a Church Near Here

Foxie gives his July talk some thought It’s only March but my mind is already on my appearance as a guest lecturer at the San Luis Obispo UU in July. What to talk about doesn’t worry me. Because I hav

03/10/2017 11:32:58 AM


Three Sublime Love States

Foxiebeau naps before noon Tomorrow is Valentines Day. Knowing I am loved unconditionally and loving my one and only in return, I am an expert on the subject of love. Here then, based on my experience

02/13/2017 11:12:42 AM