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Living la vida perro!

Foxie loves his toy cow! "​I giggled all the way to the food bowl. So they are calling this year "The Year of the Dog"? How is this year any different from last year or the one before that or so on? F

02/16/2018 12:03:20 PM


Foxie Now Boxie?

Boxie Foxie isn't being fed as much My one and only’s oldest son, who is staying at our house, sometimes calls me Boxie because I look puffy to him, and he attributes this look to my being overfed.  

08/12/2017 01:48:34 PM


August 07th, 2017


08/07/2017 01:59:52 PM


My One and Only Speaks from the Pulpit

Foxie listens to his one and only's talk Several months have passed since I mused in this space about speaking from the UU pulpit in San Luis Obispo. Instead of hearing me, the congregation must have

08/07/2017 01:21:20 PM


Appearing Soon at a Church Near Here

Foxie gives his July talk some thought It’s only March but my mind is already on my appearance as a guest lecturer at the San Luis Obispo UU in July. What to talk about doesn’t worry me. Because I hav

03/10/2017 11:32:58 AM