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Humor and Humanity — spirituality with a punch line

Humor has always been a key element in my own sense of the divine, of my view of spirituality.  Humor has often alerted me to a sense of community.  Humor has often been a crack in the door to mystery

04/01/2018 08:37:19 AM


Pets Remembered and Present Pets

So, as someone who occasionally has to make posts about any given day being “National Such and Such Day,” I noticed that yesterday was National Pet Memorial Day.  Like a lot of “National Fill in the B

09/11/2017 11:27:30 AM


Economics 101

I spent the day today at a workshop for librarians and library staff on financial literacy, and ways we can help our patrons better understand their finances.  The day was full of information, and I’l

03/28/2017 05:27:42 PM


Being Hear: a Beat, a Bishop and a Buddhist…

Today I delivered a sermon at Shawnee Mission UU Church in Lenexa, KS.  The text of my sermon is below, but as sermons often make reference to readings, I have included the readings too: The first rea

11/27/2016 03:49:18 PM


Not what I expected…

At times when I’m feeling down, and alone (sort of), and near despair, I go home, in my mind, to Boston to rest up, get centered, and get moving. Of course, my feeling downhearted this time had a lot

11/13/2016 05:52:23 AM