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“Five people with passion can do better than fifty people with mere desire or interest.” ―Israelmore Ayivor What are you passionate about? The Daily Compass offers words and images to inspire spiritua

12 hours ago


Love Notes

Sometimes all it takes to keep going is the tiniest bit of support—even a love note less than two inches square to say that you are not alone. How might you offer just a bit of love and support today,

1 day ago



“History belongs to the intercessors―those who believe and pray the future into being.” ―Walter Wink What change do you have enough faith in to help bring it into being? The Daily Compass offers words

2 days ago


Keep Exploring

Some explorers climb mountains or ford rivers. Some delve into the depths of science. Some create new worlds of the imagination. Some pay close attention to the people and places that surround them, f

3 days ago



“Order provides the stabilities that we crave, but chaos creates the opportunities for change that we need. […] Those who are waiting for internal order will be the subjects of external chaos, those w

4 days ago