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What Remains

Humans, sadly, are capable of stunning acts of destruction. Nature is capable of stunning acts of re-birth. So, for that matter, are humans. Where do you see signs of re-birth around you? The Daily Co

10 hours ago


In the Room

Even a room that seems empty can be full—of history, of stories, of the presence of those who leave their mark whether they are known by name or not. Truly, we are never alone. Whose presence do you n

1 day ago


Relinquishing Control

“Loving ourselves calls us to give up the illusion that we can control everything and focuses us on building our inner resource of resilience.” ―Sharon Salzberg What resources for resilience have you

2 days ago


Light and Shadow

Oddly, it is the way in which the trees block the light that makes the rays of sunlight—light more distinctively visible than the unfiltered light. Sometimes obstruction gives us a clearer view. What

3 days ago



Resilience could be defined as the ability to not be broken by circumstances. But it could also be understood as the ability to make something beautiful from the pieces after we break. What have you m

4 days ago