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One of the hard parts of being an adult is that you don’t get to have that lovely experience of being carried, safe in the arms of someone who loves you. And yet those who have loved us continue to ca

4 hours ago


Every Grain of Sand

“Individually, every grain of sand brushing against my hands represents a story, an experience, and a block for me to build upon for the next generation.” ―Raquel Cepeda What experience of yours would

1 day ago


Laughing Together

One of the things that binds us most tightly together with those we love is shared laughter, the ways we know to crack each other up that the rest of the world doesn’t understand. What inside joke alw

2 days ago



“I write to keep in contact with our ancestors and to spread truth to people.” ―Sonia Sanchez What do you write and why? The Daily Compass offers words and images to inspire spiritual reflection and e

3 days ago


Difficult Decisions

“Oftentimes, the most important decisions are the most difficult to make – for, your future, and the future of the generations that come after you, hinges on the outcome of those decisions.” ―J.E.B. S

4 days ago