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A neighbor is just a random person who lives near you, someone who gets their mail  at about the same time you do. It’s the most arbitrary connection in the world. And yet Jesus put “love your neighbo

3 hours ago


What We Won’t Touch

“What we are reluctant to touch often seems the very fabric of our salvation.” ―Don DeLillo Who are you reluctant to contact or acknowledge? How might they be an agent of your salvation? The Daily Com

1 day ago


Missed the Train

There’s nothing quite like the sinking feeling of realizing that the train is leaving the station just as you have arrived, that you have missed what you wanted by mere seconds. In that moment it’s na

2 days ago



As train tracks stretch into the distance they appear to converge. We know the two sides of a track are always at an even distance, but our eyes tell us that the farther they are away, the closer they

3 days ago


Tending the Wires

Dr. King said that we are “caught in an inescapable network of mutuality,” and many of us identify with the Interdependent Web as an image of the complex web of relationships which encompasses all bei

4 days ago