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The Democratic Party: No litmus test, no foundation, no point

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s rejection of single-payer as a litmus test for Democrats, which follows from a similar statement with similar language about abortion rights indicates what many of

09/13/2017 07:23:57 PM

politics policy Healthcare


Valor is a false king on a crimson throne.

08/23/2017 02:52:24 AM

Poetry racism poem verse vss Civil War confederacy micropoetry valor

What nonviolence is, and is not

The events in Charlottesville have reignited a long-standing debate about the use of force to create social change. There is an immense amount of rage, and impatience. Violence is becoming more accept

08/22/2017 01:43:45 AM

justice struggle violence Occupy racism activism politics protest White Supremacy Trump conflict socialism Charlottesville neo-Nazi armed struggle BLM Bulldozer Revolution From Dictatorship to Democracy gene sharp nonviolence serbia

The Democrats and the death of SB 562

Over here in California, a considerable wave of excitement was building around SB 562, a bill that would can the current healthcare system in the state and replace it with a single-payer structure. Fo

06/26/2017 10:39:12 PM

justice activism politics ACA Trump democratic party policy progressive California Healthcare Anthony Rendon Obamacare Rendon SB 562 single-payer

Scarlet rivers

Azure rivers flow entwined, a force of nature while their scarlet kin exist persist drawn from courageous hearts rest in power

05/28/2017 08:12:02 PM

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